WoWS: Kitakami testing

In Update 12.6 we will resume testing Kitakami – a cruiser whose main armament consists of five quadruple-tube torpedo launchers on each side.

Before the beginning of this test, a technical setup of the ship will be conducted in Update 12.5:

  • The geometry and textures of the ship have been updated
  • Kitakami’s armor was updated with the new tech that was added in Update 0.10.9.
  • Redistributed HP in different parts of the ship without affecting the overall amount of HP:
    • Bow – HP increased from 3,800 to 4,000
    • Stern – HP reduced from 2,800 to 2,700
    • Superstructures – HP reduced from 1,600 to 1,500:
  • Citadel deck armor reduced from 50mm to 30mm
  • Auxiliary Room armor reduced from 30mm to 16mm

Please note that all information in the development blog is preliminary. Announced adjustments and features may change multiple times during testing.

4 thoughts on “WoWS: Kitakami testing

      1. Gato can shotgun you from 2,2km range without being spotted with zero time for even a skilled player like flamu to react to it to not git rekt. Kittykami is a DD with a citadel that gets spotted 8,3km away.

        The main issue with kittykami in the past was it literally being a larger threat to its own team rather than to the enemy team.

        1. Why do people obsess over Gato so much? Because Flamu whines about it? It doesn’t take much brain capacity to notice that Balao can do the same thing and does not need any special currency to purchase. The same can be said about U-2501 which is arguably even better at shotgun attacks.

          Also, what about Kitakami being made of paper when it doesn’t want to be spotted to begin with? What doesn’t hit you cannot sink you.

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