WoT Supertest: XM66F Detailed Stats

XM66F (đŸ‡ș🇾USA, Tier-8, TD, premium)

Average damage with AP/APCR: 400
Average damage with HE: 515
Average armor penetration with AP(mm): 232
Average armor penetration with APCR(mm): 276
Average armor penetration with HE(mm): 60
Rate of fire of the gun (rds/min): 6,26
Loading of the gun (sec): 9.59
Turret traverse speed (deg/s): 16.69
Turret rotation angles (deg): 30/30
Vertical aiming angles (deg): -10/20
Aiming time (sec): 2.21
Accuracy at 100 m: 0.36
Average damage per minute: 2,503
Strength (HP): 1,300
Hull armor (frontal/side/rear in mm): 95/50/40
Turret armor (frontal/side/rear in mm): 230/120/40
Track repair time (sec): 12.03
Engine power (h.p.): 750
Specific power (h.p./t): 13.64
Max. speed/reverse (km/h): 35/12
Hull traverse speed (deg/s): 27.12
Stationary camo (%): 14.08/2.53
In motion (%): 8,44/1,52
View range (m): 380

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Crew of 5 people: Commander (radio operator); Gunner; Driver; Loader; Loader.
Role in battle: Universal tank destroyer.
Special category Equipment: Firepower.

* For all regions of the game.

17 thoughts on “WoT Supertest: XM66F Detailed Stats

  1. Are you kidding me?…so some pre prototype version of Kpz 70/MBT-70 is going to be tier 8?…TIER 8??!? I mean cmon. Sad to see wg doesnt intend to expand tier variety and new tank mechanics (composite armor, era, etc). I think this is clear sign and for me this means there is no development to bring wot fresh content.

    1. did you even look at the stats?
      everything is pretty much average compared to other Tier 8 turreted TDs, well excluding Waffentragers (that includes Skorpion) we all know those are glass cannons
      even the “hard specifications” most look at first are also standard for the tier
      95mm hull armor
      230mm turret
      232mm penetration




      T28 Porto

      plus it isn’t really a MBT70, looks similar but seems to be more like one of those driver-in-turret style concepts

      1. I said “pre prototype” implying it is pulled from development of mbt 70. I m not talking about stats, I m talking about principles.


          1. why is it that there is always a idiot going about
            «historical stuff does not matter anymore»
            when literally no one is saying
            «this should be more historical/close to IRL stats»
            trolls should stay under their bridge

            1. Joji is clearly making a comment about how a very modern tank is at tier 8 and then asking for more tiers.

              “Are you kidding me?
so some pre prototype version of Kpz 70/MBT-70 is going to be tier 8?
TIER 8??!?”

              “Sad to see wg doesnt intend to expand tier variety and new tank mechanics (composite armor, era, etc).”

              That is a retard saying that because this tank looks modern, its a problem that its at tier 8 fighting Tiger 2s.

              SO YES, litteraly someone is saying that.

        2. I agree – it’s kinda sad seeing all those promising concepts/blueprints, which can be very nice tier 11 or 12 additions into the game, ending in the HUGE plethora of tier 8 premiums. But I’ve understood it quite a while ago – there will never be tiers higher than 10 in WoT. I knew it ever since they made the lights reach tier X. This meant they want all classes to end in the same tier. And everyone knows that not all tech tree lines can be extended with 1 or 2 tiers simply beacuse too much imagination from the devs is required.

          1. My guy, TX has modern mbt prototypes like the chief, Lion, Obj 780 why do you want to turn the game into WT and keep adding BRs just to fit 4 of the same tank with different name

            1. because power creep?
              most Tier 10 rewards are already OP when compared to the original Tier 10s, plus recent “free” Tier 10 additions, in particular the soviet ones, have pushed the meta so far above the originals making those Tier 11s in practice

          2. it will be inevitable, unless they simply give up on the game and decide to let it die

            historical accuracy has not been the most important aspect in the game for years, and having some of the “competitive-type youtubers”, like Quickybaby, do reviews like they are looking from a e-sports perspective, and not the casual game WoT is actually supposed to be, will only help normalize that idea

            however that also means most players feel a disconnect when they do not recognize the tanks added to the game, the specs do not need to be historical but making the tank at least look like something they can look up and find on the internet, does help create that desire to play

            for example, check the stats about how often the new Chinese HTs or the Italian TDs have been played in the last 30 days, the Progetto 46 is known to be OP so it is normal it gets played a lot, that has more than double the number of battles compared to the 2 lines I mentioned
            in comparison the newly added Japanese TDs are already played at least as often as the Italian TDs, why?
            because those at least resemble the tank concepts a large part of the players has known for a long time

            conclusion: historical stats don’t really matter, plus some some tanks have been avoided by WG for years because the baseline for their stats would be OP when added at Tier 10 (T58, AGF 150t Concept, etc), but resembling something that players can look up online, can help make the tanks popular

        3. should not be, the whole point of the MBT70 was mobility = survivability, 35 km/h is Sherman levels of mobility, not really what they were going for
          about the principles, the MBT70 is a late 60’s program, we have had things from the late 70’s in the game for years

      2. Those stats tell absolutely nothing. Armor needs to be seen in Model, not that super outdated number-kind of presentation.
        “Historical accuracy”? What is that thing btw? XD
        History nerds don’t hug their books but torturing themselves in a milking machine like WoT? =))))))
        Meanwhile, WG is preparing another premium tank for their lootboxes.

        1. one more troll talking about historical accuracy when literally no one is complaining the tank is not historical
          and yes, I understand that until we can inspect the damage model we cannot be sure on whether or not a tank will be strong, however it is not the first tank we will have in game with similar armor profile
          the turret won’t be less OP than existing Tier 8 TDs (CC-67, T-103, Vipera, etc) and the hull is basically that of a M60
          the T32 is known to have one of the lowest penetrations of all Tier 8 HTs, those 218mm of penetration are enough to go through the front plate of the M60 with 99.6% chance
          another similar hull is from the T95E2 – 99% of the front plate is 95.2mm @60Âș with a small strip of 101mm -, it’s own gun has a 70% chance of penetrating the hull with just 190mm of penetration

          conclusion: we cannot know for sure until the damage model is available for inspection, but we can at least compare to vehicles with similar armor profiles (angles and thickness)
          that is what I did, I didn’t just look at the numbers and pulled a opinion out of my a**
          all the Tier 8 TDs with 220mm+ turret armor have OP turrets making this XM66F basically a standard Tier 8 turreted TD

    1. None because even the best op premium tank won’t make you play any better you mug

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