18 thoughts on “WoT EU: Auction 2023 Day 2 – K-2

  1. Actually a is4 stock with very bad gun stats … k2 is only good to block dmg mission all other things are bad especially you have 703, t56 skoda or/and bz in the garage 😂

    But it goes for the minium bid 8k isnt worth for this trash 😂

    1. K-2 roof actually gets overmatched by 91+mm guns as it’s 30mm frontally and has the same design ass the IS-3 and IS-3A roof weakspots. So not worth even 5000 gold.

    1. What the f has an NDA (Non DISCLOUSURE agreement) to do with thier opinions. NDA literaly only means that you cannot talk about (disclose) any information in public until thiey allow you to do so. Maybe google a word that you dont know before writing such bullshit.

  2. NA server I got it for minimum bid of 8k gold but EU looks like just over was needed as someone on forums said they got for 8069 and someone else 8011 gold.

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