WoT: Crew 2.5 Cancellation/Delay Rumors

Recently on vk.com where wotexpress publishes WoT leaks a post was made for paid members about the cancellation/delay of Crew 2.5 (the text is image auto translated that’s why it looks strange)
Unfortunately, I’m unable to show any paid posts from wotexpress-wotclue because I don’t own a Russian Bank Card / Credit Card to subscribe to their exclusive membership.

additional source of this information: reddit
(for some reason it’s a massively downvoted post); I can 99% guarantee that it is a legit post because the way it looks is exactly how official “wotexpress-wotclue” posts are written.

28 thoughts on “WoT: Crew 2.5 Cancellation/Delay Rumors

    1. This is the continuation of “crew 2.0” from ~2020 so it can be rightfully called “crew 2.5”, It would’ve had 3 iterations this year which might be not the case anymore.

      1. By the number of changes in the mechanics is more like a crew 1.5, even if WG call it 2.5 is closer to the current Crew system than the crew 2.0 that has:
        -Talents, instructors, more skills, (and they were actually more game changing)
        -Skills divided in sections, up to 10 points per skill (with the balance problem it mean for bad skills WG did not buff in the Crew 2.0 test)
        -Crew represented by one pack instead of individuals members, the posibility to use 1 crew for 3 tanks beside premiums.
        -A limit to the lvl for crew. Post progress after you reach max lvl for more efficiency in crew performance

        The curret new system presented is more similar to the on live one than the sandbox crew 2.0.
        It is just the current crew with more skills and some buffs here and there for some of the older ones.

  1. My main issue with “Crew 2.0” was the attempt to monetize the changeover by giving players only 12 crew resets. I was getting psyched for this.

    1. They fixed that by giving free retraining for a month. My issue was the small crews, with crewmen with multiple roles. They could have fixed that by making so you could grind simultaneously different skills, for example on a commander that is also radio operator, you should be able to grind a radio operator skill for every commander skill…

      1. Yes they did fix that…but it shouldn’t have needed to be fixed in the first place! Assuming it really has been fixed; the statement on that has a lot of weasel-wording in it. The other thing that I’d like to see go away is the mass-reset option for bond equipment in WoT-Plus; too pay to win, a devaluation of bond equipment, and, possibly, a source of inflation in the in-game economy if people really do dump lots of bond equipment and just use a small set. Maybe bond equipment should not be fitted to tanks below Tier VIII.

        1. Maybe it was never planned to give only 12. This info comes from the Test Server. Equipment 2.0 also had a different system on the test server and WG gave out hundreds of build out kits

  2. Patch is next Wednesday and there’s no official statement about any changes, looks like a dud.

        1. Reading is hard numbnuts. “The launch of Onslaught mode was postponed. We will update the event duration in the near future.”

  3. My whole problem with this and all of you are overlooking is all the money, real money, your going to have to spend just to get back to where you were with what we have. This gives WG a brand new money stream, for them to keep sitting back, doing nothing to improve what needs improving, in this game, and keep dallying around with crap like this while fleecing your pockets. Then you turn around they are also hitting you up for another new money stream but trying to coerce you into spending more money with a subscription money hole. What they are really saying here is the your premium time is not doing the job so in order for you to get the full benefit, you have to spend even more money to earn what you’ve already paid for in premium. For the crappy job War Gaming does, in not fixing it’s game but continually throwing new pay to play content, I for one am tired of spending anything on this game. We are tired of the constant problem of WG needing more and more money to fix nothing but keep screwing the game up, like they are. This is what is wrong with this patch, take the crap out, don’t bring it back and release the new teck tree vehicles and the rest of the patch. If you fall for this and whole heartedly support this crap than your dumber than a box of hammer.

    1. I don’t see this “problem” you speak of.

      The only ones who are going to suffer from this change are hyper competitive tryhards in tanks such as Manticore, ELC AMX, and ELC EVEN 90 – stuff with small crews where the commander will be over-taxed.

      To them I say – good riddance, about time something did not go your way.

      For the average player, that is, the vast majority of the playerbase, this change is mostly good and if there will be disparity in skills most won’t even notice.

      1. I play a lot of manti and ELC and was not a nerf for them not at all.
        The only buff i see in the test that was worth giving a chance was the critical chances, going from 3% (skill right now) to around 20% is a lot
        The other changes are not even close to what a equipment 2.0 improve the tank performance

        So crit chances and maybe maybe RNG reduction.
        Having 2,5% more performance for crew when ally is close is completely insignificant.

        HE change was more radical (and also in a bad direction) and people did not cry about it thats sad

    2. Thank you!
      at last, someone else now reads between WG bullshit and realizes there ‘actual real plan’ its monetizing but more sly monetizing of WOT.

      not so bad if WG actually in the real world started to improve the broken parts of the game and bring in new fun features, Maps better designed for tactics not press W go here go there etc.
      but …. nothing, just €€€ and more €€€ from us, the stupid’s as WG sees us, that play there game 4 min turbo games (6+ years still not fixed

  4. Preach on mofos preach on. Did the whining actualy kill WOT+ ? Sumsabishes I wanted that. Bond swappin was nice.

  5. WoT Express has times it was incorrect and unrelaible. This is one especially when its fully under Russian.

  6. Already uninstalled this train wreck, sorry tank wreck of a game.
    Mumtaz also uninstalled it!

    1. Then why the fuck are you here bitching about it? Will never understand these people that leave the game just to tell everyone about it on a daily basis. Move the fuck on if that is what you really want, we dont give a shit.

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