7 thoughts on “WoT: Progression for Battle Pass Season XI

  1. Dear. I created a WordPress account just for this article. To compliment it. Thanks! I just think it would be better to show the progress directly in points (goal: 7500 points). Because you can see this number at a glance, you don’t have to add up the progress across unfinished chapters. It’s also easier to calculate.

  2. WOT:Progression for Battle Pass Season XI is wrong, becouse the last day we coud play ( EU server) will be 5 September, not 6 September. 6 September finish ealy morning. so please recalculate Progression for Battle Pass Season XI, this is not OK for EU server

    1. Helpful calculator. It would be nice if I could select the number of chapters I want to finish. I only want to finish the first chapter.

      1. That’s around 26 points/day for 95 days.
        Or a bit more than half a stage/day.
        Really not that hard if you’d ask me.

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