WoT EU: Average Battle Time and The Most Unpopular Maps

Average battle time.
Standard battle: 7.26 min.
Encounter battle:: 6.84 min.
Assault battle:: 6.91 min.

The most excluded maps.
Standard battle:
1. Mines – 5.42%
2. Ruinberg – 4.6%
3. Lakeville – 3.97%
4. Prokhorovka – 3.86%
5. Sand River – 3.85%
6. El-Halluf – 3.44%
7. Ghost Town – 3.36%
8. Steppes – 3.34%
9. Cliff – 3.33%

Encounter battle:
1. Himmelsdorf – 0.78%
2. Mines – 0.73%
2. Ensk – 0.73%
4. Prokhorovka – 0.72%
5. Sand River – 0.71%
Assault battle:
1. Steppes – 1.24%
2. Ghost Town – 1.10%
3. Karelia – 0.99%

TOP maps by battle time.
Standard battle:
1. Prokhorovka – 9.43 min.
2. Robin – 9.04 min.
3. Studzianki – 8.56 min.
4. Lost City – 8.17 min.
5. Airfield – 8.17 min.
6. Province – 8.11 min.
7. Redshire – 8.11 min.
8. Erlenberg – 8.10 min.
9. Karelia – 8.04 min.
10. Fisherman’s Bay – 8.01 min.
Encounter battle:
1. Prokhorovka – 8.35 min.
2. Studzianki – 7.54 min.
3. Karelia – 7.47 min.
4. Malinovka – 7.47 min.
5. Ghost Town – 7.44 min.
Assault battle:
1. Karelia – 7.39 min.
2. Erlenberg – 7.36 min.
3. Steppes – 7.20 min.

Without taking Grand Battle into account. Based on WoT EU statistics, May 2023.

Source: WOT Express

42 thoughts on “WoT EU: Average Battle Time and The Most Unpopular Maps

  1. Prokhorovka – 3.86%

    Only on 4?!
    I get that mines isn’t great for toptiers, fine whatever, but beneath Ruinberg (after several changes?!

    Prokovka is a total camper shit.
    Its ONLY in the game so you can throw those dice on scouting/TD missions
    Its a camper map. you got elc and enemy dont? YOU WON! SKILL!

    and if both scouts bit the dust or suck, first one to move will die. aint that fun? 15 minutes of hot potato.

      1. Oposite to retarded you should know how to play it and know the bushes to do good in a light in it.
        Or know something about camo system to use it in advantage in meds.

    1. Prokhorovka is good map (one of the best actually) and whoever says shit like you just cant calculate enemy movement and predict where enemy light sits. I enjoy the map because I dont have a monkeybrain and actually relocate as battle demands. Its the map with biggest skillcap. Both for lights and non lights, as it demands imidiate reactions, knowledge of viewrange, camo, bushes camo values, equipment knowledge…all simultaniously.

      Thats one of the few maps that isnt bloody corridor, one of the few maps where you can freely decide strategic moves for more than 10 minutes…yet you guys still cry, says more about you than the map. Deal with it.

      1. Sure thing, bush camper. The map is made for losers without a brain that can’t think of anything but sitting in a bush for 10 minutes. Of all the maps, in the game, it requires the least thinking. There is no flanking. No map knowledge required. Arty paradise. Sniping paradise. Hull down paradise. The whole thing is one big corridor. Game is usually so long and boring that I often just suicide. I don’t want 10 minute snoozefests. I would rather a 3 minute rofflestomp anyway over that.

          1. I like how I literally hit the nail on the head with that dude:D He is precisely the unskilled player we all know. Love calling these stupidos out.

            1. I love the open maps!
              Much better than corridor maps for brain dead heavy tank players to “brawl” soo boring!!

            2. My windage is 51.26 so I am not the best player, but I recognize the stupidity of an ELC just sitting in a bush while an STRV just snipes anything that has the dare to make a push play. There is no strategy. It is like Paris in that way, where there is only one or two corridors. Paris has a narrow one, but the one in ProK is like one big one with no cover at all. Just hide and snipe all game. And if there is an arty in the game, then it is even worse. Onslaught is my favourite mode because arty is non-existent, the bush camping snipers are non-existent, and the matches don’t last 10 minute smaking me want to suicide so I can play PUBG instead where I can get some real action.

              1. Nobody make you play wot. Do please fuck off if you don’t like it.
                You are another moron who doesn’t seem capable of not playing something you don’t like lol

        1. now now!
          Clark let’s just be nice to each other. without sounding like a complete FUKING asshole (that’s you Clark) as clearly your brain has leaked away like water through a sieve, the effect here clearly is that your intellect (what’s left of it) cannot cope anymore with mindless WOT random Tank games
          – hence your worrying 3min longing for a rofflestomp (is that like apple strudel? rofflestomp and ice cream, sounds nice (unlike you

    2. Lol, it’s a good map for LT missions! I did all my T-55A and Obj. 260 LT missions on maps like those.

      1. I like light tanks and mediums. I have damage records brawling with them in Ensk.

    1. Bro. Thats a small pool you got there.
      Also “you think alike” if ur friends.
      So there is a lot of bias.

      Ask random people.
      Personally I asked ppl about that fuck PROKO since day 1 – back when teamchat was on
      its sad if both teams agree they are bored out of their minds and wish to die

      Same for the ‘new airfield map’
      I forgot the name of that shit thing from the last test. the one with the HUGE airfield not the old one.
      this too was the ONLY MAP people hated the guts out. the other maps they found alright or VERY good (like the one with the factory in which you can go on 2nd floor) those ppl loved a lot.

      and yet we get shitty airfield that 100% of players do not want<.<
      idk WG spent like 5$ on it so they have to spent the remaining 95% to make it even or something,
      so much about overcomitment.

  2. Paris not on the list ? this must be a joke other than when I play heavys I block it

  3. I thought that Airfield will be the top excluded map (because it used to be bad, now it’s even worse). Regarding Mines – I think that it’s playstyle of yolo-ing the hill or lose is unique and makes the map really fun. Regarding Prokhorovka – it is also a unique map where vision and scouting skills are crucial. It’s true that ELC EVEN 90s are toxic, but that’s a problem of the tank, not the map.

  4. A fabricated article, no way these are the most excluded maps in standard battle… none of these maps are excluded by people who I talked with about maps…

  5. With this article you’ve completely killed any credibility of this site.

    I wasn’t happy with the promoted AI articles that had little to no relevancy to the site, but a man’s gotta eat so I tolerated them. But now you release another AI written garbage and post it as news is a new low for this blog.

    -You can only disable maps for normal random battles, not for assault or encounter.
    -Which map is called Robin?
    -I’m pretty sure all the values and map names are completely random.

    In the future I won’t visit this site, that’s for sure.

  6. Bad translation, i suppose. In original article it’s not “The most EXCLUDED maps” it’s the most FREQUENT maps

  7. No wonder why most WoT players are just bad, even if they’ve played tens of thousands of games.
    Prokhorovka yes prefers LTs very much but even when you’re a HT, if you have great map knowledge, you have a chance to counter LTs. With any other class (I’m not talking about clickers), I get good games most of the time, and good games for me is 4k+ combined for tier 8s and 6k+ for tier 10s.
    Real bad maps in WoT are:
    – SHITfield: you can’t do shit, you push you lose with all tanks, apart clickers =))))))
    – Ensk: this map prefers 2 kinds of tank, either can sidescrape or has HUGE alpha/has FAST clip. The map is extremely small. Games in Ensk last <5 mins 90% of time, driving time included. Just crazy.
    – Fjords: really bad balancing, your fate is decided by the MM. If you spawn East then hell yeah let the farm begins but if you spawn West then you can only pray that your team is good and have balls. Otherwise you just stay back and farm as much as you can. Although you can farm a lot when your team is losing here.
    – Highway: not exactly a bad map overall but a really bad map for HTs. Small playable area, even smaller than Ensk, prefers opportunistic playstyle. In other words, just like Ensk, you want to have huge alpha/a clip and you need to wait for enemy team to make mistakes. If I get Highway with a LT, oh yes it’s like a 3rd mark game.
    – Mines: again really bad balancing. You can either farm A LOT or not able to do anything. This map is a total shitshow. It FORCES your fast tanks to go for a suicide rush to the mine. Take it you win, lose it you’re fucked. Pick a LT and get Mines? FUCK WG.
    – Mountain Pass: again SHIT balancing, HTs in South spawn can’t even go to HT line safely. Both spawns have insanely OP defensive positions at the fcking BASE that usually lead to insane comebacks/huge scores. 4 tanks can easily hold an entire team no matter how good they are. If they’re bad then you might be able to do that with a smaller number.
    There are some maps that simply don’t let you do well because they don’t have clear approaches like Safe Haven.
    Most maps in WoT are average or playable. Only a few are actually good, which give good opportunities for any class in the game, like Malinovka. Prokhorovka, Studzianki, Westfield.
    The above 4 maps are top maps in the game.
    Saying any of those are bad simply because you’re not experienced enough.

    1. Most true i read, i also believe El Halluf is clearly outdated, right now is all push north and nothing more, no place to use other parts of the maps.

      1. El Halluf is not a good map but not a bad one either, it’s a playable map.
        Spotting in this map requires tremendous map reading ability but it’s possible. Snipers can snipe.
        HTs are prefered, they’ll have a good time.
        The approaches are not optimal but they are clear.
        For that reason, I cannot call it a bad map.

        1. “Snipers can snipe” that is actually not that true if all the people is playing north, south is too non-pushable that no one try it any more.

          So yes there is theorical space to snipe but being so bad for anyone to push there is actually no one using it so there is no snipe targets (maybe just other tds if a light spot)

          Heavies and meds play north 90% of battles.
          South need to be reworked so meds/fast heavies have more pushing possibilities so TDs can have more targets and being useful for the team.
          Is actually a super outdated map for the current wot.

  8. excluded maps —> encounter and assault battles.
    You can only exclude maps for standard battles, dont make it so obvious for us.
    Also paris is one of the most hated maps in the game, there were surveys that proven that so yeah not seeing it in the list is kinda sus

  9. Surprised that Airfield isn’t the most excluded map.

    I guess this means that most WoT players are either TD bushcampers, or arty

    1. Not at all Airfield is also bad for TDs, the surprise is that even heavies are more retarded than expected and hate more proko than Waitfield.
      Similar design there is el Halluf but the difference is that is even better for heavies so people dont hate it but is an arty fest of map.

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