WoT: Introducing Updated Stats and Combat Achievements Page

Many things have changed in World of Tanks over the past years. Now it’s the Service Record page’s turn for a refresh—the page will receive its portion of improvements in the upcoming Update 1.21. We’ve reworked it and updated it with some new and useful data.

The redesigned Service Record page will now display helpful info regarding your general performance and battle records. On top of that, you’ll be able to customize your combat achievements and show off to the world your most precious awards. Let’s take a closer look!

WTR: Know Your General Combat Efficiency!

The updated Service Record page allows you to instantly find out your current WTR rating—an addition in Update 1.21. This rating system has received a visual revamp and will replace the Personal Rating in your statistics summary.

Replacing the Personal Rating with WTR will recalculate your rating numbers on the Service Record page.

WTR is a dynamic system, so its value may change in either direction, depending on your actual combat effectiveness. For greater clarity and visual representation of your performance, WTR will be divided into the following five groups:

  • Bronze
  • Silver
  • Gold
  • Ace
  • Legend

Each group consists of three mastery levels, meaning there will be 15 levels in total, each with its own visual style. This will give you a better idea of your actual performance level in terms of the WTR system.

WTR is a more precise, informative, and complex rating compared to any other existing ones. It responds flexibly to your combat effectiveness and more efficiently reflects your current performance in the game. Here’s how WTR works:

When calculating the rating of a specific vehicle, the following key indicators may be considered:

  • Damage caused + assist damage
  • Damage blocked
  • Number of destroyed enemy vehicles
  • Survival rate

The number of indicators used in the WTR calculation can vary depending on a vehicle’s model, type, and role in battle. Each vehicle can have a minimum of 2 and up to 4 key stats. For example, for Maus all 4 indicators are considered (Damage blocked, Number of destroyed enemy vehicles, Damage caused + assist damage, Survival rate), while for Manticore and Progetto M40 mod. 65 there will be 3 indicators (Number of destroyed enemy vehicles, Damage caused + assist damage, Survival rate).

However, regardless of the number of indicators taken into account, their total weight is equal. This means that the number of indicators does not affect the overall score, only the quality matters.

Remember: If you have just joined World of Tanks, you need to play at least 50 Random Battles for your WTR rating to be calculated and displayed.

In a nutshell, to calculate account WTR we consider all player’s tanks ratings. The scoring is calculated for each tank: vehicle rating is multiplied by the tier coefficient and the vehicle role/type coefficient*. Then a weight is applied to each tank depending on the number of battles: the more battles on the tank, the more its impact on the overall WTR rating. All tank scorings are summed up, divided by the total number of battles fought and then multiplied by the “best” vehicle coefficient (this is an additional raising coefficient for tanks with a rating of 5300+). This means that the more tanks you have with a high rating, the higher your overall rating. Thus, being a universal fighter is more valuable than a fighter of one vehicle.

For all vehicle role/type it is equal to 1

The more effectively you perform in battles, the higher your actual WTR and visual mastery level. Watch the video below to better understand how the WTR rating is calculated and how to improve your battle performance!

Updated Statistics Summary: Be Proud of Your Combat Records!

If you want to know how you’re doing in World of Tanks, you need detailed statistics to keep a close eye on your overall combat performance. We’ve recombined several key parameters regarding your effectiveness in the Service Record summary.

On the left side of the page, you will still see familiar stats, such as the total number of battles fought, average/maximum damage and XP per battle, win rate, etc. But beyond this, we added several lifetime battle records that complement those stats and help you get a more comprehensive vision of your overall performance in the game. On the right side, among other parameters, you will see the following:

  • Maximum number of destroyed vehicles in a battle
  • Maximum blocked damage
  • Assistance record

Since the data on blocked damage and assistance records was previously collected only for Tier VIII and higher vehicles, after the release of the update, these newly added indicators in the statistics summary will start from zero. Take this chance to storm the battlefield in your favorite heavily armored and light vehicles to set your new personal records!

Blocked damage is one of the key stats for heavies, while assist damage is the most important for light tanks. The combination of the averages and record values gives a clearer picture of your general combat performance when playing in these vehicles.

Show Off Your Most Valuable Combat Awards!

Finally, you can now customize your combat achievement panel, making it more glorious than ever! Head to the Service Record page and select your most epic medals and other hard-won achievements from the list of available awards. Let the World of Tanks community know its heroes!

The ability to customize your feed of significant combat achievements will unlock when you earn at least eight awards.

The reworked Service Record page was designed to become a source of useful data and help improve your performance. Customize your combat achievements to your liking, and good luck on the battlefield, Commanders!

16 thoughts on “WoT: Introducing Updated Stats and Combat Achievements Page

  1. Players definitely needed more reasons to obsess over personal stats. /s

    Still, an improvement to the section layout is welcome so let’s look at the glass half full.

      1. What is this clown?
        But for some reasons, I’m laughing like crazy now.
        Holy fucking shit =)))))))))))))

      1. No modes! Balanced random battles! All of them! No more 0-15 in 2 minute shennanigans!

    1. There’s no way such an embodiment of greed like WG does something like that.
      Because that will lengthen the queue time => Lower credit burn rate => LESS MONEY =))))))))))
      More flashy and shiny rating page for those who want to show off, mostly WoT tryhard boiz.
      And most tryhard boiz are their paying customers.
      In the end of the day, everything WG does now only to make more money.

  2. Does this mean all those stat padders who played 2000 battles in Pz I C to boost their rating are averaged out and weighted down? How dare you WG?

  3. So now all the cry babies who complained “My Blocked Damage Doesn’t Count” get to rig their WTR by blocking 13k in a battle in a Maus. When will people learn. Blocking damage is not a skill it is an accident. It is what happens when people who play the game don’t know how to aim at weak spots.

    1. Or they don’t double-tap 2 vs. Maus, E100, JPZE100, Type 5 and most tier 10 HTs =)))))))
      But I do think blocking damage should be taken into account since HTs are designed to bounce some shots. Even with a badly armored HT like Renegade, I block 686 dmg/game on avg.
      So if people intentionally go with heavily armored tanks that are meant to block a lot and they do know how to angle properly, that should count.

  4. well, blocking damage is damage, other teammates will NOT receive and also keep the enemy team busy. for this, I do think it usefull and was underrepresented in the past. my main concern: it is far more easy to rig this stat than some others (assistant dmg for example).

    we will see, what effects the new rating will have.

  5. But this only is calculated after 50 battles per tank.
    I have tanks with 100% win rate, 1 battle and 9,000 wn8.
    I’m not playing 50 battles to ruin that score

  6. Apply to any good clan of EU server and say “oh i am blocking 3000 dmg per game can i join u guys?”I think that would be funny pointing something as useless as”blocking skills”.Totall BS

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