The Importance of Developing the Writing Skill in Military (P)

One of the biggest issues in the military is poor writing skills. It is an issue that most young soldiers and officers have. However, very few people talk about it. When you evaluate most military personnel, you’ll discover that only a handful of them are excellent at writing.

While you might think that poor writing skills are an issue that mainly affects military personnel, you’ll be surprised to know that millions of people across the world struggle with it. Are learning institutions doing a bad job of helping people learn how to write well? Or is it the heavy use of social media platforms, emailing, and chatting that is harming peoples’ writing ability? Regardless of the case, most people need to learn the art of writing well.

Why do you need writing skills in the military?

If you want to become a great military officer, one of the easiest things that you should consider doing is improving your writing skills. Every military officer has to handle a lot of paperwork and write reports. If you aren’t good at writing, you are going to struggle.

No one is born a great writer. You’ll have to invest a lot of time and energy in developing your writing skill. You are going to read and write a lot of essays. Using a reputable online service will help you find lots of unique argumentative essay topics and free examples that will improve your reading and writing skills. The process is going to be slow. However, if you don’t give up, your efforts will be worthwhile in the long run.

Effective tips to improve writing skill

Here are a few simple tips on how to learn how to write that you can start using today. Remember, don’t be too hard on yourself.

  1. Practice

One of the best things that you can do as a military officer to become a great writer is simply to write more. Write a lot of evaluation reports, awards, and briefs to name a few. In a few months, you’ll be astonished at the impact this practice will have on your life. If you fail to write, you’ll lose this vital skill. Practice every day. And you’ll always stay ahead.

  1. Become a student

Most people hate the idea of going back to school for an introduction. However, if you want to unlock your potential, you have no option. You can either enroll in a higher learning institution in your local area or an online class. If attending physical classes isn’t your thing, online classes will work for you. They are affordable, convenient, and flexible. You’ll be given a lot of assignments to work on. Some will be simple while others will be complex. However, they’ll help you become a better writer. You’ll also get to interact with other students and learn a lot from them.

  1. Read books

Nowadays, there are a lot of books on the market that you can easily access. You don’t have to go to the library or a bookstore to get the books that you want. With your computer, tablet, or smartphone, you can download a lot of great books without having to pay a dime and read at a convenient time. When choosing books, don’t limit yourself to the good ones. Read the ones that have been written poorly too. Sometimes, it’s easy to learn what to avoid than what to do.

  1. Join a writing group

There will be times when the process will be difficult. At such times, it’s easy to give up. To avoid giving in, consider joining a writing group. It can be a physical or an online group. Working together with others will motivate you to keep on keeping on. You’ll realize that other people have writing problems just like you. You are going to learn a lot of valuable lessons from your counterparts that you can use to develop your skills. Don’t hesitate to ask for help from your colleagues when you need it. Joining a writing group will motivate you to become a better human being in every way.


These are the most effective ways to develop your writing skills in the military. To promote yourself, you have to invest in yourself. You cannot progress in the military without good writing skills. If you are not a great writer at the moment, don’t fret.

Use the tips that I’ve shared here. And take baby steps. The process of developing a skill is slow. Being too hard on yourself can lead to disappointment. Remember, everything worthwhile takes time. Whenever you need help, don’t hesitate to ask for it. There are a lot of people in your circle who are ready to help you achieve your goals. What are you going to start doing today to improve this vital skill?

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Helen Birk is a leading content creator, editor, and public speaker. She has helped a lot of college students and adults learn how to speak and write well. She enjoys conversing with people and reading books during her free time.

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