WoT Supertest: AMX 13 (FL 11) Detailed Stats

AMX 13 (FL 11) (🇫🇷France, Tier-5, LT, premium)

Average damage: 110
Average armor penetration with AP (mm): 108
Average armor penetration with APCR (mm): 148
Average armor penetration with HE (mm): 38
Gun rate of fire (rds/min): 10.22
Loading of the gun (sec): 5.87
Turret traverse speed (deg/s): 45.89
Vertical aiming angles (deg): -5/10
Aim time (sec): 2.01
Accuracy at 100 m (m): 0.37
Average damage per minute (units/min): 1,124
Strength (Hitpoints): 500
Hull armor (frontal/side/rear in mm): 50/20/15
Turret armor (frontal/side/rear in mm): 40/25/20
Track repair time (sec): 12.03
Weight / maximum weight of the tank (t): 12.2/12.95
Engine power (h.p.): 270
Specific power (h.p./t): 22.13
Max. speed/reverse (km/h): 65/20
Hull traverse speed (deg/s): 39.63
Stationary camo (%): 17.67/4.36
In motion (%): 17.67/4.36
View range (m): 360

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Crew of 3 people: Commander (Radio Operator, Loader); Gunner (Loader); Driver.
Special category Equipment: None.

  • For all regions of the game.

This tank is VERY old. For the first time, its icon was lit up on the Supertest more than 10 years ago. But then there was only a tank icon, without the model itself. Now we see its full form. Interestingly, the AMX 13 (FL 11) has an oscillating turret, but the gun is conventional and the tank does not have an autoloader.

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  1. Apart from abysmal DPM, it seems to be fairly decent, as far as reward tanks go.
    Of course, it can also end up as a filler for gambling boxes.

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