WoT Supertest: Concept 5

Concept No. 5 (Great Britain, Tier-10, MT, techtree)

Survivability: 1800 HP
Engine power: 580 h.p.
Power per ton: 25.22 h.p./t
Weight: 23 t
Maximum speed / Reverse speed: 65 / -32 km / h
Maximum steering angle: 6°
Hull traverse speed: 40 41.72°/s
Gun traverse speed: 50 52.15°/s
View range: 400 m
Signal range: 750 m
Hull armor: 70 / 40 / 35 mm
Turret armor: 150 / 50 / 40 mm
Stationary Vehicle Concealment (%): 18.3/3.82 10.43 / 2.18
Moving Vehicle Concealment (%): 13.7/2.86 7.81 / 1.63

Damage: 430 / 430 / 515
Penetration: 260 / 318 / 55 mm
Rate of Fire: 5.13 5.24
Average damage per minute: 2 206 2,253
Reload time: 11.7 11.45 sec
Accuracy at 100m: 0.31 0.30
Aim Time: 1.8 1.73 sec
Gun depression/elevation limits: -8° / +16°

Crew of 3 people: Commander (Radio Operator, Loader); Gunner (Loader); Driver.
Role in combat: Sniper Medium Tank.
Special category Equipment: Mobility.

Concept No. 5 will be the 64th tier 10 techtree tank in the game.
// For all regions.

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13 thoughts on “WoT Supertest: Concept 5

  1. damn camo nerf already? thats the bit i was looking forward too, and its biggest differentiating factor from the leo. I liked the way it was balanced before but as it is now, they brought it closer to the game play of a leo, but worse.

    oh well, the stats aren’t final so its best not to look too deep into the stats until they get released on common test eventually

      1. EBR deserves a nerf yes but this tank doesn’t deserve such a huge nerf.
        They can just nerf its gun to one that is closer to a LT’s gun and it will be fine.
        Such a huge nerf to its camo changes the way you play with this thing completely, rendering it unable to do a lot of things that made it special.
        Now it’s just a way worse Leo1.

        1. Since wheels mechanics are completely broken in tearms of balance it should be worse than a tracked vehicle until WG fix wheels mechanics.

          1. The thing is, EBR’s hulls is not only smaller but also placed higher than normal tracked ones. That’s why there are so many times you see that your shells go straight through their wheels but no damage.
            I’ve experienced that a lot and had quite a bit of frustration back when I didn’t fully understand how it works.
            But to be honest, if they make EBR take damage from their wheels, that will be a disaster since those tanks become rather large and no longer suit their actively scouting role.
            EBRs as they are now, still bring frustration, but not that it makes you feel the game is completely unplayable garbage.
            Why not take a look at their collision models so next time you hit their wheels, you won’t be as frustrating as you were?

            1. Not only Vehicle Hit model its broken.
              The idea that off-road wheels have that high traction is wrong and should be the opposite tracks are better for off-road performance than wheels.
              In addition to that they make 180º degres turns.

              So no i am not against wheels but i am against how bad WG implemented them.

              In the end we need to see how these ones will perform. I hope more realistic (i know wot is arcade but one thing is to have better DPM than historical and other thing is completely broke the laws of physics)

              In my opinion EBRs need a complete rework. Better vision but more realistic movement

              1. Yeah, the current wheel turning mechanics is just stupid.
                But you shouldn’t have much hope on WG. They no longer care about WoT, they now care only about money.
                Because of them, the game has been accelerating down hill significantly for ~8 months already.
                I haven’t really played the game for 4 months since Battle Pass X. There’s nothing really happening in the game. Even when I see they put Exp Equips in BP11, I don’t feel like I want to restart the grind.
                It sucks.

                1. Yea thats true.

                  So sad to see that they dont add more maps to black for free, since maps is a main complain of the community. And i kinda understand when you play a Maus or 277 you dont want a proko or if you play grille you will hate himmeldorf.

                  It would be a game changer if we get up to 4 maps to block for free and 5 and 6 for premium and wot plus.

  2. “Swing speed”

    At least TRY to change the translated text instead of copying and pasting it lol

  3. LOL, instant camo nerf =)))))))) no more 43% =))))))))))))))
    But if they nerf it like this, then there’s no point to play this thing over the Leo1.
    So from being a bit too strong -> obsolete.
    They need to buff other aspects in order to make this thing look interesting again.

      1. 7.81% with 100% crew, I don’t even know if this thing can achieve 20% (without Bounty Exhaust) now.
        They cut off a massive tool from this thing and give it nothing in return =))))))))
        But I’m not surprised though. WG now is extremely incompetent. They either make super broken things or mega broken things. There’s no other way =)))))))))))))))))

  4. Hot take, I think they should make it faster than the Leo, maybe like 75km/h. With the camo nerf, at least you would know everywhere it goes. It could carve out a niche for itself as a (almost) cs-63 with a Leo gun. Might be a bit powerful, however with how frail it is and the relatively longish reload, it wouldn’t be able to defend most positions on its own, and would act more of a glass cannon that’s shooting your ass.

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