WoT: Onslaught Mode Postponed

The launch of Onslaught mode was postponed. We will update the event duration in the near future.

Based on the Common Test results and your feedback, we’ve determined that the combat modifiers will create a positive impact on combat dynamics and the effectiveness of role skills, and achieve our goal of enabling you to experiment with more vehicle choices and unconventional tactics.

Therefore, we will be including them in the upcoming Season of the Crimson Griffin, and will continue to monitor and make the necessary adjustments as the season progresses.

12 thoughts on “WoT: Onslaught Mode Postponed

  1. Well that’s just a consequence of the update being postponed because of the community’s reaction.

      1. I looked everywhere on WG forums, portal, etc. I even looked on the WotExpress site ( it does have some legit news occasionally). Nothing about a delay of Onslaught nor the patch. It does look like this is an echo of old news.

    1. Because of fun? I hate those Player “i bley on1y for rew4rds” all of this player are the worst in7vs7. So if you dont play – one bad player less feels good 🙂

    2. And that is why sweaty tryhards are shit. Is there anyone who still plays competitive in WoT for the heck of it and not to grab the next OP reward premium tank?

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