WoT Supertest: Concept No. 5

Soon, Concept No. 5 will land on the Supertest. This is a Tier X British wheeled medium tank.

This fast vehicle has a good view range and high power to-weight-ratio, it has a very accurate gun. It can quickly capture key positions on the battlefield with other medium tanks, it can also support its allies by changing position on the map. However, its armor is quite thin, so it’s better to avoid the shots.

This vehicle carries a 110mm cannon that fires every 11.7s. The penetration value of its standard and special shells is 260 and 318 mm respectively. Its damage per shot stands at 430 HP, its gun dispersion is 0.31 and its aiming time is 1.8s. The hull’s front reaches 70mm. The vehicle has 1,800 PS. Its top speed is 65 km/h. The specific power of the vehicle is 25.2 hp/t. Its view range is 400 m.

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16 thoughts on “WoT Supertest: Concept No. 5

    1. it is
      110mm was a British development and was even considered for the original Abrams, I believe it is already in the game with the Concept 1B, at least it should be the same
      does 30 more dmg and has 2mm more penetration, plus it is AP instead of APCR so it has better normalization

  1. So what do we have?
    – 2.2k base DPM with 430 alpha + insane gun handling + MT pen.
    – Very close to LT mobility.
    ~ 43.7% potential camo if this thing get the Lv5 Field Mod that increases 3% camo. Otherwise, still 40%+ camo.
    It’s very likely it will get the same Lv1-5 Field Mod like all other MTs. It might get different Lv7-8 Field Mod.
    => Can bully pretty much all LTs because it doesn’t get pen by HE, has Alpha + HP, except the AMX 13 105.
    A bit less camo than tier X LTs but still more than enough to be a passive scout when there are LTs in the battle and able to take LT role when there are none of them, because MTs can install a CVS with Lv6 Field Mod.
    If this thing doesn’t get like 0.18 or 0.20 base dispersion when moving, I’ll be really sad.
    This number will force it to either sacrifice gun stablization (actual DPM) or reload time (again DPM) if you wanna be as sneaky as possible.
    If this thing get <= 0.14 base dispersion when moving, oh boy what is the reason to play LTs when we have this thing? =)))))))))
    Directly compare with Leo1, this thing can snipe almost just as good as the Leo1, only bit slower reload, 7s – 8.8s but 430 instead of 420.
    I would be super happy to trade 500 base DPM for the ability to be a sneaky bastard in any map.
    Don’t forget this thing doesn’t get pen by HE =)))))))))))))))))

    1. dont think it will have that high of a camo on the move.. its camo night get dropped on move to 10 to 9% other then that looks solid…

      1. 13.7% when moving. Read it carefully before making a speech.
        This thing literally has the same camo as the UDES 15/16, which means 33% just with Vents + Food + Paint + Camo + Lv5 Field Mod.
        If you put a Bounty Exhaust + Camo directive on then you’ll get that 43%.

    2. The comment “does not get pen from HE” is so very false. Look at current Top of Tree T57 Heavy HE is 60 mm pen, and it WILL pen everywhere but the front, and it will pen the front weak spots as well. As a MED it will lose camo of stationary for any movement of the hull.
      By this reasoning, Leo should be pushing LTs around, but they don’t !
      It will get played as a TD sniper.

      1. It only gets pen by High-pen HE from the side.
        If you want to pen this turret with 60mm HE, you need a FLAT ANGLE from the side.
        But do you see that 50*/s base turret traverse?
        Side of the hull is only 40mm, but it has WHEELS, which will are counted as Spaced Armor, again make it much harder to pen with normal HE.
        Frontally, its hull is small, the tank is quick and also sneaky AF, which means good luck try to aim for its lower plate.
        In practice, this thing will rarely get pen by HE if they decide to leave it with this armor layout.
        Again, READ IT CAREFULLY.
        13.7% BASE CAMO WHEN MOVING, not stationary. Base camo when stationary is 18%+, which is 50%+ when fully boosted.
        These guys are truly blind.

        1. From War Thunder: “The Concept 3 will be the first iteration of the iconic 8 wheeled light vehicles that return often along the South African tech line. This vehicle is extremely large for a scout vehicle, eclipsing the Panzer IV in height and length. Concealing the Concept 3 will prove to be a difficult challenge for the player, usually finding themselves relying heavily upon its mobility to compete.” So, if Concept 5 is about hte same size then hiding will be a challenge.

    3. this kind of tank have bad hull traverse speed , big hull ( example is the tier 8 premium which hull is big as a leo-1 ) , and the speed not so good when compare with LT and of course this shit doesnt have turbo as well, when you got spotted … that mean ez damage for enemy because of its slow rotate and hull so big , the chance you can escape is lower than a normal medium like leo-1

      1. Don’t play this tank then. You have over 700 other tanks to play you knob head

      2. Have you ever played the Kpz 07 RH? That tank has pretty much LT mobility with the same stats as this thing’s.
        Do you expect this thing to have EBR kind of mobility so it’s able to dodge shots without using too much of your brain? =)))))))
        It will turn like an EBR, not like a Maus, and that’s more than enough.
        The problem is you cannot outspot this thing if it goes full camo.
        The problem is even if this thing goes full camo, it still has a freaking good gun that can spank you really hard that no LT is able to do.
        If you meet a clueless pigeon who has no idea what he’s doing then you can have easy damage with any kind of tank.
        But if you meet someone who has played with LTs as much as I do then you’ll acknowledge what kind of game you’re playing =)))))))))

  2. 430 dmg? i hoped for WG to rebalance the current problem of EBRs with the introduction of these wheels but seems like WG is going the opposite way. Seems like it will be a better leo

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