WoT Supertest: KJpz T III Changes

KJpz T III ( 🇩🇪Germany, Tier-9, TD, premium)
• Gun reload: 11.26 to 10.47 sec
• Gun rate of fire: 5.33 to 5.73
• Average damage per minute of 1 (AP) projectile: 2,238 to 2,406
• Average damage per minute of 2 (APCR) projectile: 2238 to 2406
• Average damage per minute of 3 (HE) projectile: 2745 to 2950

23 thoughts on “WoT Supertest: KJpz T III Changes

  1. Minor buff, doesn’t even matter. 1s faster reload won’t save this thing.
    It already has a gun that can hit & pen 90% of its shots.
    What it needs is a tool to be able to do that frequently enough since it only has 420 alpha, which is low for a tier 9 TD.
    If they buff the gun arc to 60 degrees each side, it will make this thing at least a playable tank.
    With this tiny touch faster reload? Still trash.

    1. This comment shows how ridiculous the standards of dedicated WoT players are in 2023. No wonder WG needs to make stuff like the Chieftain, or the Concept 1B, to keep some people from leaving.

      1. What are you talking about sir? The Chieftain has been in the game for years already.
        And that standard is created by WG themselves. They keep powercreeping tanks so new tanks will be bought/grinded more. That’s how they make more money, or should I say “milk more money from us”.
        Their recently “intentional balancing” was the same situation. They pretty much destroyed the Pro65 so a lot of players had to grind something else if they still wanted to somehow “enjoy” the game.
        I call for balance all the time. Neither OP nor trash tanks are good for the game. Diversity/variety makes better gaming experience.
        OP shits like Chieftain keep those P2W players paying.
        Most dedicated players play the game for what WoT used to and still can be. It just happens way less often.
        Yes I’m talking about games where 25+ tanks are destroyed and you’re one of those few survivors.

        1. Demand creates offer, not the other way around. Some people want stronger, faster, better, and WG answers because many of those people keep the competitive arena alive, so losing them would be bad for business even though it would be good for the general player population. Don’t tell me you don’t know that the average clanwar player refuses to play if there’s no OP tank as a reward.

          And please don’t try to justify yourself, your other comment about MoE requirements outs you as yet another stats-obsessed tryhard. You people will be the death of this game.

          1. Tryhard is the nature of gamers. What needs to be justified here?
            Yes, demand leads to offer, but not for WoT.
            Most WoT players demand a fair playground, only a few encourage P2W.
            We’re having this situation just because making OP shits is the easier and cheaper way to make money and WG understands that very clearly.
            CW used to be a good competitive playground until Chieftain and 279e came in the game.
            Nowaday people only take part in CW because of the rewards.
            Are you saying that all of these consequences created not because of WG’s incompetence but us the players’ fault?
            What are you smoking sir? =)))))))

            1. WG created the game, but it’s what players did and do that made them modify the environment to suit certain needs.

              So yes – I’m saying that us players are ALSO at fault. Not exclusively because WG is all too happy to “indulge” us, but claiming only WG is at fault and the players are innocent is foolish.

    2. Dont forget this is a tier 9 premium tank, which tbh is much better than what WG has released over the year. With the laser accuracy gun, it will have no issue making credits, which is what premium tank is supposed to do, while not being too broken like tier 8 pres

      1. Even when the tank has a crazy gun, its platform doesn’t allow it to use the gun effectively.
        That’s the problem of this tank. It has no armor, very limited gun arc, low alpha and low DPM. It’s simply super inflexible.
        With this kind of stats, I really doubt it even needs 3k+ to get the 3rd mark.
        Some tier 8s needs 3.5k+ if you don’t know.

        1. Go fuck yourself.
          It’s because of wankers like you we have op premium tanks.
          Do us a favour and just fuck off

          1. 90% of WoT players are casual players. Being average is okay.
            What’s not okay is being clueless and also “well-mannered” like you.

        2. Nobody cares about MoE, or their ridiculous requirements. It’s thanks to MoE and people obsessed with them (among other things, but this is one of the bigger reasons) that gold ammo spam is so out of control.

          1. MoE is a goal to achieve. Competitive play is one of the factors that keep the game alive. There’s nothing bad about it.
            People need to spam gold and able to spam gold because WG made the game like this.
            Tanks with no weakspot, credit boosters everywhere. Most players make 30m+ credits in Christmas period. I’ve seen one made 200m+ in just a month.
            How about blaming those who created this situation instead of anything you can think of?

            1. As said in the other comment, the players are also responsible for the state of the game, denying it is to reject reality.

              Also, there would be nothing bad with being competitive if that was exclusive to specific game modes such as clanwar or rank. Since this is not the case, the game is as it is now.

              1. This is a PVP-game. It is NATURAL for such a game to seek competitiveness. Otherwise there would be no incentive for nearly anyone to play this game. Even the least ambitious players get their satisfaction in this game by trying to be better as the person on the other PC, even if it is only in one situation.

                It is NATURAL for ambitious players to grab the tiniest bit of advantage to get the upper hand. The responsibility for imbalance lies in the developer. Don’t judge the player by playing by the the rules. Blame the one who makes the rules.

                1. Absolutely true. What’s the point if the game has no competitive goal?
                  This guy who is saying we the players are also responsible for the situation we’re having now is such an idiot.
                  Back in 2017 and earlier, we did have the forum but WG never listened anyway.
                  Only when they make super big mistake like the Rubicon, this Crew Rework that they cancel their shits.
                  Those first OP premiums like Defender, who was responsible for that thing? US?
                  What the fuck? Nobody asked for that.
                  It was just WG with their greediness and laziness all along.
                  What we the players did to this game was removing those annoying “features” that we encountered in the game such as 8 clickers per team with 1k alpha per shot, or later Type 4/5 HT with their retarded HE.
                  There were so many shit things about the game that got removed by our voices.
                  But we’ve never asked for OP premiums and OP CW reward shits.

            2. You R the 1 who created this situation by crying when a premium is balanced. They are not supposed to be better than tech tree

              1. I do not complain when any tank is balanced. I complain only when a tank is bad or OP.
                Do you even read what I’ve typed here correctly?
                No tank should be better or worse than others at the same tier. That’s just the fact.

        3. I think you are right
          The STRV for instance has a very fine gun but the tanks is highly situational.
          Ofc asking for those other PEOPLE to understand that a tank is more than a gun….well…

      2. A great Gun alone doesn’t make for a great Tank – if it cannot use this Gun well as its hamstrung by the rest of the vehicle stats to simply mediocre, this new T9 Prem RD will be forced to bush wank as its dynamics are not good and that 30 degrees of turret is typical of WG keeping it playstyle sub-mediocre
        ‘yet’ its Gun looks good? a T9 TD with 440 alpha (with RNG crippling it? that’s not good, is it?

    3. This tank will be awesome, no need to buff it or change it….
      You are just crying delusional retard.

  2. More fake tanks in game for clueless wallet warriors. Tier IX premium tanks are now the new meta since STRV K in 2021. 😦

    No more marathons. WoT Plus. Gambling boxes and auctions now the norm in getting new premium tanks; introduction of collections which are both similar to World of Warships, I find this game is getting more expensive and less appealing to play every year.

    At least WoWs have better daily free rewards and leisurely Co-op Battle mode.

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