WoT: Summer Clan Wars Campaign Rumours

It is possible that the Campaign will be in Stronghold mode, and not as it was usually on the Global Map. The list of Tanks is unknown. The announcement Date will be around 2023.07.10. – 2023.07.24.

New camouflages and badges to win:
– “Maneuvers Legend” Badge
– “Maneuvers Hero” Badge
“Meteorite” 2D Style
“Helldiver” 3D style for T95E6 (Most likely the top 4000 players will get it)

“Meteorite” 2D Style

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Meteorite –
The style is based on Pallas Iron, a rare “alloy” of meteoric origin with a unique appearance that was discovered in 1749. The meteor was made up of iron, nickel, and a mineral called olivine.

For all regions.
Non-historical. Installed only on tanks of 8-10 tiers. Group: Special. price: 750 gold. ID: 709.

T95E6 – “Helldiver” 3D Style

SHx1Y4zDb-c 3fRBU-2Gdco 4W-4OhHJddc o_6H-FuMPrQ Priu_QwPZCo njR1vUxROFU -Tnc2yihc6o SKmBRaC0DAE qVRkqhu04bU 4X0kNPF4q7I

Helldiver –
“Why make things harder? Just throw us into a vat of acid and call it a day. ‘We patched you up,’ they say. ‘Go on, gather intel.’ What is there to gather? There is probably more life on the Moon. And the air out there is so thick with something so vile you can almost cut it. As if our tank didn’t suffer enough in battle. Let’s just finish it off. Let it turn into corroded dust—along with the crew. And those geniuses from the maintenance battalion know well enough where they’re sending us. They didn’t even give the vehicle a fresh coat of paint. I mean, why waste it? Paxton sneered, ‘Maybe you need only half a tank of fuel. You won’t even use that much.’ Sure, he can say that—he already lost his entire crew here and yet didn’t leave the service. Anyway, I don’t have anyone to blame but myself. Best in class in chemistry? Go ahead, let’s put it to the test.
I wonder how things are back home in Dallas. Probably the same old never-ending circus.”

For all regions,
Historical. Group: Special. price: 3000 gold. Maximum per account: 1. Tank only: T95E6. ID: 773.

19 thoughts on “WoT: Summer Clan Wars Campaign Rumours

    1. Yes despite being terrible as WG reward a lot of playing instead of playing good and winning.

      Sad because the real old CW were more about tactic and counter tactic since you see opponent more often, not its just a rush fest that benefit playing a lot.

  1. They keep inflating the game’s economy with this shitshow.
    Loot boxes + CW => Black Market => Loot boxes + CW => more Black Market, then repeat the process.
    Guess what they reward us? After investing tons of time & money grinding the game, they gave us things like BZ-176, Crew Rework, WoT+.
    And the entire community had to fcking CRY for them to get rid of the Crew Rework and the disgusting P2W feature once was included in WoT+.
    I’m no longer one of their workers. FUCK WG.

    1. But you are still here crying every fucking day thinking your opinion is worth more because you got 3k wn8. You are a fucking joke mate, you are barrely above average, and you are as dumb as they get.

      Now scurry of and go play mobile games like all the other asian rats do.

      1. =))))) yes I’m only a little above average, only top 20 Bourrasque player in the most punishing server.
        How about get yourself a mirror then you might understand why whatever you say further prove you’re just a random clueless pigeon?

        1. hello, top wot asia cw player here, may i ask you why ur clan always never get high ranks in clan wars? also you guys are all known for running illeagal mods. I would be sad if i dont get ‘top 20 bourrasque’ while running those mods 🙁 also i like how you were already on my black list

          1. oh wait my apologies, i just realized you guys are always busy boosting other ppl’s account in clan wars and stuff and too busy to grind out their own accounts.. im so sorry, also why is it always your country people who gets banned in campaigns? can you explain?

            1. I don’t play CW. Even if I have time to play WoT to that extent, I simply won’t. It’s just not worth for me.
              I only play that shitshow when my friends ask me to help them when I have time for the grind and they don’t.
              I don’t give a fuck about those who use illegal mods.
              All the mods that I use are: Sixth Sense Timer, EVV, Player Panel Pro, Armor Calculator and Contour Icon mod.
              The first 4 mods are from Champi, the Contour Icon mod is from Grabaah.
              These mods are simple to install and easy to use.
              Most importantly, they’re illegal but for some reasons, I’ve been using them for years and haven’t got banned yet =)))))))))

              1. Very good to admitting your dishonesty in gaming. Have some stir-fried pebbles to suck on as pacifiers

        2. How the fuck are you not ashamed to be talking like this, im litteraly embarassed for you. You honestly think that your opinion is facts because you are slightly above average lmao. I was confident Quickybaby is the most narcissistic person in the Wot community but you might actually have him beat in that department.

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