WoT RU: Twice As Much Experience On Elite Vehicles

Now the combat experience earned on elite vehicles goes to both the crew and the vehicle. Not separate, but together!

Elite vehicles are researchable vehicles that have all their modules and the vehicles following them in the branch, as well as premium and reward vehicles.

Previously, the combat experience of elite vehicles could be converted into free experience or used for accelerated crew training. I had to choose one.

In order to redirect experience, the so-called “checkbox ” was implemented in the game to activate accelerated crew training. At the same time, the least experienced tanker trained twice as fast.

In the current update, we have removed the checkbox for accelerated crew training – now combat experience earned on elite vehicles goes to both crew training and the vehicle at the same time. The least experienced tanker will also train twice as fast. Thus, in essence, you will get twice as much experience for the same number of battles.

We hope that now the game will become more comfortable for you.

Upgrade your crew and equipment twice as efficiently!

9 thoughts on “WoT RU: Twice As Much Experience On Elite Vehicles

  1. Luckily, we have WoT Plus instead of this =))))))))))
    WoT RU has changed quite a lot, seriously.
    I expect that Lesta will make WoT RU a total different game in 6 months.
    Meanwhile, WG is still trying their best to milk the fck out of us with their lootboxes XD

    1. Im happy to not play on wot russia because: arty changes (buff for arty), extrem buggy flip mechanic, the new biggest and most hate class the close combat arty aka flamethrower tank – you need no skill for do dmg and have 279 armor on t8 … look balanced the most hate mew class on wot ru server

      Meanwhile wg eu looks to the playerbase and cc feedback.
      Lootboxes dude thats the new sytsem in every fucking game 😂 if politcal says its good every game industrie milk there playe4 with those mechanic xD
      And they need money after the war and relocating everything.

      Really cryring of nerved wot plus? 😂😂😂 yeah bad player confirmed

      1. Lootboxes being in every game does not make them acceptable, criticizing them is still fully valid. Especially when several governments already banned them. Also he isn’t “crying” at wot plus being nerfed, he’s complaining about wot plus existing at all.

        1. Absolutely true. Scamboxes are just disgusting.
          If I want to buy a tank, I want to straight up buy it, not those scamboxes so I can have a “chance” to get the tank + a bunch of useless shits with a much higher price.

      2. =)))))) What the flying F are you smoking? How much did WG pay you?
        Surely some changes in RU are a bit out of touch.
        BUT, those changes do not aim to MILK THE FUCK OUT OF YOU. Those changes do not encourage PAY TO WIN.
        I don’t see flamethrower tanks any how a problem. They’re fast, has some armor but their firepower is super bad. There are barely any good replays with those tanks.
        I can do 5k+ RAW DMG with my Renegade every 4-5 game. If I’m lucky, I can have a few of those in a row.
        Meanwhile, WG, not just EU, but all of the regions they’re in control, include NA and Asia, you claim that they LISTENED?
        What Earth are you living on sir? WG only “listen” IF the WHOLE FCKING COMMUNITY CRIES.
        Yes, we’ve cried so hard that they pulled back their new MILKING SYSTEM aka “Rework Crew” and nerfed WoT+.
        Have you forgot they gave us “12 RETRAINING ORDERS” and then “30 Days of Free Resetting” only after the first of bashing for their “Rework Crew”?
        Have you forgot the BZ-176?
        Have you forgot their intentional buffs and nerfs to force you do what they want?
        How many scambox events have they thrown at you in the last 8 months?
        What have they done to this game in the last 8 months?
        They treat you literally like their COW and you’re still defending them???
        I still love WoT, but FUCK Wargaming.

  2. WOT RU
    aperantly WOT RU has the better ideea implementations
    our EU side, they just milk us
    fking low lifes

  3. I’m not too bothered I don’t really play this game anymore….
    ¯_ (ツ)_/¯
    And peasants in RU make like $100 a month so they is dirt poor

  4. this is actually milking too, typically when vehicle became elite I would turn on the crew training and not bother. now after field mods are researched, I do the same.

    imho what they are trying to do is force tanks farm “free xp”, i.e., more people will comvert elite xp to free exp, with gold, when auctions for free xp are happening. basically injecting elite xp in the game to incentivize people to convert more

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