Controversies Surrounding Video Games: Debunking Myths And Examining The Issues

Video games are a popular form of entertainment. Various myths have been created around this topic for years, which should not be mistakenly trusted. Many believe that such entertainment can hurt a person’s health. If played wisely, you can improve cognitive abilities and other psycho-emotional functions. Read more about it at

There are various popular games that teenagers between 12 and 17 choose. Many will wonder how to play more games and have fun. Some games have violent scenes, so you need to choose products relevant to your age. Let’s look at the results of popular studies that can be used to determine how safe video games will be in a particular case.

Popular Studies

Over the years, various studies have been conducted attempting to determine the extent of video games’ effects on a person’s life. Mostly this entertainment option is chosen by males and less often by females. Teenagers are most likely to choose video games as entertainment. Also, older girls are the least likely to show a desire to enjoy such a hobby. Approximately 60% of gamers enjoy video games daily and consider this entertainment one of the best.

Initially, this topic attracted the attention of boys only. Accordingly, the question arose about why girls were not interested in video games. The development of social issues was observed in this regard. Considering the statistics, this gap between boys and girls has decreased significantly. Specific patterns can be observed in games among boys and girls.

Beyond Barbie® and Mortal Kombat are some of the most popular types of entertainment. They are trendy because they have different exciting features. These games are a good choice for any gamer’s collection.

Popular games include Guitar Hero, Halo 3, Dance Dance Revolution, and Solitaire.

Halo 3 is the only product among these offers that is violent. In general, horror-themed games were initially top-rated. They are chosen by about 50% of males and up to 15% of females. You can also play Push Gaming slots. Or you can test Razor Shark slot, which is fun to play. SlotsUp is a platform that offers a large selection of exciting games. A full description is available for each title. It is very convenient because you can learn a lot of helpful information from a single source.

Interesting Facts About Video Games

Most studies that have been conducted have focused on whether or not games cause a social isolation effect. Subsequently, such studies have found that about 60% of gamers communicate with other gamers and do it regularly. Sometimes you have to be in the same room or communicate online. If you observe the development of video games over the past two decades, you can generally see that gameplay has always been social. Many people went to each other’s houses to play their favorite games and enjoy the gameplay. The game unites people who have common interests. It’s easy to see what makes a video game successful.

Possible Negative Effects

This is an important topic because many parents wonder how safe this hobby is for their sons and daughters. Almost all teenagers play such games and can observe only negative attitudes towards them from the outside. This is the mistake of adults because video games do not have as much of a negative impact as someone may think of it.

If you play with friends or acquaintances, you can significantly improve the following:

  • cognitive skills;
  • memory;
  • the ability to make quick decisions and find a way out of various problems;
  • improve your vision.

There are different games where it is essential to follow the various details. This way, you work mentally and engage your eyes to remember as much helpful information as possible. Such skills will surely help in everyday life, such as driving a car. There is a table with latest released games, including Push Gaming slots, to explore the valuable information.


If you pay close attention to the results of many studies, it is safe to say that most of the myths that gamers’ parents come up with are unfounded. If played in a balanced and responsible way, then unequivocally, video games will only positively impact the child’s life. A category of parents also says gaming has short-term positive and negative effects. And our experts at SlotsUp are ready to challenge this.

It all depends on what kind of games the child chooses. They must correspond to their age category. Also, adults should control the time they play. In any case, it should not be too frequent.

Most parents today are Nintendo fans. Many of them grew up playing Super Mario Bros and Sonic the Hedgehog. There is no need to panic because these games are considered familiar and the best. There are different discussions about how gaming and parenting of children can be interconnected. It would help if you support your child’s hobby. If you want games to have a positive impact, then take care to choose a suitable game that will match the child’s age and interests.

There are a lot of exciting things that you might like. Consider different strategies and action games if you are interested in video games. You can develop positive traits while playing. Society reflects on how games affect a person’s social standing. If you play responsibly, you can have a positive experience.

Often there will be various myths associated with video games, which is not surprising. You can think about the adverse effects if you don’t know all the information. There are a large number of offers that can have a positive impact on your life and improve some personal qualities. Nevertheless, there are violent video games, so parents should watch what their children choose.

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