WoT – Call To Mars: Choose Your Captain 4th Phase

Commander bonus codes:
• “Thomas Farmer” – CTMS2L3
x3 Chocolate, x3 Gearbox Intricacy, x12 German paint: Erdgelb Nr.17, x1 Training Guide (Germany)
• “Aurora Adams” — CTML5B7
x3 Pudding and Tea, x3 Increased Focus, x12 British paint: Colour N1A, x1 Training Guide (U.K.)
• “Mikhail Kostritsyn” – CTMZ9U9
x3 Extra Combat Rations, x3 Experienced Firefighters, x12 Soviet paint: 7K Yellowish Red, x1 Training Guide (U.S.S.R.)
• “Stephen Horton” – CTMQ7M7
x3 Case of Cola, x3 Focus on Target, x12 American paint: Olive Drab, x1 Training Guide (U.S.A.)
• “Monica George” – CTMZ8O9
x3 Coffee with Cinnamon Buns, x3 Shell Organizer, x12 Swedish paint: Ljusgrön 322 M, x1 Training Guide (Sweden)

Enter one of the codes here:


  1. Choose one of the five Captains to receive support rewards by redeeming a special bonus code.
  2. Support your Captain by taking action in the battles of the Call of Mars game mode.
  3. Every three days, you can continue to support your Captain or choose another one. Activate the special bonus code of the new Stage to make your choice and get a new support reward.
  4. Check out the event calendar and support rewards below.
  5. You can only redeem 1 of 5 bonus codes for each Stage.

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