WoT ST: GSOR 1010 FB Changes

GSOR 1010 FB (🇬🇧Great Britain, Tier-8, MT, premium, mechanics: wheels)

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• Aiming Time: from 2.01 to 2.21 sec
• Tank Durability/HP: from 1,300 to 1,200 HP
• View Range: from 390 to 380 m
• Tank HP Repair Cost: from 7,410 to 6,840 credits

12 thoughts on “WoT ST: GSOR 1010 FB Changes

  1. Hmm only nerfs, so its probably overperforming at the moment. Feels like this is going to be a more accurate single shot Bourrasque which could be interesting. Although i feel like alot of what makes the Bourrasque so good is that 1-2 punch for 720 and then waiting for its next oppurtunity again.

    1. This thing is very far from “a single-shot Bourrasque”. 9% less camo is a day & night difference.
      The Bourrasque is what it is because it’s a bloody LT with 720 alpha, or at least 720 alpha most of time.
      There’s no reason for a vehicle that is much worse in almost every aspect overperforming.
      These micro adjustments are just another proof that they adjust tank’s stats however they want.

      1. Both tier 8 mediums with very similar mobility, health, armor, view range and 360 alpha guns. Nah you’re right, this isnt at all a single shot bourrasqe with better gun handling and pen..

        Ofcourse they will play differently because the Bourrasqe gets a 2-shot autoloader which gives it a very unique playstyle just like i mentioned in my first comment.

        And its not “worse in almost every aspect” ? What universe are you living in? It has 1.3s less aimtime, 0.08 better accuracy, 28mm better pen on standard and 12mm better on premium rounds, 7km/h higher reverse speed, cant be tracked and we still dont know its dispersion on the move or terrain resistances? And what is it worse in, no autoloader and less camo?

        So why the fuck couldnt it be overperforming when it has clear similarities to the Bourrasqe, better in some aspects and still some traits unknown in which it could be vastly better for all we know?

        1. May I ask how well are you performing with your Bourrasque? So I’ll know how much you understand what you’re talking about?
          Stats matter of course, but those minor differences do not. Only some certain massive advantages/disadvantages make some options available or unavailable, like that double-tap 720 alpha and 35% camo of the Bourrasque.
          I’m pretty sure you don’t even know that this wheeled MT is so much more similar to the Kpz 07 RH than the Bourrasque.
          If you’re able to perform at 4k+ avg WN8 with any of these tanks then we wouldn’t have this conversation.

          1. Interesting how i simply express my opinion that it may be like the Bourrasqe, and for some reason its very important to you to say that its not, but you dont saying anything as to WHY it wont be like the Bourrasqe.

            Then i answer by pointing at their similarities, and pointing out why it could possibly be overperforming. But also mentioning their differences and how that will make their playstyles quite different.

            And your answer: “how good are you at the game?” basically. Great fucking argument my man. I have both thanks and i’ve hade them at around 92% moe, which is nothing speciall, but deffinetly good enough to understand that this GSOR 1010 is like a SINGLE SHOT Bourrasqe, keyword being single shot incase that still wasnt clear enough.

            1. Hey mate, sorry if you felt offended but an argument is only valid when the speaker knows well what he’s saying.
              Let me ask you this: does anyone call the UDES 14 Alt 5 a single-shot Bourrasque? It has 360 alpha per shot too.
              The Bourrasque is a very unique OP LT+TD classed as a MT.
              If a tank with similar playstyle that has a single-shot gun then call it a single-shot Bourrasque is fine.
              But it’s clearly not in this case.
              Mainly because the wheeled MT’s camo value that doesn’t enable it to be as opportunistic as well as its single-shot gun doesn’t allow it to assassinate <700 HP targets.
              I’m pretty sure at this point even an avg player get to know why the GSOR 1010 is just another typical glass cannon but it’s on wheels.
              I would say the Kpz 07 RH is a noticeably better tank with same mobility/camo, a lot more DPM, HEAT, HE and even a bit of armor.
              If you want to keep calling this wheeled MT a single-shot Bourrasque then nothing can stop you.

              1. “GSOR 1010 is just another typical glass cannon” And the Bourrasqe isnt?

                Its like you are blind to the term >single shot< ? Wouldnt a 1:1 copy of the Batchat but with a single shot gun be like a single shot batchat? It would to me, even though their playstyles would be worlds apart.

                By calling it “a single shot Bourrasqe” im litteraly pointing out their similarities AND their differences and how this one major difference will make their playstyles different which i have pointed out 3 TIMES at this point.

                “If you want to keep calling this wheeled MT a single-shot Bourrasque then nothing can stop you.”

                Do you really mean that? Can i form my own opinion and act upon it? I wish i knew this sooner.

                1. I would expect something more like the EBR tier 10 but without the camo, Bourrasque is far away from that, bourrasque has great camo, 2 shoots, terrible turning speed and terrible accuracy.
                  This tank i believe it would have great mobility in terms of rotation just like the ultra unrealistics EBRs

        2. Bourrasque is OP because of its camo to be honest, It can play as a light, same as the batchat, go with 2 config, one with CVS+Optics/binos+Low noise bounty
          And the other with LN bounty, stab and vents
          Its so stupid how bourrasque is so OP. I try mark it that way.

  2. Dreegor you mong it’s on supertest.
    They do high stats then with reduced stats and choose the middle you dumb cúnt

  3. I understand them not deciding on tanks stats gun etc but whats the deal with repair costs how is 600 credits going to make any difference

    How they calculate repair cost

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