8 thoughts on “The History of Climbing in World of Tanks

  1. I agree these climbs are game abuse but I don’t like that every rock is like ice.
    Hit one rock and slide uncontrollably or go to far near an edge and end up sliding off to crush your tank

  2. Climbs was sooo good and you need to train the climb for hours so you need actually skills to reach the mountain position. Yeah i would says 80% are op but wg can balanced with another climb way for the other side, nerf the top mountain with some rocks you never can cross or shot but wg: remove all climbs and the fun, skill. Back in the days if I climb like a goat, after battle chats from team/enemy poisitive feedback and no hate … rip the good old climbing mounts with hours of play/trainingtime in training room to master it.

  3. Climbing was so much fun… and it could change the outcome of a battle complete, I won 1 against 5 battles because of it. you could get into positions to cover your cap and eat their XP whitout even get spotted..

  4. When climbing is implemented in the right way and it has a good level of risk/reward it can be really fun, but when its spending 5 minutes to get to a broken position outside the map it can be game breaking.

    But just little boosts like on pearl river (As it is in the game today not on the video) where you can take shortcuts if you have the knowledge and skill you can surprise your enemy or make a quick escape.

    This is a thing that really sets apart the good players from the bad ones and can be imensely satisfying.

  5. I miss the old days of mountain goating. It used to be so fun but now it’s just boring 1 minute games. Removing climbing and adding wheeled lights were the two things that killed my enjoyment of WoT. I used to play hours on end mastering climbs to do in my fast light tanks now I can hardly play 2 hours cos games are that fast and boring

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