World of Tanks Plus Subscription Mentioned In The EU In-Game Store

Not so long ago in the In-Game Store, a strange description mentioning “World of Tanks Plus” appeared.

“World of Tanks Plus” is currently a Subscription only available on the Chinese server.

-The subscription is paid on a monthly basis by linking a credit card or other service to the Wargaming account;
-Active subscription allows you to earn up to 500 gold per week (2,000 per month) in Random battles and other battles;
-You can get up to 3% cashback in gold form for purchases in the Premium Shop;
-Active subscription allows you to rent one of the three tanks available on the list for free (the list is updated monthly). The vehicles also include the all-new Chinese Tier VIII heavy tank, the WZ-113-II (the selected vehicle can be played for a whole month);
-World of Tanks Plus subscribers will receive a special badge that will be visible on the player’s account as long as the subscription is paid;
-It has Crew experience bonus;
-Possibility to obtain additional directives;

The price of WoT Plus is around 6€ per month.

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example image of the found text in the EU client:
example CN video about WoT Plus:

14 thoughts on “World of Tanks Plus Subscription Mentioned In The EU In-Game Store

  1. Yes, exactly what we need, another way to pay for 15-3 & 3-15 roflstomps.
    I just downloaded Warcraft 3 yesterday. Those days when I was in high school playing DotA with my friends. Who could expect 15 years later you comeback to the legendary game that made a big part of your childhood?
    Although War3 is pretty outdated so it needs quite some additional tools to run smoothly, that doesn’t make it any less special.

  2. just ignore it
    its just dumb as shit
    is not like you do not have enought of what they give for that sum
    avoid everything untill they will come with something actualy benefic for the disaster that is world of tanks

  3. For us whales this offering isn’t anything anyone is going to pay attention to. Like it was said, we have all the crap already.

    1. as a somewhat whale myself nothing impressive here they at least can add a good crdit earning multiplier

  4. No way am I linking a bank account or credit card to WG, hard pass if it goes live on EU.

  5. I can see the question was asked on the eu forum and the thread was immediately buried in the off topic section by the usual cúnt moderator who said it’s a Chinese server thing… Which it isn’t.

  6. I’m gonna make sure to get me and all the homies WoT+ subs just to piss off all you salty crybabies :3

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