Take Your World of Tanks Gameplay to New Heights with TAP’s “Top Tier” Subscription

Are you ready to elevate your World of Tanks experience to unprecedented levels? Look no further than the “Top Tier” subscription, the ultimate gateway to unlocking your true potential on the battlefield. With a treasure trove of exclusive benefits and expert insights, this subscription is designed for dedicated tank commanders who aspire to dominate the game.

By joining the “Top Tier” community, you gain access to a wealth of advanced strategies, in-depth analysis, and insider tips from seasoned players. No matter your skill level, our premium content is tailored to enhance your gameplay and help you achieve unparalleled success. Discover the secrets of top-ranked players through exclusive video tutorials, where they share their wisdom on every aspect of World of Tanks. From mastering tank maneuvering to refining your aiming skills, “Top Tier” has you covered.

Stay ahead of the competition with early access to cutting-edge updates, new tank releases, and game-changing features.

As a token of our appreciation for your commitment, we offer exciting perks exclusively for “Top Tier” members. Enjoy special giveaways for gold, premium tanks and premium time, and rare customization options that will set you apart on the battlefield. With “Top Tier,” you’ll experience World of Tanks like never before.

Ready to unlock your true potential on the battlefield? Don’t miss out on this extraordinary opportunity. Upgrade to the “Top Tier” subscription today and witness your skills soar to new heights. Join an elite community of tank commanders, embrace advanced strategies, and dominate the competition. The journey to becoming a legendary player starts now with “Top Tier”!

Don’t wait, take the first step toward becoming a World of Tanks champion. Upgrade to “Top Tier” and experience the game in a whole new way. Sign up today and unleash your true tank commander potential!


22 thoughts on “Take Your World of Tanks Gameplay to New Heights with TAP’s “Top Tier” Subscription

  1. A subscription for a patetic forum? 20 euros per week for a stupid subscription?

    Seb, if you want money, put your mother in a thong in OnlyFans, because NOBODY WILL PAY EVEN ONE EURO PER YEAR FOR A STUPID SUBSCRIPTION IN A FORUM!

    I hope you reconsider this and delete this idea. If not, i will be forced to report your website to your domain holder and to Wargaming as you are forcing people to pay money for fake benefits and scam attempts.

  2. Wow, expecting people to pay for something thats free on Youtube and everywhere else is really great.

    In combination with the ads for Online Casinos this site really going for predatory money grabbing.

    Well I guess it has that in common with Wargaming so it fits.

  3. What? XD
    Will someone actually pay for this while they literally can watch players like Stanlox, Dakillzor, Kajzoo,… for free?
    You never know when there are people who have played 100k+ games and still barely scratch 1k avg WN8 =))))))))))

  4. If this happens I will uninstall the game!
    This is too low even for Wargaming.

    1. it’s a product i develop, not from the portal. The blog is unaffected, i am just testing how many of you would buy it.

      1. Not worth it. This costs 4 euros per month and gives nothing, just access to a giveaway where your chances to win are low. WoT Plus costs 8 euros per month but it gives you 500 gold per week, a TS-54 and free equipment demounts. If thia forum becomes monetized, i will have to report it to WordPress.

  5. Maybe including one on one coaching as part of the service might attract more people

  6. 20 lei per month? WoT Plus is 40 lei per month and gives WAY MORE AND ASSURED ITEMS AND BENEFITS. Okay, as TAP is bot free anymore i refuse to read it and i will tell all my WoT friends to boycott this site for being friends with illegal casino websites and scams.

  7. I see it as a good plan, i will pay this blog 4 euros per month gladly.

    Sadly, if i get the subscription, this blog will automatically enter into my “Subscription List of Internet Blogs” and that has a cost of 20 euros per month.

    So, The Armored Patrol will owe me 16 euros per month. If i don’t get them, i will report this blog to Wargaming and the courta for scamming and fraud.

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