WoT: Price Differences Between Countries and The Problems Of It

notice that on WoT EU the Argentine players are getting less in-game currency for more than quadruple of their money spent

According to a user’s location, the prices of the in-game goods can vary from being few $ up to hundreds of dollars.
The prime example of it is Argentina where everything costs less because of the country’s economy.
In the past, it might have caused exploits by changing your Place of Residence to Argentina because WarGaming had to change their purchase options on the EU server.
Recently an Argentine reader contacted us with a huge problem about how they are unable to afford anything from the World of Tanks EU Premium Shop.
It is because of the before-mentioned reasons, there were several exploitation attempts from players to use cheaper buying options by changing their Place of Residence for example to Argentina or Turkey.

It’s unfortunate for the Argentine WoT EU community because for their income the prices are exceptionally high and many of them are switching to other games because of it.

It is a subject of debate whether WarGaming EU is aware of the Argentine players’ situation.

36 thoughts on “WoT: Price Differences Between Countries and The Problems Of It

  1. So as an Argentine player who plays in EU server, the player needs to pay ~100$ for 25k gold.
    Meanwhile for that amount of gold in NA, it costs 10$.
    The difference is rather small actually, only 10 times higher =))))))

      1. 40$ for 10k gold in EU => 100$ for 25k gold in EU.
        10$ for 25k gold in NA.
        Are you sure your eyes are working well sir? XD

  2. I have Argentinian friends playing on the EU server. And the price they pay for a wot item is exaggerated compared to the price in NA. Adding that they cannot migrate their accounts to said server.
    From my point of view, comparing the images, it is incredible how wargaming only cares about money instead of its clients. A pity for the Argentines.

  3. I am from Argentina, I play NA server, SA server had a very low population so to get in a battle takes too long sometimes. The ping on NA from Argentina is 160 – 180 ms if you had a good connection. Cant imagine how bad must be to play from here on EU server, so I dont see the point of it.
    As soon as to the price subject, yes, economy here is shit, cant afford a pair of newe shoes, but hey! pixels tanks are cheap, is sad, but I take it.

    1. We should just Geolocation-lock every single South American on the SA server. Instead of seeing retarded SA players I just see Retarded Boomers and Rednecks. Problem solved.

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  4. The real question would be… what is an Argentine player doing in EU… having a server of our own right here (well close, in Brazil)

    1. I play I am from Argentina and I play in the EU. In 2014 several Argentine players and others from Latin America. WoT advertising came out BUT only from Europe, not from Latin America. And many, due to a wargaming error, registered in the EU and began their stories like every player.
      What’s more, I saw advertising on the FOX channel and below it said http://www.worldoftanks.com but when searching the internet it only came up (.eu).
      And I’ll be realistic… I don’t see a difference between playing in NA with 180/210ms ping (nobody plays SA and don’t fool me) than in EU 220/300ms. Not a big difference. And if they claim otherwise, it is directly your internet provider.

      1. I can echo this, playing on the test server/EU server with 180~230ms ping is indistinguishable between the two pings. WG’s netcode is very good; it helps that one of the EU server hosts is one of the best in Europe. However, there’s a lot of close-in fighting tactics and strategy that become unviable above 100ms ping.

      2. 200 to 300 is a big difference. I play from Japan on NA and I get about 180-210. Occasionally, thwre will be days when it’s around 300 and at that point, you can seriously notice a difference. Your tank moving much later, your shots firing and taking time to see it.

  5. These mofakers charged us europeans like 12-13 euro for a premium month here on EU
    bearly now last cuple of years -1-2 they came down with the prices
    People start to observe now how dogshit they truly are on making premium content and actualy caring for the game’s healt, sell those banans before they get on the expiration date [WG]

  6. If you’re concerned about prices for a trivial video game, chances are you have much more to worry about.

  7. Literally every platform has this. Steam games are like 10% of the EU/NA price in some poor countries.

  8. lol argentinians on EU yeah sure sure

    chinese alts crying they have to pay now.

    its the same monkeys gaming the system. ps. everybody should do it. it goes by account creation country. go for it boys, argentini vpns and new accounts and stack em bills :)))

    thats what this shit tiered pricing deserves. argentina isnt any poorer than mexico or canada. where are mexican discounts?

  9. This pricing problem exist in the Asia Server too. The prices are all the same across Asian countries and not based on the economy of their respective country making richer country have more access to the premium store.

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