WoT: Battle Pass Season XI – Crew Members, Decals, Pictures

🇫🇷AMX 50 Foch B

🇯🇵Type 5 Heavy

🇺🇸T57 Heavy

Unique Crew Members for Battle Pass Season 11.

Chapter 1: lan Harman Battle
A son of an Australian Army officer who rarely received praise from his father, which made him a perfectionist in everything since childhood. He is an outgoing person, considered to be a go-to guy by his friends, even though he can be annoyingly diligent, always following army regulations to the letter. He is a bit narcissistic, but he will never admit it to anyone-not even himself.

Chapter 2: Colette Bugeaud
Colette grew up in the countryside and knows first-hand what hard work is—and also how to throw a party. She never tried to be feminine or delicate, and if she ever goes anywhere with a handbag, it is only to conceal her Ruby pistol. She defies established rules and always speaks her mind, which is why she is still a lieutenant. However, as long as she remains in command of her crew, she does not seem to care.

Chapter 3: Stefan Adaškevič
He does not look like a hard-boiled commander. He does not need glory, recognition, or awards. Even so, Adaškevič always performs his missions with the utmost responsibility. He is not used to sharing his plans, especially considering they are coming to life exactly the opposite: A true patriot of his country, he is forced to serve away from his fatherland, and his only friend recently went missing on a mission that was supposed to last eight hours. In moments of desperation, Stefan unknowingly hums his favorite song about red poppies, even though his voice is not like it used to be anymore.

Extras: Katherine Sanders (crew member).

Excellent student and very creative person. She will never miss the opportunity to engage in amateur activities, even if he knows that the initiative will be punishable. She independently learned several languages ​​​​(including Italian), and also brilliantly completed a special course for radio coders. She is married, but does not like to talk about her personal life.

When recruiting, you can choose:
• nation;
• type of equipment and machine;
• speciality.

These crew members have a zero “BiA” skill and two 100% skills to choose from.
• There is no unique voice acting.

Decals for Battle Pass Season 11.

All of them: Unhistorical. Applied to vehicles of any nation and level. Tag: Battle Pass 2023. Group: Special. Format 1 by 1, not flipped vertically, not flipped horizontally. price: 110 gold.

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