WoT: Arm Your Garage With Three Powerful New Guards





Fortify your garage with three formidable additions to your arsenal. The versatile VIIIBofors Tornvagn , the tenacious VIIIM-IV-Y , and the sturdy VValiant will add fresh blood to your collection and lead you to victory.

Bofors Tornvagn,
Tier VIII Swedish Heavy Tank

Damage: 400 / 400 / 515 HP
Turret Armor: 280 / 90 / 75 mm
Gun Depression/Elevation Angles: -10° / 20°

The VIIIBofors Tornvagn is a versatile heavy that seems to have gotten its strength from the Norse Gods themselves. Its thick 260 mm frontal armor and unusual turret design are almost impenetrable. The 120 mm gun hits like Mjölnir and can slice through 248 mm of enemy armor with standard shells and up to 297 mm with its lightning-fast special APCR shells. Peek over hills, showing nothing but your narrow, rectangular turret to trick opponents into wasting shells. While they curse their bad luck, you can smite them with 400 HP strikes, thanks to the excellent -10° of gun depression and 2.3-second aiming time.

Tier VIII American Heavy Tank

Hit Points: 1,500 HP
Reserve Track Mechanic
Turret Armor: 279 / 241 / 38 mm

The VIIIM-IV-Y is a classic frontline brawler with a thick turret and a high-penetrating 105 mm gun. Use its decent aiming time and -10° of gun depression to ambush opponents and land powerful hits with 360 HP of alpha damage. Take aim, shoot, and quickly retreat into cover. They won’t be able to stop you, thanks to the unique reserve track mechanic that keeps you rolling, even when your main tracks are damaged.

Tier V British Medium Tank

Turret Armor: 114 / 75 / 75 mm
Gun Depression/Elevation Angles: -12.5° / 20°
Hit Points: 800 HP

Players who logged into the game during Act V of our 2020 10th Anniversary event, got the VValiant as a reward. The 210 hp engine generates an underwhelming 19 km/h top speed (giving the impression you’re driving a heavy), and the 75 mm cannon delivers a below-average 1,571 DPM…but this Brit is hardly a lemon. The Valiant is incredibly well protected with 114/75/60 mm hull and 114/75/75 mm turret armor and a deep 800 HP pool. It also boasts fantastic -12.5° of gun depression, which, combined with the tough turret, is going to give enemies a hard time in hull-down engagements.

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