WoT ASIA: Random Battle Matchmaker Changes Rollback


We have heard your concerns loud and clear, and will be restoring the previous matchmaker settings, effective from May 05, 06:30 UTC+8. The limit on the number of tank destroyers per team will be reinstated at a later date. Thank you for your feedback and engagement with the latest matchmaker changes!

22 thoughts on “WoT ASIA: Random Battle Matchmaker Changes Rollback

  1. whats going on lately things that should have been tested beforehand are being implemented into the game just for them to relise the mistake and roll back why?!
    I mean really why test ur shit WG

    1. WG people are not terribly intelligent. I haven’t played in close to 6 months because of school, but I do follow news about the game. All I can say is I am glad I am doing what I am doing instead of playing the game.

      1. Yep i stop playing constantly in October 2022, the game was not fun any more i just play it because i have nothing else to play.
        I then enter in the game to play 1 or 2 battles from time to time, the last time i enter was 2 months ago and only play 8 battles.
        I really dont believe the direction of changes they are doing is good at any point.

        WOT plus, no news on nerfing EBRs, more wheels instead of fixing the existing ones, Crew 1.5 was a descent idea but bad implemented and apprently community focus more in that change than in WOT plus, sad.
        Instead of giving people 6 maps to block in total they give only 3 to the more pay to win players

  2. 100% knew this would happen. Now try getting 3,5,7 as a last last last option or better still get rid of it. .

  3. Was a terrible update, WG is only thinking in heavy players, because if you have lower number of TDs in these maps, that means you will have a higher chance to get berlin or Himmeldorf when you use your grille or your strv.
    WG did not care about that or they dont even think about that knowing how bad their design are

    1. No, they do not think of any kind of player. They just try their best to make the game produce more money for themselves.
      In this case, less campers = faster games = faster credit burn rate. It’s so obvious.
      But as a dedicated player, I would say limiting number of TD in a battle is reasonable.
      Some battles with too many TDs prevent progressing. 5 TDs and 2 LTs at maximum per battle will be a quality of life change.
      It’s simple and easy to do, but it doesn’t make any benefit, so they simply don’t give a fuck.

      1. If you don’t like the game then just fuck off and let the rest of us enjoy it.
        This seems impossible to you sad cúnts who cry constantly whatever WG do. Thank you they don’t listen to you mongs

      2. I found your approach unconsistent. You say you dont like faster battles but then you dont like whent TDs prevent faster battles.
        Aside from that. Yes 5 is okey but 3 like they wanted to do its not.

        And by Map changes they clearly say they want to make heavy tanks safer in every map so yes, WG its trying to improve HT performance for what ever reason

  4. The hard reality is that this is an old game that needs such a radical revamp that it will make everyone unhappy if the necessary changes were made.

    1. No, this change is not radical revamp it just a fuck up to TDs and buffing heavies thats what WG is doing from like 2 years from now, buffing the maps for heavies, while others classes suffer. If they limit the number of tds in these maps, what happen next is the posibility of get a good map on a TD is lower. You will end in himmeldorf or paris with a paper TD.
      A radical change would be let the players block 6 maps

      Crew was a radical change, people hated for the pay to win reason of the crew.

      1. A hard cap on TDs, at least at high tiers, would not be a bad thing. WG is to blame here as well though, as a lot of the more competitive tank destroyers are just heavy tanks that trade some durability for more firepower. Also, let’s be honest – heavy tanks are simply easy to play, so they attract more players. WG knows, and acts and plans accordingly.

        A complete overhaul of most tanks would be required, but of course this would cause a shitstorm like no other. This is the game where Chieftain players with hundreds/thousands of battles claim the tank needs to be nerfed after all.

      2. Cry more useless TD idiot. 45% WR and sit on the redline, thats your playstyle….

        1. I am not a TD player but a light player. If there is not TD there is no reason for lights to stay in the game thats why i quit. But if you like the hulldown meta made for retards enjoy.
          Oh and 60% win rate. so no, the 45% player is a heavy defender enjoyer

      3. This retracted change is not what I call a “radical revamp”…it was a bandage slapped on gangrene.

  5. I read Asia forums. It was really terrible from players perspective. Glad that WG rolled back this. Proof they listen.

    Now, why did they do that? It was on purpose? Knowing that will impact missions and players. They needed some testing data i think. Maybe for “current” problem where battles are rarely over five minutes long? They trided to prolong game battles meybe affect “fifteen to five simulator”? For me, test server has very distored data just because there is not enought players playing low tiers with standard ammunitions. And i can confirm that because i havent had chance to test new rental tank on tier VIII for whole day.

    And they wont tell you what is on their mind, they dont ask you abut your opinion. That is problem with WG. Its like shoot first then ask questions. But we are getting somewhere and i belive good times are ahead of us in this game.

  6. Even though they “listened”, it’s already too obvious that WG is simply over incompetent at this point.
    They simply SUCK. They can’t even develop their own game properly.
    Everything they have done in 2023 so far is just finding every possible way to milk as much money as they can from the game while not giving a fuck about everything else.
    I don’t know what happened in WG but if this situation keeps going, the game’ll surely die.

    1. Agree. Their approach is incompetent. Trial and error so to speak. Lots of promised, lots of scraped. Lots of not so important features and gamemodes. We can sit here and critique and do nothing.

      How ever, there is always forum where you and i or whoever else can go and polite write concerns and cunstructive critique.

      For example, there is that British tier VIII heavy tank Caernarvon. I remember after rework to HD it had different turret i disliked because it was not historical. I complained there both in my native language and english also. Guess what? They listend and changed turret. I ocasionaly play with that tanks and im glad.

      Yes i know there are lots of unhistorical things. But you get my point. Things move but thery are glued like snail.

      1. I have no idea the forums are still relevant =)))))
        I thought they’re just for fun =)))))))
        I comment here because I read news here, nothing more than that.
        Base on what WG is doing with the game and how they respond to our feedbacks, I simply won’t waste my time making some posts in the forums.
        Besides, even though I truly love WoT, I have many things to do as well.
        Plus, if not me, there are plenty of WoT addicts who are constantly making constructive feedbacks wherever they can.
        I’m currently really mad at this fcking greedy company. I’m not sure I’ll be polite enough if I do say something to them.
        WG now is a fcking joke. WoT is still alive because of its loyal community.
        It’s not even funny, it’s just disgusting to think about.

        1. Just quit and fuck off so we don’t have to read your childish rants.
          Do you have a mental disablement that you keep doing things you detest?

          1. XDDD what’s wrong with this fella?
            How much did WG pay you sir? =))))
            For some reasons, I can’t throw away the thought that you’re not only a paid actor here but also in the game as well? =))))))))

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