WoT ASIA: New Bond Shop Items

See the new items below, and take advantage of the expanded selection from February 26 at 21:00 (UTC+8).

New Bond Shop Items

X113 Beijing Opera 15,000
VIIILorraine 40 t 8,000
VIIT23E3 6,000
“40:1” 3D Style (for X60TP Lewandowskiego ) 3,000
“Winter Lotus” 3D Style (for XSTB-1 ) 3,000
“Klarer Himmel” 3D Style (for XE 100 ) 3,000
Increased Shell Resistance 6,000

  • “40:1” 3D Style
  • “Winter Lotus” 3D Style
  • “Klarer Himmel” 3D Style


26 thoughts on “WoT ASIA: New Bond Shop Items

  1. If this comes to EU as well, I am definitely getting myself a Lorraine 40t – my (future) Bat-Chât crew will enjoy some crew training

      1. @TheOldestPlayerWOT You know that the host of EU/NA/ASIA is identical?
        Dont regard Asia server something like Chinese or Russian u dumb

      2. Remember that auction event from a week ago or so (¿two weeks?)?
        Yeah, WoT-Asia had the exact same offers as WoT-EU with the notable difference of currency required and # of tanks available.

        China always does its own thing, and puck footin’.

      3. The Lorraine might not be a meta tank, but it’s most definitely not crap. It’s still a very capable vehicle. It’s certainly better than most of the other offerings in the bond shop.

    1. @vesko nobody uses premium tanks for crew training since 2019 you dumb cúnt now we have crew books lol

    2. Confirmed! Same tanks are coming to EU server as well. Source 1.20 update on eu website. I m getting lorr as well

  2. Lorraine 45t! Hopefully this comes to the NA server! I had this tank as a rental once and I loved it.

    1. No sir, anything from the Bond Shop does NOT come with a BiA crew.
      If you pay a ton for WG in those “Black Market” events to buy one then you’ll get a BiA crew as a bonus.

  3. This Bond Shop update will very likely be available in EU/NA as usual. As far as I remember, Asia server exclusive contents are only the 2 anime tanks, TL-7 and Udarniy.
    But they’re delaying this till 1.20, so I can’t put some branches on my STB yet =))))))

      1. More or less, yes. I just want it because it’s so rare, plus I have a very strong American MT crew for the job.

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