WoT: Preload Update 1.20.1 Right Now!

We’ll soon bring some improvements to your favorite game through Update 1.20.1. Get a head start and download the patch right now so you don’t have to wait for patch release day!

It will be 752 MB (SD version) or 926 MB (HD version). Just make sure to check the “Download updates in advance” box in your Wargaming.net Game Center settings, and click “Save” to apply the changes.

Find out how to enable preload on WGC and get answers to commonly asked questions on our dedicated article page via the button below.


17 thoughts on “WoT: Preload Update 1.20.1 Right Now!

  1. GG WG. listen feedback for crew 2.0? yes.. but.. if Bia works a 100% if just 1 menber get it, all players have, to be more effective in battle, to retrain all other members and swap their Bia with anyelse: WG gold cash, WG gold cash, WG gold cash, WG gold cash, WG gold cash, WG gold cash, …..

      1. …yes, you can reset skills for credits and losing tons of crew XP and go for 90%.
        If noob and dont care to be effective on battle, as said.
        So, if dont care, save credits too and go free for 80%.
        Then come to play and cry vs RNG, map, MM, team…

        1. People always exaggerate so much on the internet, it’s ridiculous.

          As long as the current crew skill is between about 60% and 99% the loss of crew exp won’t be an issue (the lower the pre-reset level is, the higher the loss, but as long as you don’t lose the skill completely it’s fine), no need for gold and no need to cry conspiracy.

    1. Dude are you actually fucking retarded? BIA will now start working from 1% even if only one crew member has it. But if you only train it to 100% on 1 out of 5 crew members you will only gain 20% of its full effect, so you still want it on all crew members.

      Maybe try to actually make sure you understand the change before crying and bitching about it, dumbass.

      1. This is why we don’t listen to 49% players with 79,000 battles who still don’t know how the game works

            1. Just shut up you slimy greaseball. You came here to bitch and whine about WG doing something and it isnt even true, you just missunderstood it and now you look like a retard.

              Do us all a favor and shut the fuck up in the future.

          1. I’d be more embarrassed to be a 51 year old man (assuming you were really born in 1972) who posts like a salty teenager.

    1. Even if it’s false, at least I don’t try to pass for someone older, unlike someone else here.

  2. Even if false, it’s false.
    At least I have the courage to write my opinion without using a false nick.
    Thats all.

    1. … except my username is, you know, my in-game username?

      Please try to inform yourself a bit before trying to act tough, you’ll avoid embarrassing yourself.

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