War Thunder Hit 100k Online Players On Steam

Grew by 43% in a year. This is a record for 10 years.

Thus, the main competitor of “World of Tanks” became the 119th game on Steam (data for yesterday), overcoming this threshold. It is worth noting that this is an online statistic only on Steam (!), About the same number of players play through their own game launcher. Now War Thunder has been in the top 15th place online over the past few days.

The project from Gaijin Entertainment is flying up before our eyes. Over the past year, online games only on Steam have grown 2 times, despite all the problems in the world and a slight stagnation in the industry.

As far as we can tell, the division of Wargaming and the fatigue from WOT/MT contributed to all this, among other things. In 2022, many players moved from World of Tanks to War Thunder. War Thunder is also constantly in the information field of the media and websites due to its community and the marketing of the game is also very good.

21 thoughts on “War Thunder Hit 100k Online Players On Steam

    1. “”Thus, the main competitor of “World of Tanks” became the 119th game on Steam””

      Their player base enjoys at least some moderation and doesn’t blab everything unfiltered. Makes you think.

      1. it also looks better…. it has more detailed models. gameplay is also different
        it only has one flaw, its way more grindy than wot.

        1. No, it has many, MANY flaws, most of them are also flaws in wot:
          -It’s grindier than wot, which is already unreasonably grindy.
          -While base gameplay is great the actual gamemodes are garbage.
          -Maps are less interesting to look at and play worse than wot ones.
          -The game is not only poorly balanced like wot, but then also throws in killstreaks to completely obliterate whatever balance it has left.
          -The developers are both greedy and incompetent.
          -Playerbase is full of elitist twats.
          -The game seems to outright hate it’s own players.
          -Lootboxes and gambling mechanics.

          I will give wt one thing though, as bad as they are, at least wt actually HAS pve gamemodes, something which wot has obstinately refused to add outside of limited events.

  1. Nice, at least there’s another tank game taking over. Competition brings quality.
    WoT has been on top for too long and WG has seriously become a greedy fcktard company.
    I still love WoT and I do not want it to die at all, but it needs tremendous improvements.
    I know “WG’s on their redemption path” sounds beyond insane but let’s be a bit crazy and give it a little hope once again.

    1. 100k peek for one launcher while the other has also the same numbers? Mind you that those 200k are world wide. Normal weekend peeks only on EU are above 200k in WoT.
      Also the media comparision is a joke, right? Yt and twitch wot beats wt so hard.
      And i still dont get it why you want to compare a simulation (wt) with an action Shooter (wot).
      Nobody in their right minds would compare battlefield with arma or cod with red orchestra.

      1. Nobody is unaware of the differences between these 2 games.
        1 is arcade, the other is simulator.
        But they both are TANK game. That’s why there’s always a competition between them.
        People play tank games because there are tanks in these games at first. The gameplay mechanics come later and it dictates who stay with the game and become a dedicated one.
        Yes WoT is still more popular than WT, but that doesn’t deny the fact that WoT currently is in a bad state. The game is unbalanced as fck and the publisher does nothing but try their best to milk as much as they can from their players. There’s no surprise its playerbase is decreasing slowly but surely.
        Don’t you think it’s better to have another company taking market share from WG so they have to make their product a better one?
        It’s simple logic.

        1. “Nobody is unaware of the differences between these 2 games.”

          I’d wager on the opposite of that.

        2. No, you’re wrong – both games are arcades. WT might be less arcadish, without health bars and such, but the core physics is just as bad as WoT. If you want a real simulator, you need to play DCS World, IL-2 Great Battles or even the old IL-2 1946. Those are proper sims.

      2. DCS is a sim.
        GHPC is a sim.
        Steel beasts is a sim.
        WT is a sim like my grandpa was a flipper just because had 2 balls.

    2. You represent every 43% player. Whine and cry about every single wg action “but I still like and play the game” 🤣

      1. Such a gentleman you are.
        You have no idea I’ve been stopped playing since update 1.20 and why.
        The core gameplay of WoT is still there, but it’s fucked up so hard by WG retarded balancing, just as retarded as you.
        You must have so much fun being a full-time hater right?
        Such a gentleman =))))

    3. War Thunder isn’t good competition because it has the same problems WoT has, just in slightly different ways. GJ is as greedy and incompetent as WG is.

      1. I’m not talking about how WT is. I have no idea what is WT apart it is a tank game and a combat simulator.
        I was talking only about WT & WoT as competitors in the gaming market.
        If what you said is true then it’s quite a surprise when WT popularity grows while WoT is seeing more player leaving the game.
        Perhaps the game is so shit that some players want to try out another tank game and when they realize the other tank game is just as shit as the old one, they will simply quit playing tank games entirely =))))

        1. “I was talking only about WT & WoT as competitors in the gaming market.”

          I know, the reason I said that is because competition doesn’t really matter if the competitor is just as bad as what they are competing against.

          I will say that Armored Warfare is the least bad of the three games, though not by a significant amount.

          As for how WT got more popular, it probably has to do with how they added a bunch of interesting vehicles over the last few years, like the A-10 and the Sturmtiger.

  2. Well wargaming refuses to put wot first and its wallet 2nd . Even though they would make more money in the long run if they would just fix the core of the game . MM arty rng maps tanks

  3. no one cares about WT, you must be an idiot to move to WT after your entire progress in WoT, better quit WoT than move to WT…

    with all the flaws in the game, with all the rigged MM and stupid cheaters, either you embrace all this shitty cons and move forward, or just quit and stop whining regarding WoT

    1. I haven’t played wot since Nov 2021. I just come here to read the pathetic comments about whether 0.1 increase or decrease in aim time makes a tank over powered lmao

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