10 thoughts on “WoT Common Test 1.21: Battle Pass Season 11 Core Vehicles

  1. I would have expected a Japanese personality with the Type 5….particularly since a new branch of Japanese heavies are coming. WG can’t get jack right these days.

    1. Looks like they want it to look… Australian?

      They’ll propably write a little thing of how it was captured by the Aussies or whatever…
      WG’s accuracy… (insert Mauerbrecher story here)

  2. This makes no sense. The picture gets worse the more you look at it. This has to be a deliberate joke. There’s 0% chance that it’s right. Seriously. An AMX 50 Foch B being called a Maus? A guy who isn’t Japanese, much less even Asian, driving a Type 5 that has a surfer theme???????????? Come on. Don’t try to defend it or explain it, just come on.

    1. If you look really really close, you’ll realise that someone just added the pictures of the tanks and the corresponding commander, leaving the old descriptions of the Rino/Maus/Udes

      But for real thought: this American mofo is SOOO out of place with the Type 5… hilarious and sad at the same time

      1. What American guy ? All I see with the Type 5 is a ‘Strayan (which is kind of odd.)

  3. Type 5 looks good to me, even if not accurate. But T57 with that beedy eye and huge jaw looks grotesque and cartoonish at the same time, not aggressive at all. The jaw was a good idea, but the eyes are completely wrong.

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