WoT EU: Auction 2023 Day 3 – “Mars” Progetto 46

“Mars” Progetto 46 (Italy, Tier-8, MT, premium)

MINIMUM BID: 9.000 gold
NUMBER OF ITEMS: 5,000 items

~25,200 gold competitive (median) bid
~20,200 participants
~22,000-23100 gold was enough for a winning bid

24 thoughts on “WoT EU: Auction 2023 Day 3 – “Mars” Progetto 46

    1. You mean the superheroes based on cartoons? And comic books? Yeah… very cartoony. So much more than the cartoony superheroes from any other country. FB is that way, troll —->

  1. I get some people are into gold and shit, but these skins are ridiculous. Tasteless people. Disgusting. Gold type 59, gold s conq, gold 121, gold progetto, gold wz 111….Is this some sort of fetish?

    1. Well, I’ve heard about this one crazy dutch bastard who lost his genitalia in an unfortunate smelting accident who was quite into gold…

  2. In Asia you can get these for free xp, in EU WG needs to milk out every gold possible… gg GREEDY FUCKING CUNTS

  3. In Asia you can get these for free xp, in EU WG needs to mild out every gold possible… gg greedy WG FUCKING RÉTARDED CÚNTS

  4. These 3D styles take time and money to develop. FIRE the monkeys thinking this is a good investment in resources. How about taking that resource and putting into a better MM ?

  5. This is for those would have disposable resources.
    This is not a broken new tank.
    This used near zero company resources, only art department.
    This is for those who want to farm resources by having a second T8 Italian Premium Med.
    This can help grind a crew twice as fast, if you have both copies of the tank.
    It is not a forces content.
    It is for those who just want FUN !
    Hum . . . A game to have fun ?

  6. Looked like last year’s peregrine so I was expecting actual free xp, shame. Also very pathetic quantity to brutally inflate the price, but that’s been this whole auction, half a million accounts migrated and they LOWER the quantities compared to last year’s auction.
    Which leaves the last known tank being the T54, a sub par M103 with better alpha and gun depression but worse at near everything else. Then the speculated K-91-2, an unarmoured DPM med. Neither of which I’d drop 175-200K free xp on (and they’ll probably go for more).

    1. Can’t wait for new content!
      But why is frontline not until may? And we have more shithunter easy mode??

        1. Players like Amphetamine Logic hate steel hunter because they can’t hide their 43% win rate behind a team. It’s 1 v 1

          1. And they always dissapear from discussion when confronted by the fact they are absolute trash in solo playing. Steel hunter reveals everything about ones understanding of the mechanics, movement and strategy. No hiding from raw facts.

        2. All of that is true but you missed one very important thing.
          Steel Hunter is very boring, even more boring than Frontline. It’s just too repetitive. WG try to make it less predictable by the randomness of the loots but that changes pretty much nothing.
          Yes sometimes you get lucky you get a skill with your 1st loot and you start to hunt everybody else. But that’s about it.
          Tank & map variety are close to none.
          There’s neither challenges nor achivements. Rewards got improved but still not worth the time you put in it unless you can play more than an hour every day in the event period. So you can spend 30mins to complete all of those missions and then you can start to mark some tanks.
          Really not worth it.

          1. We can be sure wg has data that supports the fact that steel hunter has its own playerbase that is not bored by it. Sole fact that it didnt die out and queues are always 50 people waiting (so kinda opposite, its evolving) says all. I am having a blast playing it, if we are talking about personal opinions here. About good and bad start, if you have a bad random start, its a challange itself and its fun to try to come back to game. Looks like steel hunter reborn will address this.

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