WoT CT 1.20.1: Onslaught Returns!

Onslaught, our competitive mode, returns to the game with the newest Season of the Crimson Griffin! It features a series of improvements based on your feedback from the debut Season and offers up a bunch of exclusive customization items that we’ve added to the reward pool.

We want to add more variety in vehicle choices in Onslaught. To achieve this goal, we’re reworking vehicle Role Skills in the mode. Check it out below:

  • All vehicle Role Skills are now easier to charge.
  • Skill cooldown time has been greatly reduced.
  • Some Role Skills are now available from the very start of the battle.
  • Some Role Skills have changed how they work in principle (e.g., Inspire affects all allied vehicles on the battlefield).

Given the increased effectiveness of vehicle Role Skills in battle, we want to test special combat modifiers that will be added to Onslaught during the Common Test period. They will allow us to keep up the pace of battles and make them even more thrilling.

These are the new combat modifiers:

  • Increase HP pools of all vehicles eligible for Onslaught by 25%.
  • Reduce the cooldown of consumables from 90 seconds to 45 seconds.

Combat modifiers that will be tested during the Common Test, together with reworked vehicle Role Skills, will add variety and excitement to the Onslaught gameplay. They will allow you to try out more different tactics and maneuvers.

Additionally, the Season of the Crimson Griffin features the following:

  • A reworked progression system that, instead of a progression for a certain number of victories, will now be a system with a set of consecutive weekly combat missions with useful in-game rewards
  • Two new maps available in the Onslaught mode: Glacier and Airfield
  • Cool progressive 2D style and other brand-new customization items in stunning crimson tones

If you enjoy these changes and find combat modifiers useful, they will be included in the next Season of Onslaught. Join the Common Test and share your feedback on these additions!

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