WoT: Frontline Is Back for 7 Days!

Frontline, with its massive maps and endless tactical possibilities, will be available for the first time in 2023 from June 5 through June 12. Check out what has changed in Episode 1, and jump into intense 30v30 action on colossal maps split into sectors. Go up in rank and use Combat Reserves and team coordination to destroy (or defend) five large gun turrets!

Maps: Fata Morgana Introduced, Kraftwerk Rebalanced

Frontline now has a full set of locations: a summer one, Normandie; a winter one, Kraftwerk; and a new desert-themed battleground called Fata Morgana. Its general layout is the same as that of the other two Frontline maps: It’s 3×3 km with three lines, the first two of which are split into 1×1 km sectors to capture or defend, and the undivided third line houses the gun turrets. Still, Fata Morgana offers more opportunities for interaction between lanes. Controlling the island in the river delta can give teams an upper hand in sectors B and C to either side.

Fata Morgana is a sight to see, with a plethora of landscapes and landmarks: sand dunes, rocks, magnificent oases, a canyon, a series of vast traversable caves, the remains of a castle, a village carved into a mountain, an ancient quarry, oil fields with an oil refinery, a large harbor, and a town by the coast that features architecture specific to Northern Africa.

Also, the Kraftwerk map has been rebalanced to even out the teams’ chances of winning, as our analysis of the battle statistics showed that it previously favored the defending side.

Mechanics: General’s Bonus and Changes to Combat Reserves

To make the gameplay in the mode even more engaging and entertaining, the following changes have been made to Combat Reserves basics and rank mechanics:

  • Combat Reserves slots unlock like before—the first one at the start of the battle, and the second and third ones upon reaching the Sergeant and Lieutenant ranks, respectively‚ but now, Combat Reserves are all improved simultaneously—the first time when a player reaches the Captain rank, and the second time when they reach the Major rank.
  • When a player obtains the General rank, they receive a General’s Bonus, which gives a +1.5% boost to the major qualification of every crew member in every vehicle on the team. The General’s Bonus can accumulate up to 10 times, providing a boost of up to +15% to everyone’s major qualification.

There are also some minor tweaks to Combat Reserves that may influence the battle flow and the tactics you employ. Check them out:

  • Once a player activates Field Repair, all modules of their vehicle are instantly repaired. Any damage inflicted to the modules of their vehicle after that (I.e., while Field Repair is still active) will not be repaired. The damage done to the HP pool will still be repaired with every second.
  • Minefield now activates with a 3-second delay so that if it is deployed under a player’s vehicle during a brawl, the player has time to leave the zone of its effect.

Progression and Rewards

Earning Frontline Experience in Frontline battles gets you through 20 Frontline Tiers. The list of rewards has been expanded and modified. For example, you can obtain a Training Manual and up to four pieces of Experimental Equipment of any of the three existing types (Fire-Control System, Mobility Improvement System, and Survival Improvement Suite). Plus, the type of directives can now be selected.

Known Issues

Fata Morgana map:

  • Please do not use the Respawn Point at Zone D: If the attacking team captures zone E while zone A is not captured, they will have a usable respawn point appear in zone D (which is prohibited from entering by the attacking team). There’s no way to get out of the zone.

Other Issues:

  • No timer is available for mines preparation and area of effect during the preparation period.
  • No information is available about mines delayed activation inside the game tooltips.


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