WoT: Stronghold Battles Temporarily Disabled

With the release of Update 1.20 technical issues with the creation of battles in Strongholds occurred. We decided to temporarily disable Stronghold battles including Skirmishes and Advances. The other Stronghold features including Clan Reserves and Tour of Duty are not affected.

We are sorry for the inconveniences and apologize for the issues. We are working on a fix and will share information about the resumption of stronghold battles as soon as everything is stable again.

6 thoughts on “WoT: Stronghold Battles Temporarily Disabled

  1. me and other two friends cant acess store ingame we got this error data temporarily unavailable, if we click on twitch drops inside the game all freeze.

    1. Don’t click on it then moron.
      Run pingplotter and submit the test results.

        1. Homer is the best fan boy Wargaming could wish for. He always applauds everything Wargaming does, good or bad for the players. As a reward he is a moderator and he likes it. Poor fool.

  2. Im back and i found the solution after many hours trying to fix, the solution is to use a VPN when you need to enter the in game store, im using proton vpn its forever free and do the job about the comment i got from the moderator please dont talk like that to people its no bueno my friend sorry for my bad english guys cya in the game.

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