WoT ASIA: New Bond Shop Items

See the new items below, and take advantage of the expanded selection from February 26 at 21:00 (UTC+8).

New Bond Shop Items

X113 Beijing Opera 15,000
VIIILorraine 40 t 8,000
VIIT23E3 6,000
“40:1” 3D Style (for X60TP Lewandowskiego ) 3,000
“Winter Lotus” 3D Style (for XSTB-1 ) 3,000
“Klarer Himmel” 3D Style (for XE 100 ) 3,000
Increased Shell Resistance 6,000

  • “40:1” 3D Style
  • “Winter Lotus” 3D Style
  • “Klarer Himmel” 3D Style


26 thoughts on “WoT ASIA: New Bond Shop Items

  1. If this comes to EU as well, I am definitely getting myself a Lorraine 40t – my (future) Bat-Chât crew will enjoy some crew training

      1. @TheOldestPlayerWOT You know that the host of EU/NA/ASIA is identical?
        Dont regard Asia server something like Chinese or Russian u dumb

      2. Remember that auction event from a week ago or so (¿two weeks?)?
        Yeah, WoT-Asia had the exact same offers as WoT-EU with the notable difference of currency required and # of tanks available.

        China always does its own thing, and puck footin’.

      3. The Lorraine might not be a meta tank, but it’s most definitely not crap. It’s still a very capable vehicle. It’s certainly better than most of the other offerings in the bond shop.

    1. No sir, anything from the Bond Shop does NOT come with a BiA crew.
      If you pay a ton for WG in those “Black Market” events to buy one then you’ll get a BiA crew as a bonus.

  2. This Bond Shop update will very likely be available in EU/NA as usual. As far as I remember, Asia server exclusive contents are only the 2 anime tanks, TL-7 and Udarniy.
    But they’re delaying this till 1.20, so I can’t put some branches on my STB yet =))))))

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