War and Its Impact on the Lives of Students: Stories, Struggles, and Resilience (P)

We all go to school for one reason; to become better citizens and to increase our future earning potential. While this is the dream of almost every student and parent, some situations make it hard to achieve the desired goals. For instance, a war zone environment impacts the student’s education negatively. This is because such war and conflicts come with lots of distractions, such as the demolition of schools and displacements of families, rendering them homeless or rather refugees in another country.

In such situations and events, the questions remain, how will the students survive? How will they achieve their career dreams with the happening? What role should parents or guardians play in ensuring the students are back on their toes to continue studying and getting a custom thesis writing service? For this and more insights on the war on a student’s life, keep reading this write-up.

Challenges and problems associated with the War on Education
Once the war and conflicts are on, the chances of having a smooth learning environment stop. The following are some of the events that happen afterward:

Enrolment rates

Enrolment is the process of accepting students to be part of a given learning institution after the verification processes. Once enrolled, the student can learn from one class to another and participate in co-curricular activities that interest them. When there is war and conflict, the enrolment rate will drop drastically, showing the negative impact of war on education as many students won’t be enrolling in an education program due to security fears.

School drop-outs students

Many issues can contribute to students dropping from school. Therefore, as much as war and conflict will escalate the number of students dropping out of school, there could as well be other underlying reasons. For instance, poor social skills and poor life backgrounds. Besides, war and conflicts impact the parent’s or guardian’s capabilities to provide drop. This, therefore, drive the whole family into poverty, forcing the parents to start over again. Such environments can make students perform poorly due to their disturbed mental well-being, hence dropping out of school.

What is the role of parents in resilience education?

Despite the challenges that come as a result of war and conflicts on students’ academic matters, parents or guardians play a crucial role in motivating or urging the student to view the situation differently and continue with their education to achieve their career dreams. Below are some of the ways parents can encourage their students:

Collaborating with teachers

To bring back the normal learning environment after a series of wars, there should be a good collaboration between teachers and parents. Therefore, a teacher should have significant information about the child’s background through the parent’s interaction. Parents, on the other hand, have another role of tracking the student’s academic progress to offer the required assistance as they motivate the child to keep studying and aim for higher heights.

Taking part in school activities

After a period of war and conflict, most schools are left in bad shape. As a result, there is a need to repair and reshape the schools to create a conducive learning environment. When the teachers participate in such activities along with the students, the idea motivates the students and prepares them psychologically, ready to begin from where they left off.


Sometimes, war is inevitable. When war and conflicts strike, education is among the most affected sectors. Students, for instance, start feeling the pressure and the lack of motivation to keep pursuing their dreams. While the war impacts students negatively, the brighter side is that a simple change of mindset and clear goals can make students back on track again. However, it requires the efforts of both parents and teachers to make the process easier.


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