WoT Steel Hunter: Reborn – Tips and Tricks

If you have yet to play Steel Hunter: Reborn, here’s your chance to earn bonds, credits, and Steel Seals that can be used to trade for new customizations.

Bonus Tip: You get Battle Pass Points by completing Steel Hunter: Reborn missions too.

Here are some tips and tricks for navigating Steel Hunter: Reborn before the mode ends on 26 June, 2023!


At the start of battle, scavenge for supplies. Stay on the edge of the map if possible as it will be easier to fight there.

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The playable areas on all three maps shrink over time, forcing players to engage in close combat. When your area turns orange, you need to leave it as soon as possible before it becomes a Destruction Zone.


For beginners, we suggest the Chinese Bái Láng A if you prefer light tanks in your usual random battles. Pick the American Raven T7 if you like medium tanks and the U.S.S.R. Varyag S if you prefer heavy tanks.

WoT JP Evangelist – LF_kame

To upgrade your vehicle, you need to earn Battle XP by picking up loot and damaging enemies. Don’t forget AI-controlled Marauders too.


Can be found at random points on the map. Restores HP. Provides Battle XP, ammo, and a Recovery charge.


Can be found at random points on the map. Repairs damaged modules. Contains Battle XP and either a Repair Kit or one charge of a Combat Ability.

Spoils of War

Can be retrieved from a destroyed vehicle. Contains half of the vehicle’s resources. Repairs all damaged modules and restores HP. Can contain one charge of a Combat Ability.


The most valuable type of loot. All players can see the location of an airdrop on the minimap. Contains a larger amount of Battle XP, restores HP, and repairs modules. Provides ammo and one charge for each of the four Abilities. Replenishes a spent Respawn charge.

Going for HP and armor can make you slower, but able to take more hits. 

Getting a magazine or multi-gun system will give you lots of burst damage. But you can’t survive an extended engagement. If you are using a slower heavy tank, consider a gun with high damage and faster reloading.
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While the rewards are pretty nice and useable, you’ll really want to aim for the top-tier ones like the 1,200,000 Credits, 750 bonds, and the Universal Manual. Credit Personal Reserves can be helpful too!

WoT SEA Evangelist – Conan

Collect Progression Points  and Steel Seals by completing special daily missions.

Try your best to get them all!

The Credits Personal Reserves, Bonds, and  Universal Manuals will be useful.

WoT JP Evangelist – LF_kame


Fight aggressively.

Defeating players and Marauders will allow you to move through missions faster.

WoT JP Evangelist – LF_kame

There are 12 stages in this mode and completing daily missions give you Progression Points where each Stage grants you more valuable rewards.

7 thoughts on “WoT Steel Hunter: Reborn – Tips and Tricks

  1. More comfortable to play than before, but still trash. I am only doing the min 3-4 games a day to get the mission progress. The BP points are inconsequential given a Win gets you max 8 points, and the mode is a sandbox trash mode where you don’t get to grind your pwn tanks, crews, XP, etc. So many want more Frontlines, but we get 1 week of FL for the first time this year while this trash mode is running for 2 weeks.

  2. I don’t need tips. I win 50% of the games. People are so bad at this game mode. I just had a game platooned with my brother where we collectively got 17 kills. No sky cancer, no sniping tank destroyers, no invisible scouts, no hull down spots, no retarded teammates to be forced to work with. Nothing holds me back, except R.N.G..

      1. it counts for daily missions, killing 3 AI bot tanks will complete on of your daily missions

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