WoT: Event With Lootboxes (All regions in 1.20)

A “new” lootbox animation was shared by wotexpress which is identical to the ASIA server’s “Autumn Golden Armory Boxes” opening.

It is a possibility that the TL-7, Udarniy and Jagdtiger Prototype are going to be obtainable on EU/NA servers soon.

Event with lootboxes (All regions WOT in 1.20)Event with lootboxes (All regions WOT in 1.20)

Reference video to the “Autumn Golden Armory Boxes” opening.

World of Tanks Asia - Autumn Golden Armory - Opening 50 boxesWorld of Tanks Asia – Autumn Golden Armory – Opening 50 boxes


64 thoughts on “WoT: Event With Lootboxes (All regions in 1.20)

  1. Payin this scam company more for their tank rebalance aka income strategies, obviously new model of freemium, total ignorance of player base? After 11-12 years its an end, wallet closed…

    1. cool story bro, wot player base is dumb. they paid 30k gold for a ugly prog 45 skin, 20+ million credits for a better prog 65 and 350k for a 183 trash

      biggest pea brains happen to be part of this community, wg is doing well.

      as for these lootboxes, only udarny and jgtiger proto is good. tl-7 is literally a gsor at tier 9 actually worse in same ways.

      1. 20+ million credits for lion that would be only few % it was 125 000 000 or somewhere about 1milion free exp.

      2. I only play premium tanks and shoot premium ammo and have a premium account and I really enjoy the game and don’t see what the problem is?

    2. It’s really sad for a game that we’ve been playing for so long.
      I’m a very optimistic person but this time, I really can’t see any hope.
      WoT is what it is now mostly because of us the community.
      The game quality has been pretty bad in the recent few years, and now they don’t even care anymore.
      They just want to milk as much as they possibly can even if they have to shit on their own customers.

      1. Yep i see the same. They dont even care anymore, they just want to get the most money before the game is dead, even if that kill the game faster.

        As long as people who is addicted to the game keep buying everything they will keep on this road.
        Game is still descent up to tier 6 or 7

  2. Goodbye to the chance WG make a rework of the German TD line with Jagdtiger with historical 128 as tier 8 and the one with 128 L 66 at tier 9.
    Ferdi really need to get dropped to tier 7 and lost the fake 128.

    At the same time the JT 8.8 now needs to be a tier 7 also.

  3. I don’t understand, these tanks are literal trash when compared to the op meta tanks… Are they selling them for silver?

    1. Kpz 07 is strong. ISU-130 is crazy. TL-7 is not bad. Jagdtiger Prototype is also not bad.
      The Udarniy is another OP shit that WG put in the game. This thing has super retarded armor with okay mobility and a gun that can spank you really hard.
      The rest is trash yes but people who want the Udarniy simply don’t give a fck.
      WG adds them in the lootboxes just to make you pay more.
      This disgusting company is doing everything they can to milk the fck out of this game, even shitting on us with their “rebalance” strategy: effectively destroying 2 lines to force people to grind something else as if we’re their fcking workers.
      I have a feeling that WoT is about to die since its own publisher is starting to squeeze out as much money as they can without giving a shit about their customers.

      1. Please cry more.
        Players like you are the real joke. You don’t like this game then don’t play it!! How difficult is that?? Clearly impossible for you…
        And don’t tell me what I can and can’t spend my money on and what I can and can’t enjoy. Who the fuck are you??
        Moan and cry all day and night about every single WG change. It’s like a mental illness to keep doing the same thing and expecting some miracle change.
        Luckily freaks like you are in the minority. The rest of us still enjoy and will play the game.

        1. How much WG paid you to be an asshole?
          Everyone who loves the game even just a tiny bit knows what WG is doing with the game.
          I haven’t told you what you need to do, what you can or should spend your money on and I don’t give a fuck who you are.
          I give constructive criticism while you’re calling me “freak”.
          Since you’re so clueless, I’m pretty sure you enjoy your 3-15 battles while having 300 dmg done.
          I now actually hope the game’s popularity decreases drastically so those people at WG understand that without the community, they’re nothing but greedy motherfckers.

          1. Sounds like a you problem. I’m perfectly happy playing this game.
            Again, if you hate why don’t you just leave?
            Why do you even bother crying here?
            Obviously you have no real life. So why don’t you fuck off and get a life. Or maybe that’s it, you need to go and get fucked and stop crying about a game. A game you don’t even like lmfao.

            1. Exactly, sick of the moaning. No-one is under any obligation to buy anything. They have done the same thing ever year. Yet the same people act all surprised. It doesn’t take a genius to figure out these morons are all red and orange twats. I’d say the sun rising startles them.
              Its all very simple, If you don’t like the game/company just fuck off and play something else.

            2. You’re the kind of people who are fine with whatever they put in your mouth. But I’m not.
              If I don’t like the game why would I give a fuck?
              I’m a fcking dedicated player with 60%+ winrate. That’s why I take deep analysis every time they make a change.
              You have no intention to make the game better, you’re the one need to FUCK OFF.
              I’m sick of these clueless pigeons. They’re probably some random red/orange tomatoes who are totally fine with whatever they get.

              1. But will you make the game better if you were allowed to decide its development?

                Over the years I’ve seen a lot of unicums show great arrogance in their belief that they know better, but the game seen by a unicum and the game seen by an average casual are completely different things.

                Few would play WoT if they did not like it. Fact is, most of us do like WoT, we just hate WG and their endless greed.

              2. You have no intention to make the game better

                And you do? Over the past decade I’ve met very few unicums who legit wanted a better game experience fo everyone.

                This blog is full of racist and toxic tools, but people who honestly enjoy the game and have no problem spending money on it should not be bashed. It’s 2023 and we still have chat rage going at paid premium tank players… because they play paid premium tanks.

              3. I’m a fcking dedicated player with 60%+ winrate.

                It was top clan players who started the gold spam years ago, when premium ammo could be bought only with gold. Then it escalated to what it is today when Marks of Excellence were added to the game, again, because top players started the trend as the most stats-obsessed portion of the community. Everyone else followed suit because otherwise they would have not stood a chance, and tanks like Chieftain are the result of that, to keep a wide gap between unicums and everyone else.

                WG has been paying attention all the time, and the game we have now is the result.

              4. I’m a fcking dedicated player with 60%+ winrate.

                It was top clan players who started the gold spam years ago, when premium ammo could be bought only with gold. Then it escalated to what it is today when Marks of Excellence were added to the game, again, because top players started the trend as the most stats-obsessed portion of the community. Everyone else followed suit because otherwise they would have not stood a chance, and tanks like Chieftain are the result of that, to keep a wide gap between unicums and everyone else.

                WG has been paying attention all the time, and the game we have now is the result.

            3. you people are so dense. Do you think people would complain about the game if they didn’t love it? Everyone who moans constantly about the horrible balancing decisions do it because the game has such high potential that is being wasted away by WG greed.

              Unfortunately it’s oafs like you who enable them, turning a blind eye to any malpractice on behalf of WG’s balancing and monetization department because you either don’t care or have low standards for gameplay quality. Heck, this is the case for most of gaming in which the normie through permissive spending has affirmed that corporations can get away with lazy and selfish balancing and monetization to earn money. And even more so on a grander societal scale, but you get my point.

        2. go ahead bro buy your udarniy kill the game even faster lmao, the people who hate game are the minority? have you seen online players amount, counting in the fact that most of it is eu3 and 4? keep pumping your money in, you will thank yourself in 5-10 years

          1. Player numbers are usual for this time of year. Again, don’t like it don’t play it.
            But you’re still here??

            1. well you can actually comment in armored patrol and dont play the game.

              Is a sign that you still care about the game but you dont like how the game is in his current state.

            2. “Don’t like it don’t play it”.
              You don’t like to see WG getting bashed for their greediness & ignorance then fuck off just like what you said.

              1. Wow you really are special and what memes are made of.
                Crying and raging because your tank aim time was changed by 0.2
                What a fucking shame lol

                1. This one is actually retarded. Please do not reply more.
                  Seeing this kind of clueless speeches really damages my brain.

      2. The big exodus of players happened when Defender was sold, those who are still sticking to WoT are okay with the current state of the game (or even enjoy it).

        Also, the point of paid live services/freemiums like WoT is to make customers pay. Complaining about it is just venting some steam as WG’s goal is precisely to sell stuff and profit from it, they will keep pushing it until everything collapses and they shut down the servers.

  4. I hope the EU list of premium tanks won’t included bond shop ones (IS-5 and Strv 81).

    Anyway, I don’t mind WG adding more BS premiums to the game but really, just sell them the usual way if you want to make cash, people will buy them (especially stuff like Udarniy, it will sell well). Locking it behind a slot machine is just offensive at this point.

      1. When they sell Pz II J or BT-SV in a 100€ gold bundle, people should care about the bundle and consider the tank a free bonus, not the other way around.

        I guess it’s the same for these scam casino events – roll for game resources, and consider premium tanks extras. Of course, it never works like this because most people want the new tanks and could not care less about the rest.

              1. All I see is a bitch crying because wg are going to sell some new tanks that nobody has to buy….

                1. Yes nobody has to buy. But there will be people who buy it and you will see your “some new tanks” in the game.
                  If they’re balanced then nobody will complain.
                  But these things are slowly but surely getting more and more OP, because WG is too incompetent to make tanks that are fun to play, let alone them being unique. Instead they just keep pushing the boundary for easy money.
                  The result is very simple. People are getting mad because their gaming experience is getting worse because of these OP premium shits.

                  1. If they’re balanced then nobody will complain.

                    Not true. Many also complain about tanks being too weak, or unjustly nerfed, and they’re often the same people who also complain about tanks being too OP.

                    Also, WG has said multiple times that the “arms race” (ever-escalating power creep) is the desired goal. They need to add new content to keep the game alive, and that content needs to be interesting for people to be willing to spend money on it. Often, “interesting” means “strong”.

                    1. Do not read it wrong, I said balanced, not overpowered, not underpowered, BALANCED.
                      They make OP premium shits in order to be able to sell them. That’s why they are incompetent. That’s why the game is what it is right now.
                      Other online PVP strategy games keep themselves fresh by implementing more and more new mechanics while keeping those new things balanced.
                      Meanwhile, WG can’t even make a CONVENTIONAL tank balanced after a bloody DECADE of game designing. If that’s not incompetence then I don’t know what is.
                      WoT is still the most popular arcade tank game only because it has no competitor at all.
                      Sadly, without competitions, things won’t get better.
                      But that doesn’t protect WG from getting bashed for their greediness & ignorance.

  5. jesus christ can’t they just stop with the scamming for 1 month i don’t ask much just 1 god damn month, this is like the WG tradition. that they Must have slot machine in every month

          1. It is so funny to see how 2 random people with nothing meaningful they can do in their life pretend to be two more famous and arguably relevant people. Pls get yourselves sth to do.

  6. I hope we don’t see Udarniy in the next year at least – if the Defender is tier 9 strong, the Udarniy is tier 10.5-11 strong!

    1. Not really. Defender is outdated. Horrible gun, bad gun depression, slow as fck, huge lower plate and 2 small cupolas but still cupola.
      Don’t think of the Defender as the Defender vs. tier 6/7 back in the days. A tier 8 tank now will see a lot of tier 9 & 10 battles. Even in tier 8 battles, they WILL load gold and pen you without any issue.
      The Udarniy even though it’s clearly the next Defender just different model, it does have some weakspots.
      Most obviously, its long aim time allows you to have your RNG trial every time it peeks.
      In the same time, its accuracy makes its gun only reliable at close range. If you need to snipe weakspots at 100m+, you will know how an 0.35 gun feels like.
      But if you try to close the distance so you won’t miss, your small weakspots become big enough to be hit reliably.
      Yeah, it’s OP but not THAT OP. The tank still requires a small brain to function properly =))))
      Its weakspots are stupidly small and easy to hide. Even if you don’t hide them they will still need RNG on their side in order to pen you. That’s ridiculous.
      Your gun has 390 alpha which is still a big alpha for tier 8 HT, 285 HEAT, 2.6k DPM if you wanna be extra filthy with full Bond equips. 0.35 accuracy is lower than average but still very manageable.
      -12 reverse is bad yes but since you have pretty good reload, it’s okay.
      I highly recommend the traditional set for this tank with V.Stab, Rammer & Vent. The Vent on this tank is like the Vent on Renegade, it improves literally everything, even speed. But if you don’t like slow reverse then use a Turbo instead. The other 2 equips are absolutely must-have.

    2. Udarniy isn’t even strong; the nerfed the lower plate a ton so now anyone can pen it, and you can’t sidescrape with it either because of that weak spot near the rear of the tank that damages your engine when hit.

      1. How dumb. With that small LFP, you only need to angle like ~15 degrees to hide it completely. The only issue is your decently sized cupola on the right side.
        That hull is one of the most idiot-proof hull in the game. Unlike the Obj.257’s hull which has a weak UFP, this hull’s UFP is super strong at its tier. You can literally go full yolo mode in the open field while angling at ~35-40 degrees and they will have a hard time penning you if you don’t get tracked.

      2. Exactly, it will be played by useless cúnts who will pay for this and still not improve their 43% win rate

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