WoT: Update 1.20.1: Common Test 3 Is Here!

The third round of testing ahead of Update 1.20.1 has begun. Make sure to check out the upcoming changes listed in the patch notes below and in the previous announcements: CT 1 and CT 2. Please continue to provide your feedback and suggestions in the forum.

Check out our handy public test guide with all the details about Common Tests, Sandbox Tests, and Supertests.


— Test client installer —

To take part, you’ll need the Wargaming.net Game Center (WGC), the latest Common Test game client, and a Wargaming.net account created prior to the cut-off date (see below).


All Wargaming.net accounts created before July 30, at 23:59 CEST can participate in the test.

Download and Install the Test Client


  • Run the test client installer.
  • Choose a different installation folder from where your regular World of Tanks game files are.
  • Select the freshly installed test client from the dropdown menu at the top of the WGC.
  • Roll out—and remember to pass on your feedback!

You can find more details about the WGC in the dedicated Wargaming.net Game Center guide.

Patch Notes:

Crew Perks

All new perks have been removed:

  • Practicality
  • Concentration
  • Quick Aiming
  • Engineer
  • Guerrilla
  • Close Combat
  • Shell Tuning
  • Jamming

All existing perks regained their original names.

The new effects of the existing perks have been removed. The existing effects have been reset to their initial values. Exceptions:

  • Mentor: The Commander’s bonus has been kept.
  • Sound Detection: The principle that reduced the alert delay (in the process of training the perk) has been kept.

Firefighting is a group perk again.

The Intuition perk takes into account the average value for all Loaders again. For other perks, the highest value among duplicated ones is used.

The distribution of the Retraining Orders is canceled.

The number of promo screens for the mechanics has been decreased.

WoT Plus

WoT Plus subscribers will not be able to demount improved equipment for free.


The number of available pings on the minimap has been reduced for solo and Platoon players.

Role Skills have been reworked:

One for All

  • The bonus to the major qualification level for each allied vehicle in other roles in battle has been decreased from 4/7.5/11% to 3/6.5/10%.


  • The skill duration has been decreased from 20 to 15 seconds.
  • The maximum distance for causing damage and resetting the skill duration timer has been decreased from 200 to 150 m.

Note: Values and various characteristics that are relevant for the Common Test are subject to change after their release on the live servers.

Map Changes


  • The possibility to drive into a non-playable area in square E3 has been removed.

Fixed Issues and Improvements

Fixed the issue of the missing unlock animation for the Improved Rewards Track when purchasing the Improved Pass.

Fixed the issue of the Destroy option for equipment remaining available with an activated WoT Plus subscription.

The attached element of the Jupiter Fulgur 3D style on the Super Conqueror’s gun has been centered.

Fixed the issue of the reticle indicator not matching the gun axis for the Kunze Panzer tank.

Fixed the issue of mounted equipment items sometimes being unable to be swapped in the equipment window of the vehicle.

Fixed the issues of the visual object models not matching their damage models on some maps.

Fixed the issue of the window with a crew member retrain recommendation being displayed when hovering over a crew member in the special TS-54 vehicle.

Fixed the issue of vehicles being spotted for no reason on the Fisherman’s Bay map in some cases.

Fixed the issue of the text about doubled XP for the first victory being displayed twice in the tooltip of the special TS-54 vehicle.

The vehicle names that go beyond the minimap are now displayed within its borders only upon pressing Alt.

Fixed some UI issues.

Fixed some localization issues.

54 thoughts on “WoT: Update 1.20.1: Common Test 3 Is Here!

  1. How sad, the new skill system is quite interesting and promising, it just needs some more tweaks on numbers and unhooks it from major qualification… so cola and vent won’t drive it crazy.

    And yes we also need to squeeze the crew members into one crew entity, so we won’t keep suffering from skill mismatch and member component changes across a tech tree line.

    Completely cancelation is never a good option, I hope WG can reconsider it.

    1. No it’s not. You are short sighted and see it as “Omg I’d get new skills” and forget about all the people that would get what you have + more. You would be even more red than now

      1. Not at all, it improved the performance of players who know what they are picking and make the players who have no idea pay more attention.
        Skills was a great addition unlike wheels or HE change but apprently community dont know what is better

      2. woah, isn’t “I’d get the new stuff” the core encouragement to keep playing every single video game? or do you want to embrace the same crap forever whether it is outdated or boring?

      3. ofc you a pea brain dummy like you can’t compute the new skill system, to difficult to process for a worm.
        wot console and blitz have had complex skill system for years, it works fine over there. we have a lot of redundant skills/perks.

        as usual the low iq community with moronic cc cause wg to revert their decision.

    2. It’s hard for WG to reconsider anything since the playerbase cries for every single minor change. The whole update with everything is almost scrapped and now nothing will happen for months thanks to the wonderful crybaby community who can’t adapt to anything.

      1. You ape, it’s not about the new perks, it’s about how much time and money players would have to sink for multirole crew, the new system could had been nice if they addressed those things in a proper manner and also not making food + vents increase the skill bonuses

      2. Crybaby community, Dezgamez community, Skill4ltu community, Kajzoo community.
        Do you want more community?
        It was almost the whole WoT community, except some special gentlemen supporting P2W.
        For some reasons, there are some special people who think everyone is braindead that they need to follow someone else who is more experienced.
        What a fcking shame.
        Yeah sure there will always be some special ones wandering around.

  2. Everyone seems to be celebrating but i sure aint. Maybe the patch would have been damaging if released as it was, but this is also damaging. I dont think people realize how bad it is for a game this age to stay stagnant.

    And since this is the third time they pull back a crew system it means they have spent alot of development time on stuff we will never see. And some of you will say thats because they are making bad decisions, and you’d be right, but its also because we as a community are terrible at seperating the bad from the good and deliver actuall constructive criticism.

    But who wants actually useable skills that provide different choices and smoother progression am i right? This 12 year old system that was allready ancient at release is way better ..

    1. There are no moderate opinions anymore. Only screaming voices and panic buttons.
      WG is probably right to be frustrated. But I hope that they fix the main issues with the system that was to be implemented and it actually sees the light of day in a more balanced state. Some of these I really wanted.

      1. It wont, they said this the article called “Update 1.20.1: WoT Plus and Crew System Revision”

        “As a result, we have made the decision not to introduce the new perks in their current state or proceed with the rebalancing of existing ones tested during the Common Tests.”

        So its all scrapped and they wont continue working on it or fine tune it.

    2. Cancelling an update is surely damaging to the game, but it’s better than the game getting destroyed.
      It was WG’s fault. Their incompetence has lead us to this situation.
      Crew 2.0, Crew Rework or whatever, they did have potential. But they stayed “potential” because they were full of flaws.
      You want something new and flashy in the game, it’s okay.
      What’s not okay is everyone’s future experiences with WoT.
      What are you trying to defend here?

      1. Im defending what i think was an update full of potential, that got cancelled because retarded hive minds like you cant form your own opinion and instead you watch the views farmer Mr.Quickybaby make videos pandering to the hysteria of the community.

        None of the issues he pointed out are actuall issues.

        Why is it a problem that all crews cant get the same amount of skills in the same amount of tanks? Tanks allready have different stats so why cant they have different availability of skills? Why cant that be a balancing factor?

        And why would 14 skills Manticores be a problem, if someone were to buy crewbooks for 20 000$ ? The last 6 skills are going to be almost useless anyways.

        So describe what the actuall fucking problem of this patch was, that the skills scaled with major crew qualification? And they had to scrap it all because of that? No you retarded fucking ching chong man, thats an easy fix if we would have pointed it out but instead its all gone.

        Months of development fucking wasted, and the coming updates to crew that would give us 1 crew x 3 tanks and so on will very likely be post poned.

        I dont fucking understand why you frequent this forum with your dumb ass opinions and act with such certainty when you have 0 good arguments for anything you say.

        1. To be honest, I don’t even need to ask to know what kind of player you are.
          It’s super simple based on what you’ve typed here. You’re just a random 48-50% guy with ~1k avg WN8 who knows not even half of the shits happening in the game currently.
          It’s such a waste of time talking to someone so clueless.
          Anyone who is dedicated to WoT and is actually good at the game knows what’s gonna happen if this shit patch goes through.
          If you’re not a WG employee then you must be blind as fuck.
          I repeat this once more time: the crew system does need a rework. Crew 2.0/Crew Rework does have potential, but they stayed “potential” because these new systems are full of flaws. WG needs to do WAY MORE TESTING and ADJUSTMENTS with them before they start to do anything, because these systems are such a core game mechanics that can literally destroy the whole game.
          Months or even years of development, it doesn’t matter if your products is SHIT. It’s just their fault. Their incompetence creates all of this shit, include this “converstation”.

          1. What is even the point in typing out 4 rows of text about you guessing how good i am? SirNilion on the EU server if you are that interested, im nothing special, but neither are you mate. I cant imagine anything more pathetic than gatekeeping whos opinions matter based on skill, especially when you are as bad as you are.

            And dont fucking answer “hahaha as bad as you are, im better than you” You are barrely better then me, and the difference is that im not on the Asia server playing against fucking monkeys, and i deffinetly do not gatekeep who is allowed to have an opinion. Anyone can have an informed opinion wether you’re mechanically skilled in the game or not.

            And per usuall you dodge every single argument i make to talk about my wn8 instead. The thing is maybe you are right, but you are so fucking garbage at forming any actuall sort of argument as to why you are right, and instead you fall back on your “anyone worse than me is wrong” type of argument.

            Their were 3 major problems with the patch they presented, it was the ability to move bond equipment for free with Wot+, it was the 12 retraining orders and then it was the scaling of all skills with major crew qualification.

            The first 2 are very easy fixes that they addressed, and if we had been more rational in our criticism the third could have been solved aswell. Instead they scraped IT ALL because china-man monkey retards like you bitch and whine over absolutely everything.

            “It’s just 12 additional skills, such a “small” advantage, such extremely rare occasion?”

            And what the fuck is it that you cant understand? Quickybaby made some retarded horror scenario type of example where the Badger can get 6k dpm. THAT is what Furseal reffered to as a extremly rare occasion, not having 12 skilsl you dumb fuck.

            And what the are you gonna do with all these fucking skills anyway? Guerilla and Jamming is going to make your Chieftain better? You are a complete joke mate.

    3. I agree.
      A few new skills and reworks would be good, IF the % bonuses were balanced (low) and not over the top. Thus falling in line with current % bonuses skills/perk bonuses.
      This is where WG again ran headlong into their walls, pushing some other agenda through with this crew rework and this backlashed. Rightfully so!
      Thus they scrapped the parts of the rework that were powercreeping/p2w.

      In my opinion they should not have dropped the effort to functionally combine the crews into one entity, using 5 roles commander/gunner/loader/driver/radio to manage a single crew.

      It is the UI frontend design of this, which makes or breaks it. Because you want to maintain the impression of the old individual crew member management system.
      For the player such visual UI frontend should still look and feel as if they are still managing ‘individual crew members’.
      Yet on the backend, the player would be managing the “5 roles” within a combined entity, but it should be designed to visually look & feel like they are managing ‘individual crew members’.

      This can definitely be done! But it is where the original Sandbow Crew 2.0 FAILED.
      It wanted to add too much ‘newness’ and wanted to be too differentiating from the old system in look and feel.
      This backfired, also by al the (payed) creep they wanted to add, rightfully so!

      1. WG were never clear if the % were absolute or a % of a %.
        Neither will make any difference to 80% of the players who are 43% useless cúnts

  3. Quickybaby cry babies strike again. Quickybaby and his fellow CCs only cried because they would have reduced win rates because tanks stats will have become random because of unknown skill crews the player has.
    So now we no new skills.
    Once again a minority rules the majority. Just like in real life. Pathetic.

    1. Another gentleman here.
      Your “majority” is actually the “minority” and your “minority” is actually most of the community, excluding you of course.
      Everyone is trying to save the game.
      Some special ones want the game get destroyed as fast as possible.
      More disparity, more P2W, it’s all okay as long as these gentlemen get their “useful skills”.
      I’m not surprised though because I know there will always be people like you, anywhere and anytime.

        1. Wow. This is the most convincing argument I have ever heard. I guess I was wrong all along.

  4. For players that are now with WOT for 5+ years it would be a kick in the backside Crew 2.5 or whatever, players with 8+ years with WOT will be pissed of no end and say enough fuck you! I’m off.

    it takes years and years of bloody awful at times frustrating that grinding crew XP painful and tedious as hell at times playing f’king WOT to get that 4th skill level on 4 crewmen on 50+ or more! Tech Tree non-Premium Tanks

    and newbies with 2 or 3 years playing WOT want anything that (seemingly) ‘levels up faster’ the time and skill it takes to get newer Crew to this level.

    sigh, WHATEVER the fuck WG says YOUR cash money will be used somewhere & somehow to monetize Crews 2.5 or whatever (like Equipment 2.0 WG monetized every part of it.

    9 years on iv seen it all almost, not that much WG did was for the players believe me, was always for £$€ lots of it.

    9 years ago, there were 250,000k players (all the time) on the EU1, EU2 servers.

    add another 150k+ or more again at Easters & especially Xmas holidays.
    now .. ?

  5. The spoiled little free to play kiddies that don’t work can’t have this. WG should have pushed it through and would have pleased more players than the cry weenies. This game has never been about play for free, even though you can if you want. It can still be play for free, people don’t realize from the crying they could have had bond equipment on the tank they play and not have to keep buying it. But as always, stupid people don’t look further and what they read, they can’t think. I spent the morning unfollowing on YT and Twitch the CC’s that planted this stupid idea, I hope more people that fell screwed do the same.

    1. This is because stoopid fucks cryed because their manticore couldn’t have 15 “essential” skills.
      What a fucking shame….

      1. The same was on you actually.
        Everyone is trying to maintain an as fair as possible playground while you’re supporting more P2W.
        Get the hell out of here bro.
        However much you pay, it doesn’t matter. It won’t make the game live any longer.
        In fact, players like you are the reason why WG can come up with those lazy ass ideas.
        Yeah, what a fcking shame.

        1. Not too smart, are you?
          Like I said, the game was never play for free, that’s just a draw to get people in. You know, simple people like yourself. People play the best tanks they have, the best equipment, ammo, and crew. I guess you run in with the lowest gun, cheapest ammo, and no equipment, then cry when you die. You get the hell out with your poor, lazy ass. Get a job, then you don’t have to beg mommy for her life savings to provide for her bum kid. It’s people like you that’s wrong with the world, couldn’t hope a job in a pie factory, never provide for anyone, even yourself. Think you’re entitled to the things working people have who really did work for it. Want free college, free food, free housing. That right there is the …as you say the “fcking shame”.

          1. The game was never free to play? Yes, but partially.
            If you’re good enough you can play without paying at all. But obviously you can’t.
            WoT up to this point, has always been PAY TO PROGRESS with ~10% P2W aspect.
            This 10% includes all kinds of disparity: crews, equipments, consumables. And 10% is still acceptable.
            With all honesty, a “gentleman” like you should have just uninstalled the game already.
            Such a clueless pigeon that can’t do anything but insulting.
            Do you feel better after typing all of that?

            1. Really, yes, I do feel better. And you are in no place to tell me anything I should do. As a matter of fact, I may put bond equipment on my low tiers and spam gold away. I have not one problem with paying for what I like, as for a pigeon like me, If I could buy WOT Plus I’d pay even more that what was planned. Mainly to force people like you out of the game, all the endless crying from F2P people when you use prem ammo, or a reward or prem tank is endless, and it sickens me that the stupid lazy people are even in the game as your self. All the tears from people that will not pay a cent, but gobble up anything free because they feel entitled. Beggars with their hand out wanting free anything, the ones who are a burden on society and will not earn anything. Every time WOT does a live stream, more than half a beggars wanting something free and keep asking over and over. So yes, it makes me feel good to tell someone like you if you can’t pay hit the gates and delete your account, you’ll not be missed by anyone.

            2. You have to be biggest dipshit in the wot community lol
              game is already p2w dumbass…
              Tier 8 prem dominate the entire tier 8, most tech tree variants can’t even compete. not to mention whales/vets/skilled players have tons of credits, so they use consumables/prem ammo 24/7. They can also boost their crew progress with training books(bought through credits) or directly using free exp. Not to mention the extra rewards from season passes and other events that paying players can enjoy.

              tell me you’re an idiot without telling me you’re an idiot xD

              oh also don’t forget to put a fork into a electric outlet and rid the world of your stupidity.

              The game has always been p2w, just like majority of free to play games aka freemium. free 2 play but pay 2 win.

    2. If the free to play players are unhappy because they are disadvantaged and leave. Guess what? All you have left is sweatlord pay to win players. The game would be so stale, literally everyone would leave.

  6. What the fuck is wrong with all these guys defending P2W and powercreeping in WoT?
    You all want to grind 1 crew to 8-skill that much? So you can farm all other people who can only play the game less than 5 hours a week?
    If that were true then you must be thinking you’re so “superior” that you won’t get farmed by players like me.
    These guys gotta be even more ignorant than WG themselves.
    It’s not only one person bashed WG for their greediness.
    It was pretty much the whole community.
    For some bloody reasons, people here hate QB with a passion and still watch him.
    I’ll some other names so these guys can be spreading even more hatred on internet next time: DezGamez, Skill4ltu, Dakillzor, Kajzoo, or if you speak German: Mailland.
    There are many more experienced players who have talked about this update. None of them was willingly looking for it to go through.
    If you still want to play WoT and play WoT fairly, you will not be excited about all of those P2W shits.
    I do not deny that Crew 2.0 had potential, Crew 2.5 or whatever had potential too just a bit less. But these “features” were done wrong for the most part. That’s why they need to do more testing before implementing them into the game instead forcing them like they tried this time.

    1. The broken stuff is original wot plus, with it people can equipt V/IV or E25 or something all purple without any cost and kick those 45% wr amazing people around the field.
      For the skill? I don’t think so, what those influencers show is a very conditional and extreme situation that just rarely happens or can be easily fixed by adjusting the numbers. TBH if anyone didn’t quit this game because of the possibility of running into a chieftain platoon, I don’t suggest they cry so hard on Crew 2.x.. Also not to mention those guys need to exaggerate the fact to clickbait and incite their fans to spit on WG and advertise them as their wish.

      1. What are you smoking?
        Conditional? Extreme situations that rarely happen?
        You must be a random ~50% player who has literally no idea what is happening in the game, what dedicated players are doing and why it’s so ridiculous that you have to have at least 6-skill crew to stay somehow competitive with that Crew Rework, and how f2p/avg players will just get fucked by anyone who has played the game for 30k+ games.
        I’ve talked about this for countless number of times.
        Sir, if you have no idea what’s going on then you shouldn’t be speaking in the first place.

        1. Being in a Badger with less then 10% health, more assistance then your max HP, being within 50 meters of both an ally and an enemy ISNT an extreme situation?! How fucking often is that going to happen in any tank?

          Stop taking this position of “you have to be as good as me or your opinion doesnt matter”, i’ve looked at your account and you are nothing special mate. Far away from good enough to be talking that kind of talk.

          So shut the fuck up and present some actuall arguments for your garbage ass opinions instead.

          1. How about you with your 5-skill crew against me with my 8-skill crew?
            It’s just 12 additional skills, such a “small” advantage, such extremely rare occasion?
            Such a waste of time.

      2. ive been doing that already.. crews all maxed out and everything purple gear has been on it..

    2. Well said. These P2W players are extremely short-sighted. They don’t seem to understand that if you don’t keep the playingfield even for F2P and P2W, then the F2P players leave, and then after all the farming is gone for the P2W players, then they will leave also.

      1. Here’s the thing dummy, game is already p2w
        nothing stopping a whale/p2w player on buying borrate, bz 176,other t8 prems and shitting on f2p players.

        so your point is moot and invalid

    3. There is nothing wrong with P2W or powercreep. I have been playing since the first day. I grinded all the tanks, and crew. But you think I should reset my account every time a new player enters the game, so it would be fair? I never even cared about stats for the first 4 yrs I played, I got pounded my some of the best players this game ever had, most of them gone now. My first clan was just a bunch of people having fun, I then got serious and now in a top clan, so I’ll just reset everything to make it fair to everyone, sell my 279e, 260. Every reward tank and bond equipment… We can’t have better than F2P people that couldn’t care less about stats, clans or carrying a team. Don’t get me wrong, if someone doesn’t care about stats or clan, it’s fine.. Have fun. But a lot of us grind our ass off to have what we have now, and the idea of being equal don’t exist.

      As for the CC’s. I watch Kajzoo, Mailland, and a few others. I unfollowed QB years ago, the other CC’s that pushed to kill the update just recent. QB I found a long time ago, if you don’t pay him he is blind to anything you ask him, you have to pay to get him to reply. I couldn’t stand his boy squeal when he got hammered. There are too other good CC’s to watch other than the ones who poison what could be a good thing. The WOT Plus Bond equipment dismount could have helped newer players just as much, you could get just a few pieces then move them around if wanted, not having to lock them in to the tank for a 200 bond price to dismount.

  7. The sub-urban language that has been used here is a shame for the WoT’s playerbase.

    I can understand the frustration of these two sides, but I think WG shouldn’t have given up to the rework. I mean, the Transmissionist crew member NEEDS a rework. Some skills should be removed and others added. Also, firefighter ONLY on transmisionist would have been really useful. Shame on WG and you all for not reworking the transmissionist!!!

    1. If you’re being sarcastic then it’s fine.
      If you’re not then go play Diablo Immortal or any other gacha game.
      There are plenty of places where you can pay to get your feel of existence.
      Here in WoT, you can pay however you want just to realize you get farmed even harder at higher tiers.

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