8 thoughts on “WoT – Roadmap Highlights: February 2023

  1. Can wait for whiney losers to cry and bitch again, wot community is never satisfied. regardless of wg doing a bad thing or good…

  2. I will say this; it’s not the sort of action plan that suggests that WG is just cashing out while the getting is good.

    Also, it’s interesting to me that WG is now describing the British wheeled vehicles as “medium tanks;” back in the day they were described as TDs.

  3. I will drag a container everywhere if it shields me from heatspammers to my lower plate, it’s such a magical change if they do it right it will open so many pathways and kind of either reinforce the camping meta or alleviate it,I hope it alleviates it

      1. Spaced armor’s spaced armor’s spaced armor is the definition of a Bisonte C45’s hull covered by the HESH screens, in fact covered by a container. 1500mm effective armor minimum.

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