3D Style Offers for World of Tanks’ 12th Birthday

Available from April 12 at 07:00 CEST through April 18 at 07:00 CEST (UTC+2)

Celebrate World of Tanks’ birthday with three exclusive 3D styles, available individually or in bundles! Add a unique touch to your VIIITiger II , IXE 75 , and IXT30 , and save up to 30%.

  • Kampfgruppe Schneide style for the Tiger II: With a Panzerschreck bazooka on the side and a Browning M2 machine gun on top, this style will surely add oomph to your battles.

  • Panzersturmpionier style for the E 75: Upgrade your German heavy with infrared searchlights, drilling equipment, a flamethrower, and other search and rescue items that will make you the cornerstone of your team.

  • Assault Kit style for the T30: This rare reward style from the World of Tanks 10th Anniversary special adds quirky details, worldly artifacts, vintage toys, and a menacing “10 Years of Service” decal to the tank destroyer.



+ Make the Bisonte C45GSOR 1008M6A2E1, or Light Mk. VIC your guest of honor, or celebrate all night long with all four party animals, and dress your best with exclusive 3D styles.

13 thoughts on “3D Style Offers for World of Tanks’ 12th Birthday

    1. you can get enought for one skin by watching twitch streams, its part of wg drops, i believe those start tomorrow but not completely sure of that

  1. There are 3 bundles. If you have T30 skin already, you can get the 2nd bundle with has E75 and Tiger II skin.
    FYI, you can get enough token to purchase a 3D skin. So you just need to buy one.

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