WoT CT 1.20.1: WoT Plus

In Update 1.20.1, we’ll introduce a special monthly subscription: WoT Plus. It will provide you with new opportunities and unique bonuses that will make your gameplay experience more comfortable.

After activating WoT Plus, you will get instant access to the following benefits for a whole month:

  • Gold Reserve. All players with active WoT Plus subscriptions can earn up to 500 gold per week. It will be accumulated in a special vault that will open once per week.

  • Extra excluded map. All WoT Plus subscribers will have one more slot for map exclusion. If you play with WoT Premium Account, you’ll be able to exclude a total of three maps. Play on the maps you enjoy the most!
  • Free equipment demounting. You can demount equipment of any type for free (including improved equipment but excluding Experimental Equipment at Upgrade Levels II and III).
  • Intensive Crew Regimen. You can select a vehicle whose crew members will each passively receive additional Crew XP, regardless of whether you are offline, in battle, or just in the Garage. No cooldown is applied when changing the vehicle whose crew receives the bonus.
  • Exclusive rental vehicle. After activating WoT Plus, you’ll instantly find in your Garage the unique TS-54, a Premium American heavy tank featuring a double-barrel gun! This powerful vehicle will remain on your account as long as WoT Plus is active. Another cool feature of the TS-54 is that the tank can accommodate any American crew members, no matter which vehicle type they come from, so long as their major qualifications match.

To activate WoT Plus, head to the in-game Store and select the “Best” category. It will cost 300 gold.

This purchase method and the current cost are only available during the Common Test period. After the release of WoT Plus, you’ll only be able to purchase it in the Premium Shop for real money for the price of 8.1 euros.

We plan to further develop the subscription based on your feedback and needs. Join the Common Test to test-drive the brand-new TS-54 and try out other WoT Plus bonuses!

31 thoughts on “WoT CT 1.20.1: WoT Plus

  1. This is ridiculous. The MM system is already fucked by an insane amount of issues, now they’re adding one more exclusion slot.
    Their “reworked crew” just goes in the game like this, without any change. Tank arms race, equipment arms race now crew arms race as well. Holy fcking shit.
    Everything is getting more and more P2W.
    Now you can have an Strv 103B with -15 reverse speed and +17 forward speed in Siege mode. I’m not even joking.

    1. Told em to add a “PREFERED MAPS” slot so you get the ones you want easier instead of blocking those the MM may needs.

  2. test drive they say of TS-54
    i am waiting for like 20 min in que for a tier 8 match
    Nobody is playing your CommonCrap
    Also the japanese TD is such a bad tank, makes 268 feel like a GOLD mine

    1. yay japanese td is so bad that people are doing 3.5~4k+ avg in it. omg so bad
      i can tell ure a red tomato

  3. Seems that this WoT Plus thing is kind of a second upgrade to premium account – you have normal premium, then WoT premium, and then WoT Plus which gives extra features to whatever other premium account you already have.

  4. This is insane. First we had wargaming premium split across all games, then now after wot premium we have wot plus!? Fuck those wargaming cunts. After the shitboxes, wallet closed! Please boycott this utter bullshit!!

  5. So now the bastards are going to add another pay to play with WoT Plus, the bastards never stop. They FKed up airfield that was bad enough and made it worse. Can they not touch anything they don’t screw up. No wonder the players are running away.

  6. Pay to win
    If back then you were not sure
    Now you know
    Pay and you get XP when you sleep or at job defenetly not ingame
    Pay to win
    Enjoy i am out

    1. Even if you paid to get the extras the 2 to 3% bonuses you’d get still wouldn’t improve your win rate so stop crying.

    2. So you are some hardcore sweatlord with potato skill level… plus account is actually pretty good stuff for people who have other life than wot and they have job in real life. 8€/month is not bad for an adult guy in work life who has solid monthly incomes. Now you can be more competitive even if you sleep or you are doing work because crew gets experience meanwhile and you don’t have so much time to grind, also the 500 gold/week for a player with no time to play is welcome add for he’s account.

      Keep in mind it’s F2P game and WG is a business company. And if you really love the game, why won’t you pay it 8€/month. Like I said, It’s after all F2P game, no one force you to play it, no one force you to pay anything. You can play it free and enjoy it as a free to play. If you really hate the game that much you can’t enjoy it as F2P player, then I suggest you unistall it. If you have a lot of time to play, In these days there is actually lot of features that F2P players didn’t have before. You can earn premium days from twitch drops and events, there is mission maratons where you can grind get premium tanks. So if you wanna play it free and be competitive then you need to invest more time for it. P2W players mostly just get everything done faster than F2P. If you have skill, you can be as competitive as P2W players, if you don’t have it, then don’t complain anything cause its 95% down to your skill level how you win in the game, not by Premium/Plus account or anything else.

    1. At this point almost certainly not. I myself will be spending a lot less money in the future and will mostly be hanging around for the chaos and to watch it all burn.

  7. I am usually quiet on negative changes, but this has to be the worst change I have ever seen to the game.

    1. Short answer is that you don’t: WG’s apparent stand on this is shut up and pay. Then again, I’ve never had to buy an equipment removal token so this might, maybe, not be the biggest deal.

      1. I think he/she means retraining order.
        Although I wouldn’t mind if Saxsan4 had a forum restraining order on them/they

  8. This is fucked up.
    I’m going to sell my account.
    Contact me in game of interested!

    1. Good, if you wanna be some sweatlord with potato skill level and can’t enjoy game as F2P player, then I suggest you unistall.

    2. lol nobody is going to want your shitty “47.03%” account.
      Although maybe they can use it for klan game rigging. But there’s too many free accounts to use for that.

  9. WG like: Give me all your money!
    Players: But … But…
    WG also: NO BUT! Just give me all your money and no buts!
    Player: And… what about the game and new players and…
    WG: Are you def? Fuc all that! Just give me your money you fu***** cun*t!

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