WoT Supertest: AMX 13 (FL 11)

This hybrid tank features the hull from the AMX 13 and the FL 11 turret from the Panhard EBR armored car. It is armed with a 75 mm gun that deals 110 HP of damage per shot and is able to penetrate up to 108 mm with the standard shell or 148 mm with its special shell. The dispersion at 100 m is 0.39 m, the aiming time is 2.1 s, and the reload time is 6 s.

The vehicle has good mobility characteristics as typical for light tanks. The top forward speeds are 65 km/h forward and 20 km/h in reverse. The specific power is 22.1 h.p./t. The view range is 360 m.
The hull armor in the frontal projection reaches 50 mm, while the turret frontal armor reaches 40 mm. It has a durability of 500 HP.

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  1. How come other tier 5 lights that have 75mm cannons have like at least 2sec faster reload time than this one?

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