WoT: Scrapped Maps – “Silent Garden”

• Technical name: 106_temple_vyetnam_ad (Silent Garden)
• Size: 1000x1000m
• Combat mode: Standard battles only
• Map type: Summer
• Setting (location): Vietnam

For the first time, this prototype went to the Supertest also in April 2022. The map was being prepared as a filler for the Recon Mission 2023 event. But then the plans for the mode changed and this map, like some other developments, went to dust in a box. Now the fate of the map is unknown, but most likely we will never see it again (as well as many other prototype locations for the game).

3 thoughts on “WoT: Scrapped Maps – “Silent Garden”

  1. Its clearly why they scrapped it.
    Has to many bushes, 48% to 52% win rate players will cry.

  2. What I don’t like about this (and many other new maps, such as the Plantation map we saw here a few days ago, Oyster Bay, Outpost, etc.) is that it’s too symmetrical. It just looks a bit fake to me and also it is kinda lazy from the WG map development team not to think of a new, asymmetrical map, which is balanced with different advantages on both sides.

  3. This (like others we saw recently) looks like a cool map with lots of possible plays, of course wg cancelled it for the same 3-streets bullshit maps

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