The Ethics of Gambling: A Look at Australia’s Relationship with Casino Culture (P)


What do you know about Australia? Country of kangaroos, many poisonous insects? Yes, but you must have heard about the popularity of gambling too. Australians spend a huge amount of money each year on gambling, an impressive A$24.9 billion a year. And the average amount that an active gambler invests is A$210,000. Moreover, Australia is one of the countries with the highest rates of gambling activity per capita in the world. These figures underline how important gambling is to Australian society.

How did casino culture take shape in Australia?

In ancient colonial times, gambling was an important part of Australian culture and was indispensable to the entertainment and social connections of the early settlers.

Then in the middle of the 19th century there was a gold rush, and everyone ran to Australia in search of happiness. Of course, gambling was a popular way of entertainment and a good chance to get rich for these gold seekers.

That’s how casinos started to appear in the 70s and 80s. They became the places where locals and tourists could have a good time. Well, now famous gambling establishments like Crown Casino in Melbourne and The Star in Sydney have become symbols of cities and significant sources of income.

Gambling has become an integral part of Australian culture and influenced the development of local society.

Casino culture in Australia has progressed with the development of online gambling platforms. There are a variety of online sites, such as WildJoker Casino, offering a plenty of games and betting options available right from home. Online casinos have many advantages, such as:

  • Accessibility at all times of the day and at any place, which allows you to play without having to visit a physical casino;
  • Choice among a huge variety of games. For example, in Wild Joker Casino, you can choose from slots, roulette, blackjack, poker, and a bunch of other options;
  • Ability to play anonymously and be confident in the security of personal data;

The classic casino

Seriously, Australia is one of the best countries for gambling and has impressive cultural features related to casinos. There is a huge variety of games that will satisfy even the pickiest gamblers. The quality of service is top-notch, as you are treated by true professionals. The atmosphere is unique: large game rooms, bright lights, loud music and the sounds of victory create a special mood that will not leave you indifferent.

And of course the cultural diversity! Here you will meet people from all over the world, both guests and staff. It’s a journey into the world of different cultures, right here in the casino. And most importantly – all this is also safe, because gambling establishments cannot operate without a special state license, so you can relax and enjoy the game without unnecessary worries.

Safe gaming environment

Here’s what we’ve already noticed: gambling is one of the most famous things in Australian culture, and the government is serious about controlling and regulating it.

Now, in Australia, online gambling is monitored by different agencies scattered across six states and two mainland territories.

Each state and territory has its own rules for gambling, but there are also national rules that go everywhere. All gambling sites in Australia are controlled by the Interactive Gaming Act of 2001. At the time of its approval, this law greatly restricted the operation of online gambling. But later due to the massive spread of online casinos, the Act was amended. So these days, this law tells what rules must be followed to conduct online gambling, obtain licenses, and operate sites, namely:

  • Cooperate with law enforcement;
  • Ensure the security of financial transactions;
  • Hiring employees should be done carefully, candidates are selected only from among professionals;
  • A limited flow of funds to avoid money laundering;
  • The license holder must keep all personal information about the user and worry about data security;
  • Only fair play and fighting crime is necessary;

It’s pretty serious, isn’t it? Here’s an example of the official online casino site Wild Joker Casino, which we mentioned earlier. It fully complies with laws because it has Curacao license, operates per iGaming regulations and legal standards. Online casinos are very serious about making sure that players understand that gambling is just entertainment, and you need to play wisely.

Ethic of Australian casino

Before there was a mention of responsible gambling, but what is it? It is an approach that protects players and prevents problems. It is designed to ensure safety while gambling.

Casinos must follow the rules of responsible gambling, which include:

  • Giving players information about risks and possible gambling problems. Warning signs can be posted, brochures sent out, or online materials provided;
  • If the casino notices that a player is having gambling problems, they should intervene and offer help. They can propose counseling, restrictions on gambling activity, or information about professional support;
  • Set limits and rules to prevent problems. For example, limit the maximum bet amount or the rate of betting;

The goal of responsible gambling is to provide gamblers with information, tools, and support so they can control their game and avoid problems. This is important for creating a healthy gaming environment.

Contributing to the local economy

Indeed, gambling is now a major magnet for tourists and brings tremendous benefits to the hotel and restaurant industry. They have a significant impact on the Australian economy, especially in the context of job creation.

Year after year, the state receives about $6.6 billion in tax revenue from this industry. Approximately $773 million is contributed by casinos, and about $3 and a half million by hotels and clubs.

More than 220 thousand people work in this industry throughout Australia. In total, they earn a little over $11 billion in wages and other income, which is pretty impressive.


Casino ethics in Australia play an important role in ensuring safety for gamblers. Casinos enforce responsible gaming rules, provide information about possible risks and problems, and offer assistance to gamblers who need it. They also set restrictions and rules to prevent gambling problems. All of this is important to create a safe and healthy gambling environment and to protect players’ interests.

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