What’s in Store for the Gaming Industry (P)

The Evolution of Gambling

Dozens of years ago, gamblers were into gambling at traditional casinos. But in the 1990s, everything changed radically. It was at this moment, the Internet appeared and the network began to actively promote online casinos. It was a very convenient way for the gamblers, which not only did not require leaving home, but also offered various advantages. For example, only online casinos offer lucrative bonuses and promotions, as well as a huge number of games.

Time does not stand still. That is the reason why even in such a new field as casinos on the Internet, there are various changes and it is constantly being improved.

Blockchain, meta universe and other technologies are now being actively promoted. In the near future, the blockchain and meta universe are being rapidly upgraded and added to the online gambling game.

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Payment Methods

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Gaming Lobby

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Kingjohnny Casino Welcome Bonus

There are plenty of generous bonus offers to be found on the site. But the very first and most enjoyable gift is the welcome pack.

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This is a brand new technology that will give the launch of the meta universe. When the summit was held in Barcelona , Metaverse Post met with the founder of this company . The whole technology is focused on bringing AR\VR to the iGaming industry. The company representatives explained what changes are waiting for the entertainment industry in the future. XRBet has proposed a new concept for the development of gambling, which will be launched in the first quarter of next year.

XRBet and blockchain

In addition to the launch of virtual reality for online casinos, another concept has been thought of. Representatives of the company aim to introduce blockchain technology . From a technical point of view they can combine several crypto sites, thus creating a unique product with the greatest possibilities . They are now focused on creating this technology to enter the gambling market as soon as possible.

The company has a lot of challenges to overcome. So far, this project is at an early stage. But soon all the problems will be over and the unique and new technology will have an explosion of popularity.

The Decentralisation System

Everyone knows that online gambling has been using a centralised system for years. This dictates the rules for players to rely on a third party. The whole internal network is closed and cannot be seen by the players. This shows that there is no transparency in gambling at the moment. In other words, the players can not trust that everything is fair regarding their betting or game results.

Developers also have some nuances – with a closed system, they can not keep track of capitalization, respectively, and can not monetize their earnings in full.

DAO Casino Business Model

Everyone knows that the success of online gambling depends on factors such as the autonomous economy and the quality of use.  The new level in online casinos will be an upgraded incentive mechanism, transparency, and users will be able to solve problems on their own. The DAO Casino system will be able to cope with all these innovations.

The DAO.Casino business model operates as a system to reward active players: independent game developers, security and audit system experts, community members, and even those who help developers promote independent games through recommendations.

The Development Stage of the System

The idea for the project came in the summer of 2016 while researching the possibilities of developing an exclusive smart contract with an autonomous economic model. In the near future, the developers will explain how this standalone financial model works.

At the moment, DAO.Casino is launching a new management and financing system. Representatives are also working with a game developer to test their product on their own platform.

Blockchain technology

Many online casinos have started using cryptocurrency. This gives even more chances for gamblers to remain anonymous and secure. The introduction of blockchain in this sphere has been a revolutionary development. Every year it becomes more and more popular and adopts more advanced technologies.

Now bitcoin , etherium are disrupting all traditional systems.

If you compare blockchain and traditional payment methods, the former has many advantages.As everyone is striving for decentralisation, this system can do that.

It does not track players and encrypts all transactions. This way the players get full security and privacy.

It is worth mentioning the speed of crypto transactions. They are done without any latency and there are no limitations for the players. All payments are instantaneous and it is a very convenient way to deposit and withdraw money for players who like accessibility and simplicity.


The gambling industry is a constantly growing business. There are constant changes and new technologies being introduced all the time. Just 10 years ago, one couldn’t even imagine what gambling sites would look like. It’s safe to say that the operators and developers of gambling technologies will never stop. And online casinos will improve year by year even more.

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