The Link Between Video Games And Gambling

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The entertainment industry is consistently expanding year over year. With the popularisation of computers and smartphones, gaming has become one of the top entertainment industry branches. Hundreds of millions of people play various types of games every day. No matter what genre we’re talking about, there are some similarities that pop up.

For instance, even if we compare online casino games to regular video games, we’ll notice several links. They make these games appealing to the average gamer, meaning that they’ll always remain popular. If you’re eager to learn more, keep reading as we’ll explore the links in the article below.

Casino Games and Video Games have Earning Potential

The crucial reason why gaming is such an appealing form of entertainment is its potential to earn some money. No matter what kind of game you’re playing, you’ll be able to get some money for doing it. That’s now easier than ever, thanks to so many payment methods available. Top casinos in the UK feature various forms of payment types. One of the more popular ones is Apple Pay casino UK, which makes it easier for people to deposit and withdraw their winnings. The biggest advantage is that the most popular casino payment methods allow them almost instantly to receive funds on their accounts. So after claiming those much-loved bonuses online, players can potentially win some funds and withdraw them to their accounts.

It’s important to mention that casino games are not the only ones with earning potential. Streaming platforms such as Twitch, YouTube and TikTok have made it possible for people to earn money while playing their favourite video games. Even though getting a following is the challenging part, it’s a great way of earning money. It’s possible that combining the two things might be best, streaming sessions while gambling. Besides receiving regular income, there’s always the potential of winning some money in the casino.

They are Both Fun and Relaxing

Turning gaming into a potential income source is not a dream that every player has. For the majority of people, it’s just another way to unwind after a long day at work. Many would argue that this is the most important link between video games and online casino games. They are both perfect ways of having fun and relaxing.

We all face various challenges on a daily basis, and having an entertaining hobby is the best way to keep everything in balance. On the casino side, relaxing games include slots and a game such as roulette. Other options might not be the best choice as they require a certain degree of focus, so they might not be as fun as some others.

On the video game side, the most popular titles are adventures. Especially if you select story mode, which is the easiest difficulty level. That way, you can truly relax and have fun while playing. If you want to relax, steering away from pvp and first-person shooters is better. They require more focus as you’ll be competing against other players, so expect no relaxation from them.

They Both Share the Competitive Aspect

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As mentioned above, not all players want to relax and have fun. Like many other extreme sports professionals, they want to experience the adrenaline rush. Luckily, it’s possible to find that with both casino games and video games.

Casino players will find this with blackjack and poker, as they can compete against other players and outsmart them. Even though there’s a degree of luck in poker, it’s primarily a skill game. Many professionals have proved this by winning huge tournaments repeatedly.

When it comes to video games, a handful of competitive titles that are well-balanced have changed the landscape completely. Players from all over the world now compete in games such as DotA, LoL, Counter Stike, StarCraft and Overwatch. Each of these games has dozens of tournaments annually, where the best players get to take home millions. Therefore, the competitive aspect is another important link that connects video games and gambling.


There’s a strong connection between video games and gambling, judging from the abovementioned examples. The list goes on, but the above three points are the biggest links between these two industries. These two hobbies share with one another more than you’d think at first sight. Essentially, the most important part is that both gamers and regular casino players can turn their hobbies into potential income sources. On top of that, they can have fun in the whole process while growing their following.

Author Bio: Cory Shilling is an iGaming enthusiast and an avid gamer. He enjoys writing and reporting on the latest casino industry trends and news. When he’s not working, you’ll find him enjoying video games and visiting the gym.

2 thoughts on “The Link Between Video Games And Gambling

  1. This piece is incredibly controversial.

    Video game gambling (loot boxes, paid slot machines, etc.) is awful. It is sick and cruel to put children (the average 1st world kid gets a smartphone in kindergarten by now, and parents let TikTok videos do the parenting job for them) into an environment that’s already well known for preying on adults (gambling addiction is a thing, just like climate change), and then profit off said kids’ naivete and lack of responsibility. It is also scummy as all hell to gate more and more content of a video game behind paywalls, random loot, and so on. If a video game costed 50€/USD ten years ago, now the same game with all content likely costs 100+. To say nothing of “live service”/FreeToPlay games (like World of Tanks) where the spending is endless so long as the player keeps playing.

    Also, I’m not sure what the writer smoked when he wrote that gambling “is fun and relaxing”. It can give a thrill when winning, and it can badly demoralize a person when losing, neither of which qualifies as “relaxing” (and only 50% of it, that is, winning, is “fun”).

    Lastly, comparing the average gamer life with that of a full time influencer is just ignorant. Influencers live and die by their followers – a big following means good income, no following means you’re dead, and online communities are INCREDIBLY fickle. It’s like playing Russian roulette, with one’s social and economic life on the line.

    Overall, this piece is not unlike that EA goon who had the audacity to justify loot boxes as “surprise mechanics” in front of a congressional board of inquiry. Shame on all who support this toxic trend.

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