WoT Supertest: Empires Border Changes

Balance changes were implemented for the Empire’s Border map: the heavy tank encounter zone was improved, and the location of the bases was changed.

1.) The main heavy tank encounter zone was improved. Several positions were added for playing using sidescraping or a hull-down position (sectors H3–G3).

2.) The position in sectors J3–K3 was balanced. Now, the southern team can fight on equal footing against the northern team.

3.) The TD position was improved in sector K6. The TDs now have a line of fire at heavy tanks in sector G4 that’s similar to the one for the other team.

4.) The location of the bases was changed. They’re now located in sectors F8–G8 and C5–D5, respectively. The bases were moved to a more open area to allow players to reach them faster and be able to prevent the enemy from capturing it.

14 thoughts on “WoT Supertest: Empires Border Changes

  1. Interesting idea to move the caps into the middle to stop the “backdooring” that allways happens on this map.

    Will be interesting to see how players spread on this map after the changes, i feel like everyones going to go G4 area. And if so, will south spawn still get there first evey time? then it might be problematic.

  2. No way??? They move bases to the middle so everyone can just yolo right at the start?
    What the fuck are they smoking?
    There’s no stop backdoor here. There will be only <4mins battle if this change actually goes in the game.
    Because no one will bother to go such a long way.
    Everyone is afraid that they don’t get enough DMG.
    1/3 of the playable area in this map will be wasted.
    Such an insanely stupid idea.

    1. What the actuall fuck is your problem you retarded fucking bamboo eating monkey.

      Ofcourse this stops the backdooring, before some medium would go to the NE corner and push through to the cap, forcing the heavies in SW corner to turn back and get farmed while doing so. This completly eliminates that?

      And yes, maybe on your retarded ass server people will rush into cap like fucking retards, and you will probably be one of them. But on the EU server it will take 3 days and then everyone will understand you cant cap at all on this map unless their like 2 enemies left and they are super slow and far away.

      And so what does this mean? No more turning back and you can actually push through your side and go up into mid to stop dumb enemies trying to put cap pressure.

      I dont know what the fuck you think you are achieving by bitching and whining on this webbsite all day long with you garbage ass takes about things that havent even been released yet. Like how the fuck can you possibly know anything about how long the games will be on this map after changes?

      Its litteraly all you do aswell, you sit here and condemn every new things WG presents. Litteraly just FUCK OFF if you dont like the game or what they are doing to it.

      1. XDDD this guy is really a gentleman and also a “pro” gamer as well =))))))))
        I forgive you for your cluelessness.
        In my “retarded” server, average players snipe your cupola with every pixel they get, spam gold all the time because they got full all the techtrees and they’re left with absurd amount of credits just for spamming gold. On top of that, clickers here are real dedicated gamers who will click you with almost laser accuracy =)))))))
        I welcome you to this “retarded” server and try to survive for a day =)))))))
        Commenting on this site is getting ridiculously funny =))))))))

  3. Wow I’ve seen some pretty ridiculous map changes before but this one is in the top 5 most ridiculous.
    Nice to see the usual morons supporting this which proves they really are .. morons lol

    1. Like ur own comment. How nice.
      Not delivering any reasons for your claim but “he’s the expert talking”
      Not the “CHANGE IS BAD” crowd
      No sir. He isn’t what he said others are…

  4. These are interesting changes. Looks like the middle will be where the main fighting will be. Will the rest of the map become useless? Hmmm.

    1. I dont think so, sure theirs even more reason to take a central position now then before. But at the same time, since you have all these mountain ridges dividing the map you cant cover the outer edges unless someones actually goes there and holds it.

      So i expect this map to kind of play like Encounter battles on Lakeville, if to many focus G4 and the middle its going to leave SW and NE corners empty and people will drive around for easy flanking damage.

      But its impossible to actually know, so we will have to keep an open mind and wait and see.

      1. It is possible to see the outcome. Why? Because it’s THERE, clear as day. You can see it with your own flesh EYES =))))))
        There’s no theory here.
        When you can see your opponents at the start, literally at the start, all so-called “strategy” go into the trashbin.
        You take time to go all the way to wherever why your teammates are getting farmed. When you get where you want to get, your teammates are already dead.
        It doesn’t matter how powerful a position can be when you’re just too outnumbered.
        That’s the reason why you’re forced to stay and shoot right at the start.
        There’s no time for adventures with Base placement like this.
        I’ve never seen any more stupid idea than this in the entire map history of WoT.

  5. The idea for changes on this map is good and almost all changes are indeed good. I just dont get it – why would moving the bases closer to each other improve the playstyle in any way? Everyone will just rush in the mid and and 2-3 players will go north – the south will become redundant (where the majority of the map rebalances are lmao).
    The only way this is a good idea is if the bases are moved closer so decaping is easier, but the spawn points remain the same (sth like what is on Tundra – very close bases but distant spawns).

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