WoT ST: Projekt Kpz. 07P(E)

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This vehicle is armed with a 120 mm gun that can cause 420 HP of damage per shot. The penetration value of the standard shell is 260 mm, while the special shell penetrates 325 mm. It has an aiming time of 1.7 s, a dispersion of 0.33 m, and a reload time of 12 s. The view range is 410 m.

In terms of survivability and mobility, this vehicle differs from its German counterparts. The thickness of the frontal turret armor reaches 190 mm, the hull armor is 140 mm thick, and the upper glacis plate is completely covered by a dozer blade acting as a screen. The vehicle’s durability is 2,200 HP. It also offers a top forward speed of 50 km/h, with a specific power of 16.8 h.p./t.

The Projekt Kpz. 07P(E) has a set of versatile characteristics that allow it to play the role of a typical heavy tank. At the same time, when needed, the vehicle can take advantage of its decent dynamics to quickly change positions on the battlefield.

Additional Facts:

The vehicle is the German sibling of the American MBT-70 program, born from the 1963 cooperation agreement between West Germany and the United States. To this day, it remains a cautionary tale of how not to develop a tank and while it was certainly not the only blunder in American or German armor-designing history, it is one of the best known ones.

To that end, the United States and West Germany signed a cooperation agreement in August 1963, followed by a December 1963 agreement between the companies that were to make the intent a reality. The joint-developed tank that was the object of this agreement was supposed to be fielded in 1970, resulting in the name of the program – MBT-70 for the American side and Kampfpanzer 70 for the German one.

For the American side, the designated company was General Motors, for the German side it was a company called DEG (Deutsche Enticklungsgesellschaft mbH). DEG was a consortium of several industry companies involved one way or another in tank development. The list included:

And several others. Both DEG and GM then participated in the discussions leading to the finalized requirements for the future MBT.

To understand the difficulties both parties faced and the later cooperation breakdown, one has to understand the conditions under which they worked on the project, because this was the year 1963. The Second World War ended mere 18 years earlier and was still very fresh in the memories of both the Americans and the Germans. The men, who in their 20s liberated Europe, were now in their 40s and the horrors of war with Germany were still relatively fresh in their memory.

Another issue was the language barrier and the measurement system, the bane of many a promising cross-Atlantic project. The Americans insisted on using the Imperial system while the Germans naturally preferred the Metric system. After many arguments, it was agreed upon to use the Metric system for assembly plans, but both sides kept their own partial drawings in their preferred measuring units, which added to the general chaos.

And last but not least, there were the production disagreements. In theory, both sides were supposed to cooperate and pick whichever vehicle component was the best regardless of who produced it, but in reality each side lobbied heavily for the components produced by its companies, resulting in a large number of conflicts. That way, even otherwise banal issues were sometimes escalated all the way to Minister of Defense level, resulting in massive delays.

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21 thoughts on “WoT ST: Projekt Kpz. 07P(E)

  1. This is unless it’s a clan-wars reward tank, in which case it will be perfectly over-powered with that mantlet and that shovel spaced armor.

  2. I don’t give a shit about historical accuracy.
    By the look of it, this thing has a very small cupola. Even though the turret looks very similar to the Leo1’s turret, it’s a tier X HT turret and it will very likely bounce pretty much anything hitting its mantlet directly.
    LFP is extremely angled and looks pretty small. UFP is 140mm + ??mm shovel, 20 or 30mm maybe? Basically you’ll not pen that UFP. 375 APCR of the E3/E4 might be able to pen it. Side is only 70mm which is very weak against HEAT.
    Still, a pretty well-armored tank.
    Mobility looks very good with its base stats and gun looks very reliable although only 2100 base DPM.
    If this thing has good gun stabilization (<0.16) so you can put the meta set of Rammer/Turbo/Hardening on it, it will be a meta tank for sure.
    If it has 0.20+ dispersion when moving so you have to put a V.Stab on it, it will still be a very strong tank.

      1. Look carefully.
        This tank’s turret is similar to the Leo1’s turret but is not the same.
        Leo1 has no cupola.
        This tank has a small cupola or should I say “a small horizontal bar” and it’s very likely a weakspot.

  3. This tank, US MBT70 maybe in future, that MBT in supertest right now (but buffed) should really go to tier 11. WG common, its time… And make tier 11 allowed only for players with some above average wn8 (1900 maybe?) and lets say after 100 tier 10 battles you can play max. 20 battles in tier 11…

    1. I think how much money they can make on this thing will determine everything…. its a business so player “stats” don’t mean shit. Its an arcade game so…..

  4. Is it just me or this thing looks like Leo 1’s brother that had too many apfelstrudel each evening after dinner? 😀

  5. Bruh it’s too early for ppl to look at this and complain. It has pretty tragic dpm in comparison to other low alpha heavy tanks at the tier but I suspect it’ll have good gun handling with that .33 accuracy, and hopefully good dispersion that will make the gun enjoyable. Nothing to really speak about when it comes to pen or mobility, and we’ll have to see about the turret armor but already we can see it has a clear cupola. More info is needed to have a clear opinion but there’s nothing here to really complain about yall

    1. By stats is not OP. But if you remove the artificial nerf WG put on it, it would be a good tier 11.
      Same happens to the Tier 8 Iron Arnie its a tier 9 if you remove all the fake dispersion, dpm and accuracy nerf.

  6. Like Bub said, we dont know how good the mobility will be before we see terrain resistances, armor layout also matters and i dont think you’ll have trouble penning this with 340mm HEAT. And then the absolutely horrendous 420 alpha + 12s reload combo.

    Ofcourse all of this can change but what we see here is not “OP” and is not a Tier 11..

    And what are you peoples obsession with tier 11? We have +/- 2 MM so if they add you will still meet the same tanks with your Tier Xs so nothing changes. And people allways start this discussion as soon as a modern looking tank arrives, the historical era of the tank doesnt change FUCKING ANYTHING. You can add a M1 Abbrams and give it 100hp and 5 alpha damage with a 20 second reload, should that also be Tier 11?

    1. Yes we indeed need to see the hidden stats and actual armor layout to rate a tank accurately.
      Before that, we can predict base on what is already in the game and is relatively similar to this tank.
      Those are Kpz 50t and Leo1 of course.
      Both of the tanks have good to very good terrain resistance values. And with 16+ hp/t, this tank will very likely have good terrain resistance values as well. If you see a 19+ hp/t then it might have bad values to balance out.
      Both of the tanks have good to very good gun stablization stats, so again, it will be a surprise if this tank has 0.20+ dispersion when moving.
      In the end of the day, it’s a tier X HT. Its turret will be at least 300+ effective armor at the mantlet.
      In my opinion, its turret will be way stronger than that. Otherwise it will turn out to be a bad tank.
      They intentionally give it bad DPM to balance out its effectiveness. And its effectiveness comes from nothing than a reliable gun and reliable armor.

  7. It has a 120 should get more alpha then the Leopard with the 105 . That might make it unique . 450 would be cool the same as the new T 54 heavy with a 120 mm . Otherwise this is just another boring copy and paste tank . It has a bit more armor but no much .

  8. so this is basically another actual MBT, still wondering why WG is refusing to create a separate tech tree that is unlockable after reaching tier 10, and we get into modern tanks, with separate MM and separate mechanics.

    kiddos argue “that is gonna split the community” and yadda yadda yadda. if you’re arguing that having tier 10 players move to another tier, and that’s going to hurt top tier mm, that simply doesnt make sense. if that were the case then top tier should hurt low tier match making, but does anyone give a damn about it? NO, just as people say that playing tier 5 is lame, if their go with modern tanks, tier 10 will become lame, more variety. less clutter. holy shit. im so tired of seeing WG dump MBTs and semi-MBTs on tier 8 and 10, meanwhile tier 9 is in the awkward position of this odd transition point surrounded by a whole horde of bs.
    WG has to actually own it that they’re out of ideas for bs zoviet rasha fake ww2 nonsense, and move into making the game more interesting with new mechanics and a new kind of meta. because holy shit if we get another soviet tier 8, 9 or 10 heavy tank, that is simply another defender with LITERALLY the same gameplay style as every other soviet heavy tank… and the fucks that fear the game being totally revamped into something different are the reason we get this kind of bs. constant copy-paste premium bs. and then they proceed to complain when WG announces the 178th soviet heavy tank being introduced into the game, with a HESH based 150+mm gun and retarded armor profile that’s nearly that of a mbt

    1. Exact, WG has killed so many ideas just stickin forcefully tanks to tier 8 or 10 with weird stats instead of tier 9 or 11… but money is money…

  9. The other thought that comes to mind is that this tank, and possibly the companion scout, might be future assembly shop offerings; the money is in Western Europe after all.

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