WoT RU: The Reappearance of Stalingrad Map

Карта СТАЛИНГРАД в HD 2023 – Мир танковКарта СТАЛИНГРАД в HD 2023 – Мир танков

• Size: 950x950m
• Battle Mode: Standard battle only
• Map Type: Summer

The release is planned in a big September patch. Music will also be updated.

For RU region only.

23 thoughts on “WoT RU: The Reappearance of Stalingrad Map

  1. Look at the rate the RU server is getting content compared to us, the only new content we are getting is premium tanks, boxes, and assembly shop vehicles.

    Meanwhile the RU server is getting new maps and shit.

    1. Why not join the RU server if you have such a problem.
      Instead of whine like a little bitch on this tiny blog that WG never read??

      1. “Instead of whine like a little bitch on this tiny blog that WG never read”

        What does the size of this blog and if WG reads it or not have to do with anything?
        And what the fuck are you upset about, do you not want more maps in wot?

        Or are you one of those guys that is complete fucking dogshit at the game and the most exciting part is new premium tanks that you allways buy, play 5 games in to then realize that you are still dogshit.

        Nothing about my original comment should be upsetting to anyone, so what the fuck is your problem?

          1. I dont understand how that matters? And if it does, do you want Russian tanks to be removed aswell? Or why are they not problematic?

            1. DemocRat is one of those people yelling at and old Russian grandma, who’s selling oranges at the street corner, why she doesn’t stop Putin and why had to invade Ukraine?!!

              Cause that’s how that works.
              Feels like he mixed up democracy and fashism.
              It happens

              1. Lmao
                You can go and have a nice day
                You and your backup account

                No reasoning or basic grasp on politics

    2. From my perspective, there should be a hold on this and similar maps. Just because an event is currently happening in the world. We should play in some made-up locations for now on both EU and RU servers. Well, I know they are different companies now, which I don’t get either. Do you think they will get together again?

      I saw that flame tank. Is there something more I did not see on the RU servers?


    3. Hopefully they add it to the other servers too. We needed more maps since yesterday.

    1. Spare us your shared opinions. Yes, shared. They are not from your head.

      Remember what you read now. The new mainstream is an alternative that is being censored. What you think is mainstream is just a voice that is pushed at you to affect you. I like Ukrainians as much as Russians. Don’t hate the people; hate the regime. Also, learn geopolitics before you open your mouth; big things are ahead of us.

      Or Putin on you.

      1. Yeah learn geopolitics…thats something you should ask the mirror.

        Lets hope Pootin will join russian fertilizers.

      2. Get back in your tree you American leftist @Lonidres
        Why don’t you sort out your own imbecile president before telling the rest of the world about themselves

        1. lmao russian orc trying to detract from his countries barborous actions in ukraine. Well guess what, the world hates you and your economy is going down the toilet.

        2. And this is how assumptions are made out of thin air in your head. My arguments are supported because I am neither American nor Russian. What are your arguments? Are you even able to defend yourself?

      3. Hopefully they add it to the other servers too. We needed new maps since yesterday.

  2. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wdfLr97nblE&ab

    Everyone here talking about the war in Ukraine like it matters to a skinner box of a game. Still fuck man what did they do to probably one of the best maps in not just WoT, but in all tank sim/arcade games out there. this was the one map where every class and vehicle trope can find a roll to play. All they had to do is was make a 1 to 1 copy with just modern objects/graphics.

    Fuck man seeing one of my favorite maps in all of the online multiplayer games I’ve played get turned into moba garbage. because I too love running in straight line towards my doom, hoping my opponents don’t know about the 2 key.

    all well only the Lesta server will be cursed with this abomination, than again nobody should be cursed to play this atrocity in any situation.

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