The Psychology of Gambling: Understanding the Mind of a Casino Player (P)


Many players do not understand why, even if they lose, they feel pleasure while gambling. There are many neural processes that contribute to this. Our body is a rather complicated thing, which always wants to satisfy its needs. Accordingly, even when a person would like to be sad, the brain gives a signal to the nervous system, and acts on other organs, which cause the release of hormones of happiness.

Let us understand in detail this complex mechanism, which is happening in us every day.

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Hormones in the Body

When playing gambling or betting players expect only good outcomes. This affects a body system such as the dopamine system. In addition there is the initiation of 5-hydroxytryptamine . It is produced in the human brain when a person has a desire for one thing or expectation of a certain outcome.

Dopamine is commonly referred to as the motivating subatomic particle. It is produced in our brains quite frequently. It has been found to be released even during painstaking and demanding work. During the process of gambling, the brain releases large amounts of this hormone . This happens because the player is happy to win and earn a good amount of money.

But do not forget that such a substance as dopamine affects the emergence of a gambling addiction. After all, its release is pleasant for the whole organism. Because of this, the brain may require the repetition of this action.


Avoiding Gambling Addiction

In order that your life will never have problems with this pathology, it is worth paying attention to online casinos with the section Responsible gambling.

Despite the fact that gaming addiction takes quite a small percentage of people -2-5 percent. Operators strive in every possible way to provide this disease. This is due to the fact that it is better to carry out preventive measures than therapeutic.

So many operators implement functions of self-limitation, such as time limits, money and number of bets. In addition, you can turn on the self-limiting function for a certain period of time and your account will be instantly blocked. These actions have shown to be effective in the fight against addiction and a complete elimination of the disease is predicted in the near future.

Changes in the Organism

There have been studies which show that while you are gambling the metabolism in the player’s body is improved. Moreover, there is a suppression of stress hormones and an increase in cellular biochemistry.

This effect is particularly noticeable when players have tried their luck and won a certain amount of money. At this point, almost every mouse click and keyboard hit brings a lot of important moments for the organism.  At this point, there is an increase in the release of adrenaline and serotonin. It is differentiated to cope with the signs of depression.

Why do Players prefer Online Casinos?

For the most part, visitors to online casinos tend to play with virtual chips. This allows you not to worry about financial costs, and the game does not become less of a gamble. After all, even if the drum passes idle and no winning combination falls out, only the virtual “currency” is burned. For this reason, those who play on the sites of virtual casinos, do not risk anything. But the experience is more exciting and vivid. All this makes virtual casinos popular gaming sites, which with pleasure spend time on people of all ages and social status.


Despite the multiple accusations of gambling establishments in such pathologies as gaming addiction. At the moment it was found out that the percentage of disease is decreasing day by day. There are now many effective programs that prevent the emergence of addiction through the introduction of various restrictions.

In addition, it was proved that gambling has a positive impact on the body. It turned out that people who spend their free time playing slots are less susceptible to stressful situations and are virtually not subject to depression.

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  1. These reads are almost creepy, it’s like trying to tell us smoking is a good thing. I wish people to be vigilant when tackling the issue of gambling, be it online or in casinos – addiction is a common outcome, and good luck winning against that.

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