WoT: 1.21 Common Test Patch Notes


The new Fata Morgana map has been added.

The General Rank Bonus mechanic has been added.

The upgrade system for Combat Reserves has been reworked.

Experimental Equipment has been added to the progression rewards.

The reduced cooldown time for Combat Reserves has been removed.

Some balance changes have been made to the Kraftwerk map to increase the victory rate of the attacking team.

Balance changes have been made to the Field Repairs and Minefield Combat Reserves.

The vehicle panel on the respawn screen has received a filter for rental and Premium vehicles.

A new access point to the mode has been added (banner in the Garage).

Some changes to the interface have been made, and system messages have been improved.

The performance of the mode has been improved.

Steel Hunter: Reborn

The Reborn mechanic has been added.

The Marauders (AI-controlled vehicles) have been added.

The number of players in the Solo mode has been changed from 20 to 15.

All vehicles in the mode become available from the start and without restrictions.

The matchmaker creates teams based on the skill of the players in the mode.

The visibility system has been changed from a cone to a circle.

A significant rebalance of the vehicles and Combat Abilities has been performed.

The loot composition has been changed and the loot collection time has been reduced. Consumables are now guaranteed to contain shells and a charge for Recovery, and also restore durability. Supplies contain a charge for a Repair Kit or one of the Combat Abilities.

The mode progression has been added. The rewards featured in the Common Test are subject to change after their release on the live servers.

The visual component (maps, Garage, vehicles, music) has been changed.

Service Record

The Service Record tab has been visually and functionally updated: the interface has been reworked and the functionality to edit the Valuable Awards panel has been added.

New indicators have been added to the main page of the tab: maximum damage blocked by armor, assistance damage, and total number of enemy vehicles destroyed, as well as average and record indicators.

Personal Ratings have been replaced by the WTR system, which is divided into five groups: Bronze, Silver, Gold, Master, and Legend. Each group is made up of 3 skill-based levels (15 levels in total). Each level has its own unique visual style and requires a certain number of WTR points to be achieved.


Some elements of the game interface will be temporarily hidden for new players. These elements will gradually be added as new players progress in the game.

The functionality to visit the in-game Store has been added to the exterior menu.

Battle Pass, Summer Season 11


New customization and crew members

New rewards (gold, Experimental Equipment)

New Collection

The progressive styles featured in the Common Test for the last Season will be replaced when the Update is released on the live servers.

The progression is not available for last Season’s Collection due to the technical characteristics of the Common Test.



The following vehicle has been added for testing by Supertest players: Kampfpanzer 07 P(E)


The following vehicle has been added for testing by Supertest players: GSOR 1010 FB

Fixed Issues and Improvements

The loading screen of the game client has been updated.

Fixed the issue of the view range circle being incorrectly displayed on the minimap. Now its radius corresponds to the current view range of the vehicle.

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